Run On What Port

WinOpen 6.0a Duckware 

WinOpen is a very small Win32 application that gives you much better control over what application is run or what file is opened within a CD AUTORUN.INF file.. Free download of WinOpen 6.0a, size 8.19 Kb.


Port Triggering Initiator 1.0 PCWinTech 

When you use port triggering on your router a connection attempt must be made from your computer to an address on the trigger port. When you router detects the connection attempt your router then turns on the ports, thus you have port triggering, a on/off switch for port forwarding.

Well the problem comes if you are using port trigging. Freeware download of Port Triggering Initiator 1.0, size 3.36 Mb.

YATT 0.3 Simon Fell 

YATT is a project to replace the current proliferation of trace tools ( tcpTrace, proxyTrace, pcapTrace ), with a single extensible tracing tool. YATT features a new GUI built with WTL, complete with a Hex View mode, and currently ships with 2 Trace providers, one based on WinPCAP and one based on the W2K Raw sockets support. Tunnelling & HTTP. Freeware download of YATT 0.3, size 22.74 Mb.

PortTrigger 1.0.62 

PortTrigger is the ultimate router accessory. With PortTrigger, you have more control over your router. Increased Port Forwarding Capacity When you run out of Port Forwarding space on your router, you can use the port triggering section to accomplish the same task. Simply run our PortTrigger application on the computer that you want to have ports. Free download of PortTrigger 1.0.62, size 1.26 Mb.

PhotoSite 1 Zbit, Inc. 

PhotoSite contains two editing feature sets in one program. The primary application is a web-publishing tool with batch processing capabilities. Users have the ability to create groups of resized digital photos as well as a database of albums and categories. PhotoSite's features include: An updating algorithm for quick processing of existing. Free download of PhotoSite 1, size 1.50 Mb.

Riverbit Registry Cleaner 2.0 Riverbit Software 

Riverbit Registry Cleaner is an advanced registry cleaner that will fast and effectively solve any problems with your registry. With Riverbit Registry Cleaner in a couple of mouse clicks you can scan your registry, detect any references to missing or outdated files and clean them out of your registry for its better performance. Windows registry is. Free download of Riverbit Registry Cleaner 2.0, size 2.11 Mb.

Feed Scheme 3.1.3 Ron Anderson Services 

Feed scheduling database utility designed for off-line use in the broadcast and cable television industry. Feed Scheme tracks virtually all syndicated program and network feeds incoming to a facility from a variety of distributors using numerous delivery systems. Feed Scheme offers data import / export functionality and, as a planning tool, is an. Free download of Feed Scheme 3.1.3, size 2.83 Mb.

JetBoost 1.1 BlueSprig Inc. 

JetBoost releases more system resources by closing unnecessary background processes and services, thus tweaking your system to its top performance. It scans the running system processes/services and groups them into four major categories, and provides three modes for Boosting. With a simple click, it can speed up your PC to its top performance.

Dimension 4 5.0.35 Thinking Man Software 

Dimension 4 v5.0.35.0 is a program to keep your PC´s clock synchonized.

Dimension 4 v5.0.35.0 monitors several publicly available time servers using your Internet connection and automatically adjust your PC's clock, if you're online, at an interval specified by you.

The time servers that Dimension 4. Free download of Dimension 4 5.0.35, size 210.94 Kb.

HeartsWizard 2.5.7 Interactive Systems Inc. 

If you're looking for a great Hearts game, HeartsWizard will surpass your expectations. HeartsWizard is the ultimate Hearts card game, designed to challenge both the novice and the expert, and provide you hours of enjoyment. Key features: a) Customizable playing speed, sounds, and screen appearance (use your own photo). b) Customizable passing,. Free download of HeartsWizard 2.5.7, size 5.04 Mb.

Guest Pass 1.1 Twocanoes Software, Inc. 

Do you share passwords with people to join your WiFi network on a regular basis? Guest Pass makes this easy. Just fill out the simple questions in Guest Pass and e-mail the resulting Guest Pass without ever leaving the app. Users receive an attachment that they tap or click, and the next time they are near your network, their iPhone, iPad, or Mac. Free download of Guest Pass 1.1, size 629.14 Kb.

Civil War Bull Run MadMinute Games, Inc. 

Civil War Bull Run Take Command 1861 is what the industry is calling today a garage game A game created by a group of individuals on their own time using their own resources with no external funding from publishers or investors.The goal was to create a fun real time war game. You follow all the rules and use the weapons, strategies, and tactics of. Free download of Civil War Bull Run, size 95.97 Mb.

Auto Startup Detective 1.0 Ikitek 

Auto Startup Detective is a tool which helps you to manage efficiently what programs run at Windows startup. Unlike other similar programs, it also detects trojan horse viruses. Not only the programs at StartUp folders are the ones which are started by Windows. There are many others on the registry and Win.ini file, and most of them are usually not. Free download of Auto Startup Detective 1.0, size 550.91 Kb.

Port Tunnel Wizard 2.1 iTunnel 

Port Tunnel Wizard is a software that can help you do Infinite port tunnel(TCP/UDP) until the destination ip address is achieved. it integrated with http proxy function, let your computers share the same internet connection to surfe internet. At the same time, it can secure your communication, turn non-SSL aware softwares into safely softwares by. Free download of Port Tunnel Wizard 2.1, size 1.52 Mb.

Mltgames - Internet Port Mapping Mltgames 

Mltgames - Internet Port Mapping is an utility for your network with some options. Very easy to use and it's very fast to install and run. You have some special options including remote, advanced options for irc, port mapping and language translation. Include an identd server.. Freeware download of Mltgames - Internet Port Mapping, size 96.28 Mb.

Portable Simple Port Forwarding 3. 2. 2010 PCWinTech 

Simple Port Forwarding works with WebPages and not directly with your router. Making it a safe program to use. Its no different than using Firefox, IE or any other browser to setup port forwarding yourself.
The program works by automating the process for you. So whether you don't understand how to forward ports, or your simply looking for an. Freeware download of Portable Simple Port Forwarding 3. 2. 2010, size 4.09 Mb.

Multi Threaded TCP Port Scanner 4.0 SecPoint ApS 

TCP Port scanner Multi threaded with possibility to scan 65535 TCP ports on an IP address. You can specify how many threads to run and the timeout. Further more it will tell you the MAC address of the target and the service running. For LINUX, Windows and Mac OS X.. Freeware download of Multi Threaded TCP Port Scanner 4.0, size 1.17 Mb.

Simpsons Hit and run 4 android 1.0 Shar4droid 

Are you tired of being tied to the pc to play Simpsons Hit And Run Well now with this port you can play it on you android device (provided it has enough horses under the hood). Also with modding ability natively supported you can add to levels and not have major heartburn in the process! Oh and yes... because it will have better mod support, ill. Freeware download of Simpsons Hit and run 4 android 1.0, size 0 b.

Port Forwarding SDK 1.5 iForwarder and upRedSun Technologies, LLC 

By using our Port Forwarding SDK, your software can easily get the function of port forwarding. What you need to do is just three functions call, then your software magically have the function of tcp redirect and udp redirect.

With this software development kit, you can integrate port forwarding features into your product.

5 Generations, One Port 1.0 Tristan Interactive 

A self-guided tour of twelve clips of 2-3 minutes telling the history of the Old Port of Montreal.

Through the fictitious family story of a former port worker, Bob Bordeleau, you will discover what was happening on various quays of the Old Port and the popular neighbourhoods from these past two centuries.
. Freeware download of 5 Generations, One Port 1.0, size 7.55 Mb.