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Baby Names (30,000+ meanings) 1.0 JMT Apps 

What does your name mean?

Where does it come from?

How will you name your baby?

Baby Names has 30,000 answers for you!

The most comprehensive lists of names with their origin, now on your iPhone!

Email them, shake your phone to get to a random name, rate them or simply add them to your. Free download of Baby Names (30,000+ meanings) 1.0, size 838.86 Kb.


Name Extractor 1 FVP 

Add personalization to ANY email address list, even if your lists currently do NOT include first or last names. Most emailing software has the ability to send personalized bulk email, but unless your email lists contain names for each of the email addresses, you can't use the personalization features. That's where Name Extractor comes in. Most. Free download of Name Extractor 1, size 1.48 Mb.

cicsWave 1.0 

Use cicsWave to extract digital audio data from wav files. 16 & 24 bit stereo formats at any sample rate is supported. A csv (comma separated values) file is created which can be used in spreadsheets etc. Only 32000 samples (both) channels are extracted.. Freeware download of cicsWave 1.0, size 2.17 Kb.

File Names Export 1.12 UT Bay 

File Names Export - free utility to export file names to a CSV file. It is a very small and fast standalone application. It does not require any registration for download, decompression or installation. Just download it and run it. You can specify couple of options like file filter, exporting file size and date.. Freeware download of File Names Export 1.12, size 61.44 Kb.

Baby Name Assistant for iPad 2.1 Maxwell Software 

Have you searched all of your brain but still cannot decide the name for your baby? This app is for you.

Baby Name Assistant contains over 100,000 names for your choice, and also lists the top 500 most popular names of boys and girls. This app will help you finding the perfect name for your little sweety.

Key Features:

Databene Benerator 0.7.6 Volker Bergmann 

It is a framework for generating realistic and valid high-volume test data for your system under test (avoiding the Datalite anti-pattern). benerator actually reduces the amount of time for creating a useful data setup of a medium sized enterprise application or XML Schema from 2-4 weeks to 1-2 days! Since data representation and constraints are. Freeware download of Databene Benerator 0.7.6, size 18.66 Mb.

Mp3 Tag Assistant Professional 2.94 

Music filenames are often inconsistent and erroneous. Mp3 Tag Assistant Professional allows you to change filenames based on their tagged information saving you time and effort. Automate the tedious task of changing tagged information in MP3 WMA M4A (iTunes) FLAC APE OGG OFR MPC SPX WV TTA files. Easily copy or move music files, create. Free download of Mp3 Tag Assistant Professional 2.94, size 4.60 Mb.

Datanamic Data Generator for MS SQL Server 2011.03 Datanamic 

Datanamic Data Generator for MS SQL can be used to create realistic test data that you need to verify the behaviour of your database applications. The tool generates data that is appropriate for the database schema (with referential integrity support). The data can be inserted in the database directly or you can generate a SQL script with insert. Free download of Datanamic Data Generator for MS SQL Server 2011.03, size 5.45 Mb.

AMS Enterprise 2.53 Business Software Products 

AMS Enterprise is more than just a mass mailer - it's a powerful tool for targeted e-mail marketing. The program allows you to organize and fully automate all mailing list management tasks. Beginning with the creation and processing of 100% legitimate recipient lists, the program will guide you through composing highly personalized commercial. Free download of AMS Enterprise 2.53, size 7.21 Mb.

TextPipe Engine 8.1.11 DataMystic 

Slam-dunk the most challenging edit tasks with TextPipe Engine - a powerful text-processing engine that combines 100+ conversion, translation and filtering operations on multiple text or binary files. Update web site text using search and replace, which supports perl pattern matching, sounds-like matching and edit-distance matching, and search /. Free download of TextPipe Engine 8.1.11, size 2.24 Mb.

Automobile Auctions Database 1.0 Oddity Software LLC 

This business database contains records for Auto Auction related companies. The major benefits from auto actions include: Quality of vehicles is excellent, Competitive financing and extended warranty available for most cars, Name your own price, Most vehicles sell below blue book value. There are many adverts placed around the Internet, on T.V. and. Free download of Automobile Auctions Database 1.0, size 1.64 Mb.

Bingo Card Maker 2.5 CorkSoft 

Bingo Card Maker is an easy to use tool for creating and printing custom and random bingo cards. It is especially useful for teachers and parents to make educational bingo cards for students and children. It can also be used to make entertaiment bingo cards.There are about 200 bingo sample lists in Bingo Card Maker and users can directly use them. Free download of Bingo Card Maker 2.5, size 679.48 Kb.

Mp3 Tag Assistant 2.93 

Mp3 Tag Assistant is the organizer for your audio collection. It's a tag editor with manual or automatic filling of the tags, and a playlist creator.Mp3 Tag Assistant can show, change or clear the ID3 tags and APE tags, Vorbis comments, WMA and iTunes metadata in audio files of MP3, M4A, WMA, OGG, ASF,FLAC and other audio formats.

It's. Free download of Mp3 Tag Assistant 2.93, size 4.43 Mb.

Judicial Offense Tracker 1.1 CyberNiche Software 

Judicial Offense Tracker is an easy to use database system for Judicial Officers and Judicial Affairs Offices to track student offenses, charges and sanctions, or for any institution that must track offenses committed by individuals. Define your own lists of charges and sanctions, starting with predefined sample lists. A variety of demographic. Free download of Judicial Offense Tracker 1.1, size 1.76 Mb.

The Unscrambler X 10 1 CAMO Software AS 

The Unscrambler X is a comprehensive and reliable application that enables users to analyze large and complex data sets. It has set the standard in MVA software for over 25 years, and is the preferred tool for thousands of people around the world who rely on precise, timely and insightful analysis of their data.
Designed with the needs of. Free download of The Unscrambler X 10 1, size 37.96 Mb.

Datanamic Data Generator for PostgreSQL Server 2011.04 Datanamic 

Whether you are developing a new PostgreSQL database application from the ground up or prototyping to prove a concept, you need test data to run your application against. To test an application’s performance effectively, you should have enough test data to expose potential database performance problems. Datanamic Data Generator for. Free download of Datanamic Data Generator for PostgreSQL Server 2011.04, size 5.35 Mb.

Datanamic Data Generator for MS Access 2011.03 Datanamic 

To be able to test a database application which works with MS Access, you need test data. If possible, realistic data. You can make this test data manually. That is quite error prone and very time consuming. The solution is Datanamic Data Generator for MS Access. This is a tool that generates realistic test data automatically.
It works pretty. Free download of Datanamic Data Generator for MS Access 2011.03, size 5.03 Mb.

DTM Test XML Generator 1. 2. 2000 DTM soft 

DTM Test XML Generator creates a set of XML documents with same structure for testing purposes. It has a few built-in data generators: integers, strings, date and time values, address, e-mail, IP-address, URL, zip code, etc. Also, it has value library with lists of names, countries, streets, currencies, companies, etc. The test document preview. Free download of DTM Test XML Generator 1. 2. 2000, size 1.12 Mb.

Share3D PDF 2011 SP2.0 QuadriSpace 

The software comes with robust support for industry-standard neutral files (STL, IGES, STEP, OBJ, and so on), along with the ability to import native parts from SketchUp, Rhino, AutoCAD, SolidWorks, and Autodesk Inventor. Once the CAD file is in SHARE3D PDF, you+oOeCOaoll see the model, along with its model tree (for assemblies with structures).

Hebrew Touch and Write 1.1 FIZZBRAIN LLC 

"My son loves Touch and Write - Fantastic app and the customising options are great!" "Love, love, love your app Touch and Write:)" "Touch and Write has moved to the top of my list for learning to write. It's extremely fun for my 4 year old with classic autism and the easiest app for me to customize!" "I would. Free download of Hebrew Touch and Write 1.1, size 55.36 Mb.