S Which Are Available For Free From Microsoft

HealthVault PHP Library 1.0 Healthvaultphp 

An object-oriented PHP5 library which allows for easier communication with Microsoft's HealthVault web service. This project leverages support available from Microsoft, but is not created, managed, sponsored, supported, or otherwise affiliated with Micr

HealthVault PHP Library 1.0 License - Microsoft Public License. Freeware download of HealthVault PHP Library 1.0, size 0 b.


InvoiceNet 1.0 Invoicenet 

InvoiceNet are a programme which is available in Dutch and English some what you have necessary are windows with Microsoft Access. If you do not have this you can install runtime version (also to download).

InvoiceNet 1.0 License - Public Domain. Freeware download of InvoiceNet 1.0, size 0 b.

Spheresoft Highlighter for Microsoft Excel 2.1 Spheresoft 

Real-time highlighting is now available for users of Microsoft Excel. The Spheresoft Highlighter lets users specify that cells in their spreadsheets automatically highlight when values change in real-time. The Highlighter is especially useful for financial professionals who incorporate real-time market data feeds and for anyone who creates complex. Free download of Spheresoft Highlighter for Microsoft Excel 2.1, size 868.35 Kb.

Dial-a-fix DjLizard 

Dial-a-fix is a collection of known fixes which addresses issues with Windows Update, Microsoft Installer, and more

Dial-a-fix is a collection of 'known fixes' that have been compiled over the past year that really knock out some serious Windows problems, all with one or two clicks. "When in doubt, check 'em all".

Mechanic's Mate VFP9 Runtime 1.0 Compliance Technologies, Inc. 

Mechanic's Mate is available in multiple languages and is easily customized to your personal tastes at the interface level. You can run a report from within the program, or use the adaptable interface ReportGen to create fantastic reports in multiple styles. The reports available are literally endless. Mechanic's Mate is available as a. Free download of Mechanic's Mate VFP9 Runtime 1.0, size 269.66 Mb.

A-PDF CHM to PDF 1 2 A-PDF Solution 

A-PDF CHM to PDF is a fast utility which allows you to batch convert Microsoft Compiled HTML Help (.CHM) into professional-quality documents in the PDF file format. The program supports Watch Folder (Windows Service) mode and Command line Mode to convert CHM to PDF. It also supports font embedding, adding watermark, security, page number and. Free download of A-PDF CHM to PDF 1 2, size 9.46 Mb.

WinDNC 5 2 Greco Systems 

WinDNC is a very stable Windows-based product, originally developed in the early 90's, which provides an automated method for the storage and transfer of NC part programs. WinDNC is designed with an easily understood "point and pick" user interface which enables machine operators to quickly master the software. The selection of. Freeware download of WinDNC 5 2, size 7.37 Mb.

BizCrypto for Workflow Foundation 6.0 EldoS Corporation 

BizCrypto is an integrated suite of carefully crafted components for digital secutiry and Internet data transfer which you use in automation of Microsoft BizTalk and Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services.

It's the supported solution that gives you, insurance of getting free assistance when you use the components and when you. Free download of BizCrypto for Workflow Foundation 6.0, size 7.07 Mb.

Children's Stories Vol.1 1.2 MadRod 

Entertain your child with Children's Stories's first volume.
Available in English and Portuguese. User may choose the language.

- The Little Red Ridding Hood
- Goldilocks and the Three Bears
- Michael and Didi

Read the stories or have the app read them out loud for you.

Enjoy. Free download of Children's Stories Vol.1 1.2, size 68.26 Mb.

ESET Secure Authentication 2.20 ESET, spol. s r.o. 

NOTE: This app requires installation of the server-side component, which is available on ESETs website. For more information, please see www.eset.com/business/products/secure-authentication, or contact your network administrator.

ESET Secure Authentication provides ultra-strong authentication to make remote access to the company network. Freeware download of ESET Secure Authentication 2.20, size 2.83 Mb.

Project Explore 1.1.0 Atidan 

World's first and only app for viewing Microsoft Project Server 2010 on iPad without any server plugins. With Project Explore, you not only view a project plan with ease, but even see an enterprise dashboard of projects and resources.

Note that you need your Project Server credentials and the ability to access it over the internet or. Free download of Project Explore 1.1.0, size 1.47 Mb.

Wintuneup Pro 1.02 Top PC Tools 

Wintuneup is the bundle of many utilities which are available in a single product. It will make your system run in a smooth, faster and error-free manner. Wintuneup includes many tools like registry cleaner, duplicate and junk-file remover, memory and internet optimizer and many other utilities. Wintuneup is compatible with Win 98/ME /2000 /XP(Home. Free download of Wintuneup Pro 1.02, size 2.63 Mb.

Nullsoft Tray Control Icon Pack 3 1 Christoph Grether 

This installer contains the best icon sets which are available on the web. The installer has a nice preview feature for each icon pack and allows you even to configure the Tray Control plug-in. Just run the small application and style it just like you like it!
Bored with the default icons which are bundled with the Nullsoft Tray Control. Freeware download of Nullsoft Tray Control Icon Pack 3 1, size 39.86 Mb.

javadoc2chm JSoft 

javadoc2chm is a conversion tool which translates Javadoc documentation to CHM, Microsoft Compiled HTML Help file.
Converting Javadoc to CHM you will gain: built-in search engine, index, bookmarking and more.
javadoc2chm works also for Javadoc of single package.. Freeware download of javadoc2chm, size 6.97 Mb.

Olympus DPCam Capture Driver 6. 3. 2005 Media Cybernetics Inc. 

To acquire images with your imaging software, you must first install the appropriate capture interface which is
available from the Media Cybernetics support website.Legacy versions of Image-Pro Capture Interfaces are no longer fully supported for any software versions and are intended for recovery purposes only. Supports DP30, DP70, DP71, and. Freeware download of Olympus DPCam Capture Driver 6. 3. 2005, size 6.94 Mb.

Skylive-NG 0.1.5 Skylive 

SkyLive is a service, promoted and carried on by volunteers, which makes available to subscribers the ability to remotely manage real telescopes with the complete freedom to focus the various celestial objects and make photographs, using various filters on.

With SkyLive NG you can manage, remote telescopes, chat with other users,. Freeware download of Skylive-NG 0.1.5, size 12.29 Mb.

Word to PDF Converter Pro 3.0 PDF-Convert, Inc. 

Word to PDF Converter Pro is a fully renovated version of this well-known converter, which was available so far in its plug-in form. While its high-speed, professional-quality conversion capabilities have remained intact (if not improved), the addition of a proper interface and a set of command-line options offer a higher level of customization and. Free download of Word to PDF Converter Pro 3.0, size 3.32 Mb.

Wintuneup Utilities Wintuneup Software 

Wintuneup is the bundle of many utilities which are available in a single product. It will make your system run in a smooth, faster and error-free manner. Wintuneup includes many tools like registry cleaner, duplicate and junk-file remover, memory and internet optimizer and many other utilities. Wintuneup is compatible with Win 98/ME /2000 /XP(Home. Free download of Wintuneup Utilities, size 0 b.

DeskProto Lite 5.0 beta Delft Spline Systems 

Most commercial clients do consider DeskProto as a lowcost 3D CAM package, as they compare it with the 3D CAM software packages for toolmakers which are available at a much higher price.

In contrast, for most hobbyist users, who have a small CNC mill in the garage, DeskProto is an expensive software package. In order to also offer an. Free download of DeskProto Lite 5.0 beta, size 8.10 Mb.

Tasktop For Visual Studio 2.0 Tasktop Technologies, Inc. 

Tasktop for Visual Studio brings Eclipse Mylyn's task list and connectors into the Microsoft Visual Studio IDE. The personal task list and rich task editors are embedded in the Visual Studio IDE as they are in Eclipse. The Tasktop for Visual Studio application runs alongside the Visual Studio IDE to provide access to the Mylyn infrastructure. Free download of Tasktop For Visual Studio 2.0, size 105.91 Mb.