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AdORB b.1.6.1 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

Advanced CORBA/IIOP implementation with run-time IDL parsing, dynamic bindings and native IDL to Objective C mapping. Includes graphical tool to browse IDL definitions, to view Naming Service hierarchy and to invoke arbitrary CORBA remote operations.. Freeware download of AdORB b.1.6.1, size 3.12 Mb.


Conan for Qt rc 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

Conan - Connection analyzer for Qt is a C++ library that provides visual run-time introspection of QObject hierarchies, QObject inheritance, signal/slot connections, and signal emissions. Currently supports Qt 4.6.0 - Qt 4.7.2. Freeware download of Conan for Qt rc, size 1.77 Mb.

Cross-Platform System Library 0.01 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

Cross-Platform System Library is a portable C++ run-time library that provides support for manipulating system resources, such as thread, process, mutex, and synchronize, in Win32 and POSIX(UNIX, Linux, Mac OS X) platforms.. Freeware download of Cross-Platform System Library 0.01, size 26.45 Kb.

Faster Java Serialization 1.0 

Utilities \ Misc. Utils.

This project proposes a faster Java Serialization method by using run-time generation of tailor made serialization code.. Freeware download of Faster Java Serialization 1.0, size 464.21 Kb.

General Intensional Programming System 1.0 

Home & Personal \ E-books & Information Databases

The General Intensional Programming System (GIPSY) consists in three modular sub-systems: The General Intensional Programming Language Compiler (GIPC) ; the General Eduction Engine (GEE), and the Intensional Run-time Programming Environment (RIPE).. Freeware download of General Intensional Programming System 1.0, size 98.77 Kb.

luna scheme 200208280050 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

Luna is a Scheme compiler and run time environment for .NET - it is written in C# and Scheme, and provides a useful superset of the R5RS standard.. Freeware download of luna scheme 200208280050, size 60.71 Kb.

MindTree Insight 1.5.2 

Development \ Bug Trackers

Insight, the analysis TechTool for developers is a platform independent tool for viewing & analying run time meta data of applications. It aids in trouble shooting problems, and aids the developer in every day work through very advanced log analysis.. Freeware download of MindTree Insight 1.5.2, size 3.45 Mb.


Multimedia \ Drawing and CAD

A component architecture enabling the creation of run-time extensible/upgradable, scalable, composable networked virtual environments.. Freeware download of NPSNET-V 1.0, size 1.69 Mb.

Qore Programming Language 0.8.3 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

Qore is a multithreaded, embeddable, db-integrated, weakly- and strongly-typed, object-oriented programming language with Perl5-regex support, run-time language extensions through modules, suitable for interface development, application scripting, et. Freeware download of Qore Programming Language 0.8.3, size 3.48 Mb.

The AgentFactory Framework 1.9.10 

Education \ Science

Agent Factory is an open and extensible framework for developing and deploying agent systems that provides a FIPA-based distributed Run-Time Environment that supports the deployment of diverse agent types, ranging from bespoke, reactive to deliberative.. Freeware download of The AgentFactory Framework 1.9.10, size 2.32 Mb.

xHarour Extended Harour Compiler b 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

xHarbour is a portable implementation of the xBase language (Compiler & complete Run-time libraries). It's practically 100% backward compatible with CA-Clipper 5.2e and 5.3c, and offers many modern language extensions, and extensive Run-time libraries.. Freeware download of xHarour Extended Harour Compiler b, size 3.76 Mb.


Education \ Science

XSpiceHDL, an XSpice-VerilogHDL co-simulator incorporates a Schematic Capture GUI, modified run-time DLL capable XSpice3f5 based engine with Berkley Sockets IPC via CodeModel & PLI 1.0/2.0(VPI) DLLs, all in C++, wxWidgets & MSVC++ 6.0.. Freeware download of XSpiceHDL, size 59.22 Mb.

Erlang Static Lib for iPhone 1.0 Erlandstaticlib 

Development \ Components and Libraries

The Erlang Run Time System compiled as a static library for the iPhone.. Freeware download of Erlang Static Lib for iPhone 1.0, size 2.30 Mb.

Scalable Java Database Client 1.0 Jdbclient 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

The scalable Java DB Client is a customizable java application where fields and general DB info is entered in a config file and the proper GUI is generated at run-time. Entries can then be added, and a final submit/update to the (PostgreSQL/MySQL) Databas

Scalable Java Database Client 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Scalable Java Database Client 1.0, size 69.20 Kb.

SfleX Software Flexibility Project 2.0.alpha Sflex 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

SfleX aims at developing a dynamic transaction processing architecture which is fully configurable at run-time. A Zope/Python based prototype is available.A Java version is under development.See for details and download.

SfleX Software Flexibility Project 2.0.alpha License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of SfleX Software Flexibility Project 2.0.alpha, size 1.04 Mb.

Argeebee 1.0.beta.3 

Games \ Puzzle

Argeebee is a game of lights and mirrors, filters and prisms. It is a puzzle game with absolutely no time pressure. It is written in C# and requires the Mono run-time to execute.. Freeware download of Argeebee 1.0.beta.3, size 15.46 Kb.

ClearParse Open Edition rc 

Development \ Code Management

The fast, flexible parsing engine. Parse anything in 4 steps: (1) define a grammar, (2) load the grammar into ClearParse, (3) call the engine to parse the source, and (4) traverse the parsing tree. You can even change your grammar at run time.. Freeware download of ClearParse Open Edition rc, size 629.25 Kb.

JSynoptic - A graphical sheet editor 1.0 

Multimedia \ Presentation Tools

JSynoptic renders information graphically. It can be used as a simple graph plotter, or as a complex run-time monitoring environment. The user sets up shapes (like plots) on graphical pages, and uses data sources (ex: ASCII file) to render information.. Freeware download of JSynoptic - A graphical sheet editor 1.0, size 21.03 Mb.

SNOBOL4 Programming Language 0.99.4 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

SNOBOL4, while known primarily as a string language excels at any task involving symbolic manipulations. It provides run time typing, garbage collection, user data types, on the fly compilation.. Freeware download of SNOBOL4 Programming Language 0.99.4, size 388.02 Kb.

The Orian Programming Language 2006 

Utilities \ Misc. Utils.

The Orian Programming language is like no other. The Orian programming language is based off of Basic and Java. With support for Web Applications, Desktop Applications. Orian Will require the Orian RTE (Run Time Enviroment) To Run In Windows.. Freeware download of The Orian Programming Language 2006, size 5.16 Kb.