Saminar Report On Zero Energy Building

EnergyPro EnergySoft 

EnergyPro provides a next-generation interface which makes inputting and analyzing a building fast and easy.

In addition to features common to Windows (drag and drop, cut/copy/paste), special EnergyPro Wizards are in place to make analyzing any building even easier.

Main Features:

- Use the Building Wizard to. Free download of EnergyPro, size 151.32 Mb.


LOYTEC L-Web Visualization 1. 4. 2001 LOYTEC L-Web 

LWEB Visualization is the graphical user interface in the L-WEB System and provides monitoring and operator functions via Web technologies in building automation. LWEB displays customized graphic pages with dynamic content on Windows PCs or Windows Mobile devices. The graphical projects are hosted by distributed L-INX Automation Server with. Freeware download of LOYTEC L-Web Visualization 1. 4. 2001, size 31.56 Mb.

EE4 CODE 1 40 CANMET Energy Technology Centre (CETC) 

Use EE4 Code to compare your proposed building design against a building of similar design but built strictly to MNECB level.

EE4 Code will provide you with the energy consumption levels for your building and the reference building, which meets Energy Code requirements, and will offer a breakdown of the differences in energy. Freeware download of EE4 CODE 1 40, size 435.20 Kb.

Vasari Sliders Plugin 2 1 Autodesk, Inc. 

Autodesk® Project Vasari is an easy-to-use, expressive design tool for creating building concepts. Vasari goes further, with integrated analysis for energy and carbon, providing design insight where the most important design decisions are made. And, when it’s time to move the design to production, simply bring your Project Vasari. Free download of Vasari Sliders Plugin 2 1, size 56.24 Mb.

combit List & Label Report Designer combit GmbH 

With the List & Label Report Designer you can quickly and easily enhance your application with powerful features. It can be passed on with most desktop applications without paying any further royalty fees. The Enterprise Edition includes runtime licenses for server / web server applications.

You can enhance your applications by. Free download of combit List & Label Report Designer, size 188.74 Mb.

VELUX Energy and Indoor Climate 2.0.37 VELUX 

VELUX Energy and Indoor Climate Visualizer is used to evaluate the performance of single-family houses with respect to energy, ventilation and indoor climate. It is intuitive to use and can be used by anyone with moderate to basic knowledge of building technology. It is based on a recognised and validated simulation engine to provide accurate and. Freeware download of VELUX Energy and Indoor Climate 2.0.37, size 65.20 Mb.

AreaSketch Pro 2.0 FieldNotes, Inc. 

Professionally Calculate the Area and Perimeter Values of any Room, House, or Building.
Create a standardized report complete with area calculations. Image file is automatically created for reports.
Proof Positive Calculations show area subtotals and grand totals complete with calculation breakdowns.. Freeware download of AreaSketch Pro 2.0, size 1.64 Mb.

CZ Print Job Report 4.0.38 CZ Solution 

With CZ Print Job Report, you can generate and view reports and export them to Adobe-PDF, MS-Word, MS-Excel and Rich Text Format’s. 100 reports are available in CZ Print Job Report 4.0. Of these, 64 are default reports and 36 are customized reports. The reports are written in English, but can be generated in any other languages. This is. Freeware download of CZ Print Job Report 4.0.38, size 4.23 Mb.

Field Density Report System 4.0 McIntyre Associates 

With Field Density Report System you can gain control of, and access to, all of your Field Density test data. You can also manage the collection of field sample data, and record the results of laboratory testing of soil or asphalt samples. With this tool you can generate reports for internal management and regulatory compliance and you can prepare. Free download of Field Density Report System 4.0, size 7.84 Mb.

PHP Report Maker 5.1 e.World Technology Ltd. 

PHP Report Maker is a powerful reporting tool that can generate dynamic PHP Web reports from MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle database. You can instantly create live detail and summary reports or crosstabs reports for your Websites. Flash chart (column, bar, line, pie, area, doughnut, funnel, multi-series,. Free download of PHP Report Maker 5.1, size 28.76 Mb.

WindPRO 2.7.486 EMD International A/S 

Imagine you are offered a piece of land for a wind energy project. To exploit this opportunity, a number of issues have to be calculated and documented in order to realize the project:

How much energy will the turbines produce at the specific site; how is the site used optimally in respect of energy yields versus wind resources and. Free download of WindPRO 2.7.486, size 485.97 Mb.

The Report King (Reception Demo) The Happy Mongoose Company 

The Report King is a software build for teachers in order to create reports.There are no statement banks for you to look through. The Report King automatically picks and randomises relevant statements for you.The Report King can even merge it’s statements into a pre-existing Word document - this means you can use your school’s. Free download of The Report King (Reception Demo), size 2.00 Mb.

Report Scheduler Pro 9.0.6965 CrystalDesk 

With Report Scheduler PRO you can generate and schedule your existing Crystal Reports for Printing, Export or Email in a wide range of export options including PDF. It also has the ability to Schedule your reports to be Emailed as an attachment in a variety of formats using MAPI or SMTP... Free download of Report Scheduler Pro 9.0.6965, size 30.19 Mb.

Hovitaga Report Generator 1.0 Hovitaga Kft. 

Hovitaga Report Generator is an ABAP add-on that accelerates SAP reporting by significantly reducing development time. This is achieved with automatic ABAP code generation, which eliminates manual programming of code that is always part of every report but is always different. Depending on the generation settings, 200-1000+ lines of ABAP code can. Freeware download of Hovitaga Report Generator 1.0, size 3.39 Mb.

The Report Viewer Pro Report Viewer Limited 

The Report Viewer is a professional Crystal Reports viewer which supports all versions of Crystal Reports and Xcelsius that are commonly used. The purpose of Report Viewer is to give you the power to save when deploying Crystal Reports. A Crystal Reports install inhibits and confuses many users, and is not needed for most users. If you have. Free download of The Report Viewer Pro, size 130.85 Mb.

FastReport for Business 4 9 Fast Reports, Inc. 

FastReport Studio for business contains a powerful standalone visual report designer, and a scheduler of reports building, saving and distribution. It also includes many demo samples of reports as well as work methods together with MS Access and MS Excel office applications. FastReport Studio for developers includes a powerful full-value COM+. Free download of FastReport for Business 4 9, size 13.09 Mb.

EnergyProbe 5. 4. 2005 Miloslick Scientific 

EnergyProbe is a leading edge Windows desktop application designed for use by utility load researchers, account managers, building performance simulation engineers and energy consultants to help explore, summarize and analyze electric and gas load data. EnergyProbe enables you to turn interval data into strategic information by making it easily. Free download of EnergyProbe 5. 4. 2005, size 10.10 Mb.

Office Report Builder 6.0 Report Merge 

Office Report Builder is a powerful, easy to use and flexible tool that enables Microsoft Excel and MS Word to be powerful reporting generator. Office Report is cost effective and can extract data from different databases. Manage your lists, prints address labels and works with post mail. You can use different databases to create personalized post. Free download of Office Report Builder 6.0, size 4.33 Mb.

DateTime Report 2 1 eTimeInc Software 

DateTime Report counts all date and time elements for the events based on the current time, and list the difference in the years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds unit. Besides, it provides a powerful reminder, which can remind you of the event in any type of recurrence pattern. You can select to notify in any time daily, weekly,. Free download of DateTime Report 2 1, size 1.03 Mb.

Motorcycle Service Report 1 1 Emerald ICT 

Automated Motorcycle Servicing Report, written for a motorcycle service shop, now released to the public. Produces a nice printout showing the customer work and checks done. Can be used for cars and other industrys.. Freeware download of Motorcycle Service Report 1 1, size 1.80 Mb.

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