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Auterra OBD II Scan Tools for Palm

Specializes in a Palm OS-based J1850 and ISO-9141 compliant OBD II scan tool that connects to an automobile computer for diagnostics purposes.

Handmark Software

Essential Software for all Palm, Treo, Clie and Pocket PC Devices

Palm Tran Home Page

Information on transit in Palm Beach County, Florida. Includes schedules, routes, and fares.

Computerworld: E-mail virus turns PCs into spam machines

A new e-mail virus capable of turning infected PCs into "spamming machines" emerged today, targeting corporate and home users in Europe and the U.S., a computer security expert said.

Team Anti-Virus

An organization for independent anti-virus researchers to facilitate communication, collaboration, and public education. Publishs and links to many papers written by independent researchers.

comp.virus Newsgroup FAQs

FAQs from the comp.virus newsgroup

SmartCOP Anti-Virus

An easy to use yet powerful anti-virus software. Insta Scan utility allows users to scan their system online.