Rotate Ip Addresses iPhone Software

HDX Communicator 1.0.1 Dmitry Klyuykov 

Mobile \ Utilities

The HDX Comms application allows you to use your Apple device as a remote control for your Polycom HDX endpoint.

You may add IP addresses or H.323 aliases in your device's Contacts application and use it in HDX Comms or you can assign one default IP address to call.

For more information visit. Freeware download of HDX Communicator 1.0.1, size 419.43 Kb.


HexIPConvert 1.0 Mark Gales 

Mobile \ Utilities

NOTE: Requires iOS5

Convert IP addresses to Hexadecimal values.

HexIP will create 3 new addressed from the address entered and convert each to hexadecimal.

The last part of the IP address will be increased or decreased by 1.

If 255 is entered as the last part the new value will become either 0 or 254.

QuickWhois 1.4 sixdegreeslabs 

Mobile \ Utilities

QuickWhois lets you query whois servers to obtain registration status and data about domain names and IP addresses.

The app is all about speed. No need to look up servers or build queries by hand: simply type a domain name or IP address (either v4 or v6) in the search field, tap "Search", and it will automatically discover the. Free download of QuickWhois 1.4, size 2.20 Mb.

ESL Switch Remote 1.0 Electro Standards Laboratories 

Mobile \ Utilities

The ESL Switch Remote App allows remote access to any number of ESL Switches from anywhere the units can be reached on a network. With the ESL Switch Remote App, units can be controlled and queried with the ease and simplicity of a touchscreen.

A license is required for each unit to be connected.


. Freeware download of ESL Switch Remote 1.0, size 1.78 Mb.

Heart Beat Monitor 4.4.5 Jamal Khan 

Mobile \ Utilities

Heartbeat Monitor enables businesses to monitor web applications and services availability on the internet. Amongst other features of the app, it enables users to monitor IPs/FQDNs (Frequently Qualified Domain Names). Through Heart Beat Monitor users will also be able to monitor services including DNS, HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, IMAP4 and POP3.

. Freeware download of Heart Beat Monitor 4.4.5, size 5.45 Mb.

Quasar Mobile 1.2.3 Luigi De Astis 

Mobile \ Utilities

QUASAR Mobile allows you to remotely manage, easy and secure, the control panel QUASAR CIAS installed in your house or in your business. Through iPhone or iPad you can in fact, with just a touch and wherever you are, take advantage of the full potential of the Star- Touch keyboard as if you were actually at home.
The matching with QUASAR is. Freeware download of Quasar Mobile 1.2.3, size 4.61 Mb.

RBL Status 1.9.9 Pavel Ahafonau 

Mobile \ Utilities

RBL Status - so far the only Multi-DNSBL checker app for iOS - lets you quickly check a list of your hosts against multiple DNS blacklists.

Having checked your hosts against multiple DNS blackhole lists, RBL Status presents the information in a simple and convenient way. You can quickly and easily determine which RBLs are currently. Free download of RBL Status 1.9.9, size 1.26 Mb.

Hootoo IP Control 1.00 The Convenience Factory B.V. 

Mobile \ Utilities

*** The only one official Hootoo IP camera app! ***
With this app you can remotely view and control your Hootoo IP camera from your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. From wherever you are*! You can use it for example for home security (is someone breaking into your home?), home automation (did I leave the lights on?) or to watch your little baby kid. Free download of Hootoo IP Control 1.00, size 2.62 Mb.

7Links IP Cam Remote 1.04 Kevin Siml 

Mobile \ Utilities

The perfect partner for your IP camera from 7links and Somikon! With this application you conveniently access the camera via your own network or internet - from nearly everywhere in the world! Quick and easily you can check that everything at home is okay and even remote control your camera's settings.

Features (differ depending on. Free download of 7Links IP Cam Remote 1.04, size 13.11 Mb.

Axis FC - mobile IP Camera Surveillance Studio 1.01 Kevin Siml 

Mobile \ Utilities

With Axis FC you can control your Axis ip camera or make settings on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Take access to your cameras over your home network or over the internet. So you can easily check up your cameras or use them as baby monitors.

Features (please note: not all functions are supported for each camera)

Real-time. Free download of Axis FC - mobile IP Camera Surveillance Studio 1.01, size 14.47 Mb.

Aztech IP Cam 1.3.3 AZTECH GROUP 

Mobile \ Utilities

Aztech IP Cam is designed for WIPC402 Plug and Play Wireless IP Camera. With the latest P2P and H.264 technology, User can easily view clear and smooth video by mobile phone. It aims to provide an ideal solution for the users to keep an eye on the things they care.. Freeware download of Aztech IP Cam 1.3.3, size 25.27 Mb.

Baby Monitor for IP Camera 2.8.4 Tiny Solutions 

Mobile \ Utilities

BABY MONITOR is created by parents for parents to keep an eye on our babies using IP cameras. Free app with in-app purchases. Try before you buy!

The very best baby monitor application for active and busy parents. Watch, listen and talk to your baby with your mobile device anytime and anywhere. Enjoy having a peace of mind whether youre. Freeware download of Baby Monitor for IP Camera 2.8.4, size 14.89 Mb.

Bajo Costo IP 1.1 Juan Felipe Angel Arboleda 

Mobile \ Productivity

Bajo Costo IP es un proveedor de voip de alta calidad y excelentes precios.

Nuestra aplicacion soporta los siguientes codecs:

Audio Codecs: gsm, g711
Video Codecs: h264

Realiza llamadas a los mejores precios usando la red WIFI, 3G, EDGE


* Realiza y recibe. Free download of Bajo Costo IP 1.1, size 10.59 Mb.

Channel Vision IP Cam 1.2.0 Channel Vision 

Mobile \ Utilities

Channel Vision Security allows you to remotely view and control your Channel Vision IP Cameras, Network Video Recorders and Web Servers. Watch live video, playback recordings, and take a snapshot.

Live viewing in single or quad view
Portrait and landscape viewing
Multi-camera management for vacation homes or multi-location. Freeware download of Channel Vision IP Cam 1.2.0, size 1.15 Mb.

Elgato Sat>IP 2.0.1 Elgato Systems 

Mobile \ Entertainment

Turn your iPad and iPhone into a wireless television! Use this app with a Sat>IP compliant server to receive live TV anywhere in your home network.

App Features
Watch and timeshift live digital television on your iPad or iPhone
Record TV shows directly to your iPad or iPhone - even when the Elgato Sat>IP app is running. Free download of Elgato Sat>IP 2.0.1, size 28.52 Mb.

EU IP Codes 1.0.62 GLP 

Mobile \ Productivity

EU IP Codes is the first available iPhone/iPad application to consult and search all the European Regulations on Industrial Property in one place.
The application contains the following IP codes:

-Convention on the Grant of European Patents (European Patent Convention) of 5 October 1973 as revised by the Act revising Article 63 EPC. Freeware download of EU IP Codes 1.0.62, size 1.26 Mb.

HealthCheck 4D Pro 1.2.0 Footprints, Inc. 

Mobile \ Utilities

HealthCheck 4D Pro provides comprehensive remote monitoring and management for multiple 4D Server v11, v12 and v13 databases from your iPhone or iPad.

HealthCheck 4D Pro allows you to define any number of 4D database server addresses and provides password protected remote monitoring and even management of critical server functions. A. Free download of HealthCheck 4D Pro 1.2.0, size 943.72 Kb.

Helios IP Mobile 2.0.3 2N TELEKOMUNIKACE a.s. 

Mobile \ Utilities

The 2N Helios IP Mobile application is available for iPhones and iPads. For flawless operation you must have an installed Advanced Video and Advanced Integration licence for 2NHelios IP intercoms.
For more information visit

. Freeware download of Helios IP Mobile 2.0.3, size 14.58 Mb.

HonniClock-iP 1.2 Dirk Hoffmann 

Mobile \ Utilities

Fancy stylish Bar and Numeric clock for iPhone.
Impress your environment with the Bar feature showing you the time as stylish red bars.

Rotate the phone and watch the bars following the movement.

Switch to conventional numeric mode by a single touch.. Freeware download of HonniClock-iP 1.2, size 209.72 Kb.

HooToo FC - mobile ip camera surveillance studio 1.01 Kevin Siml 

Mobile \ Utilities

With HooToo FC you can control your HooToo ip camera or make settings on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Take access to your cameras over your home network or over the internet. So you can easily check up your cameras or use them as baby monitors.

Features (please note: not all functions are supported for each camera)

Real-time. Free download of HooToo FC - mobile ip camera surveillance studio 1.01, size 12.79 Mb.

HS Control 1.0 Medconcept 

Mobile \ Utilities

Simple tabbed view application to display two different websites. Purpose is to access the html interface of the Home-Server. Internal and External views can be used to access the HS via its internal LAN IP address or/and its external IP address or hostname. Addresses and ports can be configured in the iOS settings of the App.. Freeware download of HS Control 1.0, size 104.86 Kb.

My IP Details 1.1 Professional Partners S.L. 

Mobile \ Utilities

Show your IP address and geolocation info based on your IP. Also displays your current location by GPS. You can send all the details to any email.. Free download of My IP Details 1.1, size 734.00 Kb.

My IP Info 1.0 Joseph H. Schwendt II 

Mobile \ Utilities

My IP Info is an application designed to quickly and easily display the Internal (Private) IP Address of your device, as well as the Public IP Address (as seen from the Internet). It will also determine the GeoLocation of the Public IP (using Finally it tells you if your device is directly reachable from the Internet by attempting to. Freeware download of My IP Info 1.0, size 419.43 Kb.

Puzzle Rotate Free 1.0 Joybean 

Mobile \ Games

"Puzzle Rotate" is an addictive mind-challenging game. falling one per block, the block will be a whole stack rotated 90 degrees, three identical blocks connected in a direct line to eliminate. Minimum total scores must be achieved for a specified number of moves to get successfully to the next level.

?. Freeware download of Puzzle Rotate Free 1.0, size 7.65 Mb.

QrPort light 1.2 

Mobile \ Productivity

How much time do you spend searching for the account number, password, and other frequently used, personal information (skype, icq, pay pal, webmoney, IP tv, account number, sip, provider info, link to your facebook page, twitter account)

How much time is spent on it to transfer e-mail, address or link to your friend, in this case,. Freeware download of QrPort light 1.2, size 3.25 Mb.

QrPort - storing & instant exchange frequently used short information 1.2 

Mobile \ Productivity

How much time do you spend searching for the account number, password, and other frequently used, personal information (skype, icq, pay pal, webmoney, IP tv, account number, sip, provider info, link to your facebook page, twitter account)

How much time is spent on it to transfer e-mail, address or link to your friend, in this case,. Free download of QrPort - storing & instant exchange frequently used short information 1.2, size 3.36 Mb.

Raylios IP Cam Viewer 1.0 RAYLIOS TECHNOLOGY INC. 

Mobile \ Utilities

Raylios IP Cam Viewer is an application developed for mobile remote surveillance with your iPhone device. Specifically designed for easy installation and friendly user interface, users can add Raylios network cameras with just a very simple procedure. For multi-site users, each camera can be grouped by location for ease of finding the target. Freeware download of Raylios IP Cam Viewer 1.0, size 629.14 Kb.

100 Bubble Balls Game 1.0.1 Fun Free Kids Games, LLC 

Mobile \ Games

100 Balls + Bubble Game is going to be the next addiction on the app store!

Dont miss out on this new craze! Its not just about ball dropping, its about exercising your brain and having fun while you do it!

How to Play
The cups rotate on the track; you must drop a bubble ball in the cup to keep it on the track. Fill the. Freeware download of 100 Bubble Balls Game 1.0.1, size 64.59 Mb.

10 Second EM 3.0 EM Gladiators LLC 

Mobile \ Medical

10 Second EM (Emergency Medicine) is designed for emergency physicians, medical residents, healthcare students and professionals that practice, rotate through or are interested in emergency medicine. It is designed to be a rapid reference tool with on-the-job applicability. It may also be helpful to internal medicine and critical care. Free download of 10 Second EM 3.0, size 5.56 Mb.

1&1 Cloud Server App 2.2.5 1&1 Internet AG 

Mobile \ Productivity

The enhanced 1&1 Cloud Server App enables quick and easy management of your Cloud Server while on the move. In addition to your server IP, operating system, and server status, the server details also show the current configuration. The server status display indicates whether your server is online or whether there is a problem. You can fully. Freeware download of 1&1 Cloud Server App 2.2.5, size 3.15 Mb.

Rotate Ip Addresses Web Results

Search Engine IP Addresses

Lists IP addresses of search engine spiders. Can be searched by IP address. Also links to resources on spiders.

IP 101: All About IP Addresses

NetworkComputing tutorial on IP Addresses


Open-source, non-commercial, Perl module to perform fast lookup of country codes from IP addresses.

EzDNS IP Address E-mailer/Poster

An IP Poster that posts/emails both your local and outside IP addresses.

IPLClient - Open Source IP to Geo Software

This open source project is part of the IPLServer-IPLClient framework. Its purpose is to visualise IP addresses to a world map.

Find Ip Address with WebYield

Resolving IP addresses into DNS names.


Cable network featuring theatrical movies, original pictures and series, championship boxing, and family entertainment. [Accessible to US-based IP addresses only]