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IPA Unicode (ver 1.0.1) MSK SIL International 

It was designed to be similar to SIL's IPA Unicode Keyman Keyboard,in that the keystrokes follow a similar layout. In many cases keystrokes aremerely reversed. That is, instead of typing "n>" to get an eng, you would type ">n". This system is not always possible to maintain using MSKLC since the Keyman keyboard often. Freeware download of IPA Unicode (ver 1.0.1) MSK, size 98.81 Mb.


IPA Typing Assistant PAL Software Designs LLC 

The IPA Typing Assistant is a simple utility designed to help input characters from the International Phonetic Alphabet into your computer programs. The IPA Typing Assistant uses an easy to use on-screen display to assist you in the selection of your desired character.

The IPA Typing Assistant is free, but you are required to register. Freeware download of IPA Typing Assistant, size 88.86 Mb.

Pinyin to IPA Conversion Tools 1.0 py2ipa.sourceforge.net 

The Python scripts for the conversion from the Chinese Pinyin transcription(ISO 7098) to International Phonetic Alphabet(IPA), comprised of a core module for developers and a flexible GUI application for the common end-users on Modern Chinese phonetics.. Freeware download of Pinyin to IPA Conversion Tools 1.0, size 4.46 Mb.

IPA Help 2.1 SIL International 

IPA Help is a computer program for learning to recognize, transcribe, and produce the sounds of the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA).

You can use IPA Help to do the following tasks:

* Hear IPA sounds by clicking their symbols in the IPA chart.
* Test recognition of phones.
* Hear IPA sounds in. Freeware download of IPA Help 2.1, size 30.91 Mb.


Easy-to-use and also known as the International Phonetic Alphabet Test app or the "IPA Test app". It is the simple way to learn and be tested on the International Phonetic Alphabet symbols (IPA symbols). What will be your IPA Test Grade (A, B, C, D, E, F or G) and IPA Test Star Rating (7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 or 1 star)?

The. Freeware download of ENGLISH PHONICS TEST just IPA 1.0, size 35.23 Mb.

Phonetizer 2.0 Vinidiktov Software 

Automatically add IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) transcription to any English texts, edit the resulting text, copy it to an external program for additional editing or printing. Phonetizer automatically recognizes inflections of English verbs, nouns and adds transcription to whole texts instead of single words using a database of over 45,000. Free download of Phonetizer 2.0, size 4.76 Mb.

AccentHelper 1.0 Techno Spectrum Inc 

AccentHelper is a software tool designed to :
- Learn IPA symbols and the sound associated with it using detailed animation of tongue, jaw and lip movements.
- Listen to words, sentences and comparatives and practice the sound generation. There are illustrations for each letter on sound articulation
- Test what you learnt. Listen. Free download of AccentHelper 1.0, size 104.94 Mb.

IPANow! 1 1 PhoneticSoft 

IPANow! by PhoneticSoft is a one-of-a-kind software application that automatically transcribes Latin, Italian, German and French texts into International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) symbols by applying rules utilized by scholarly lyric diction textbooks.. Free download of IPANow! 1 1, size 1.37 Mb.

etabeta 1.0 Etabeta 

Etabeta is a web based tool to compose images from truetype fonts or utf character, wich is useful when working with IPA (fonetic) transcriptions.You can choose which font to use, colors, mail your image or save it on your computer

etabeta 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of etabeta 1.0, size 0 b.

mueller_dic 1.0 Mueller-mova 

This is the first respectable English-Russian Dictionary with transcription (IPA) under GNU GPL. The dictionary has 46233 word articles and is 5.5MB. "MOVA" is a format of dictionary and a set of Bash and Tcl/TK scripts for management of dictionary.

mueller_dic 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of mueller_dic 1.0, size 0 b.

Spek for Windows 0.7 Alexander Kojevnikov 

Spek (IPA: /spdOOC¦k/, d-de?bacond-deOao in Dutch) helps to analyse your audio files by showing their spectrogram. Spek is free software available for Windows


Supports all popular lossy and lossless audio file formats thanks to the FFmpeg libraries.
Ultra-fast signal processing, uses. Freeware download of Spek for Windows 0.7, size 9.31 Mb.

RPyC for Windows 3.2.0 Tomer Filiba 

RPyC (IPA:/dOOCsdOOal padOda sidTDl/, pronounced like are-pie-see), or Remote Python Call, is a transparent and symmetrical python library for remote procedure calls, clustering and distributed-computing. RPyC makes use of object-proxying, a technique that employs python's dynamic nature, to overcome the physical boundaries between processes and. Free download of RPyC for Windows 3.2.0, size 115.34 Kb.

ChildrenElementaryEducation 1.0 zhuxian zhu 

48 English IPA table picture
? High resolution pictures of all over the world animal
? Chinese classical poetry famous Guinness (best version)
Digest version of the Chinese classic poetry famous
? Multiplication table
? Children's education common sense (Classic)
Children's educational experiences drip
? Animal. Freeware download of ChildrenElementaryEducation 1.0, size 43.62 Mb.

American English Pronunciation Patterns Pro 3.0 xCers Corporation 

Pronunciation Patterns has over 100 phonics rules and groups 4,000 words by phonetic patterns to help you practice English pronunciation and learn new English words. Now you can just read English words without using IPA. It also has a special designed exercise and online mouth video clips to help you build a strong mouth muscle and learn how to say. Free download of American English Pronunciation Patterns Pro 3.0, size 4.56 Mb.

Talking Clipboard Talking Clipboard 

Talking Clipboard is a text to speech software, that can read text documents, RSS feeds and webpages using realistic synthetic voices and can convert text to audio files for your music player. It has lots of useful features, and supports all SAPI 5 compliant voices. It can read text from any application using clipboard and can read a large number. Free download of Talking Clipboard, size 17.03 Mb.

AVCWare Blu-ray to iPad Converter avcware.com 

Making it possible to watch blu-ray movies on your iPa, AVCWare Blu-Ray to iPad Converter can easily convert Blu-ray M2TS movies to iPad H.264 HD, H.264 or MPEG-4 video files, extract Blu-ray soundtracks as iPad AAC, M4A or MP3 audio format, or capture your favored movie images from Blu-ray movie in batches. And it’s available with lots of. Free download of AVCWare Blu-ray to iPad Converter, size 16.10 Mb.

IP Tools for Excel 3.5.0 Productive Solutions Inc. 

NEW - IP Tools for Excel - Add-in / Plug-in for Microsoft Excel

Instant Productivity - Instant Results - in Microsoft Excel

Provides functionality to execute and display results from commands and functions: ping, nslookup, tracert, OpenTCP, OpenHTTP, GetCertificateSSL()

--- Ping sweep or nslookup an entire list of. Free download of IP Tools for Excel 3.5.0, size 10.22 Mb.

Fraunhofer SimWebApp 1.0 fabriksimulation.ipa.fraunhofer.de 

Multi-user online service implementation for web-based factory modeling. Rich user interface and scalable backend system to build online simulation services on or do other processing of factory data. Demo at https://fabriksimulation.ipa.fraunhofer.de

Full featured web frontend and backend to model factory layouts for logistics. Freeware download of Fraunhofer SimWebApp 1.0, size 0 b.

Grapheme to Phoneme Forge 1.0 G2p4j 

Use our tools to hand edit phonetic word dictionaries for speech recognition engines. The new G2P4J format supporting SAMPA and Kirshenbaum IPA is portable to Sphinx, Julius and others. Demo medical, legal and technical dictionaries are featured.

Grapheme to Phoneme Forge 1.0 License - GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3). Freeware download of Grapheme to Phoneme Forge 1.0, size 0 b.

mueller-dict 3.1 CHG 

An electronic version of popular English-Russian dictionary by professor V. K. Mueller in format suitable for use with dictd server. Current version contains more than 50000 articles and represents a full copy of the 7-th edition of mentioned dictionary, with some additions and corrections sourced from the more recent typographical editions. It. Free download of mueller-dict 3.1, size 6.92 Mb.

Rpp Ipa Be Web Results

IPA Self-Test

Shockwave game that quizzes users on their recognition of IPA sounds.

SIL Encore IPA Fonts

Set of scalable IPA fonts containing the full International Phonetic Alphabet. (Not Unicode: see Doulos SIL)


A freely accessible phonetic type-and-clickwriter for IPA symbols in Unicode. Also includes "superlinguistic" names of consonants shown in phonetic script.

IPA vapor dryer

Refurbished IPA vapor dryers.


Library of image processing algorithms. Based on the Prima toolkit.

IPA Reutte

Information about the activities, facilities and contact details.

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