School Level Account Software

High School Math Adaptive MCQs Exam Free 1.1 Iqbal Khan 

Test your basic math skills; show the world whos the real genius. Its time you test your math skills.

Its been a while don't you think?

The app contains basic high school level questions. Plus the app adapts to the questions being answered just like the SAT test: The more difficult the question you answer correctly, you're. Freeware download of High School Math Adaptive MCQs Exam Free 1.1, size 32.93 Mb.


Multiplication Game 1 1 ShaPlus Software 

Multiplication Game is a free-to-use game for primary school level children. The game is all about multiplication tables. Memorizing multiplication tables is difficult but also is necessary for basic education. Some children hate mathematics because it is difficult to memorize tables. But parents can make this task simple, so that their children. Freeware download of Multiplication Game 1 1, size 865.28 Kb.

Simple Physics modeller 0.0.2 

Simphysmodel stands for "Simple Physics Modeller" it is a program, which can model simple physical problems of school level physics. It is intended to model, mechanical, optical, electrical and thermodynamical problems.. Freeware download of Simple Physics modeller 0.0.2, size 10.26 Kb.

terminalmath rc Terminalmath 

terminalmath is a rather boring textmode math practice game for school-level children. Its sole claim to fame is that it talks. (using eSpeak, another opensource project)

terminalmath rc License - GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2). Freeware download of terminalmath rc, size 18.36 Kb.

Casyopee 2.6.8 Casyopee Team 

Casyopee or Casyopée is an open-source software environment for the learning of functions at secondary school level. It aims at making numeric, graphic and formal exploration of mathematical functions easier.

A dynamic geometry unit, integrated in Casyopée's environment, offers possibilities to explore and to model. Free download of Casyopee 2.6.8, size 0 b.

750+ Chinese Words - Learn to Write & Audio 1.1 One Element 

Over 750+ Chinese characters with stroke animation, audio and flash card features.

This application contains 25 Lessons, so you can learn the Chinese vocabulary up to a high school level equivalent.

This application is an essential tool for Chinese calligraphy.

You will master the art of Chinese writing as the. Free download of 750+ Chinese Words - Learn to Write & Audio 1.1, size 10.28 Mb.

98.1 The One 3.1.0 Nobex Technologies 

Plays 98.1 The One - Barbados

98.1 FM also highlights talented and creative young people - the athletes, the artists, the young entrepreneurs at the primary and secondary school level, those involved in extra-curricular activities like cadets and guiding, dance and drama - all packaged with the best in dancehall, hip hop and Caribbean. Freeware download of 98.1 The One 3.1.0, size 19.29 Mb.

My Kids Spending 1.2.1 Odin Inc. 

"My Kids Spending" is the iOS app for The app allows you to conveniently check your school spending account balance and gives you information on the last deposit received. Find out before you get into the checkout line whether money has been put into your account. Once your school has the ordering feature enabled, you. Freeware download of My Kids Spending 1.2.1, size 1.99 Mb.

Smack A Test Troll 1.0 K Stoughton 

Testing of mathematics vocabulary at high school level.. Free download of Smack A Test Troll 1.0, size 1.89 Mb.

98.1 FM Nobex Technologies, Inc. 

98.1 FM also highlights talented and creative young people - the athletes, the artists, the young entrepreneurs at the primary and secondary school level, those involved in extra-curricular activities like cadets and guiding, dance and drama - all packaged with the best in dancehall, hip hop and Caribbean sounds.. Freeware download of 98.1 FM, size 1.05 Mb.

Rajalakshmi_Institutions KDR@04 

Rajalakshmi Institutions is the group of educational institutes in Chennai, Tamilnadu, India founded by S. Meganathan in the year 1997. This group of institutes provide higher education and school level educations to students in and around India.. Freeware download of Rajalakshmi_Institutions, size 20.97 Mb.

Unforgettable French Digi-Media-Apps 

Unforgettable French uses memory tricks to teach and reinforce major points of rench grammar from the basics up to high school level, to learners of all ages. It may be used: by anyone who wishes to gain confidence in speaking French, as a evision aid, to consolidate the learner's grasp of grammatical points, to complement whatever French scheme. Free download of Unforgettable French, size 11.53 Mb.

English Vocabulary Factory 1.6 POPINO 

Learn the vocabulary through the game! Test your English level and the judgement skill!

This application is made especially for Japanese natives to check their English vocabulary ability.
Messages in the game is in Japanese only.

Help with English 1.0 KKR Software 

Help with English provides children learning English at the primary level with additional practice in their word and sentence skills.

Help with English is games-based, with personal score targets. The focus is on spelling common English words and also reading and understanding simple English sentences, supported by illustrations and. Freeware download of Help with English 1.0, size 60.71 Mb.

MemDB Accounting System 1.0 MemDB Technology Company 

MemDB Accounting System is a fast and easy to use accounting software suitable for small and medium-sized businesses and private users who want to manage personal finances. Users can setup their multi-level account according their business, user-friendly input journal using the bookkeeping method of double entry, journal listing, trial balance,. Free download of MemDB Accounting System 1.0, size 1.01 Mb.

NonEuclid University of New Mexico 

NonEuclid is an Interactive Java Software for Creating Ruler and Compass Constructions in both the Poincaré Disk and the Upper Half-Plane Models of Hyperbolic Geometry.

NonEuclid allows the curious explorer to gain experience in Hyperbolic Geometry and to empirically investigate questions such as: "In Hyperbolic. Freeware download of NonEuclid, size 31.82 Mb.

Earope Advanced Ear Training Cope Media 

Earope Ear Training was developed for musicians, by musicians. It is a full-featured professionally developed ear training software package aimed at anyone spending time with learning, practicing or teaching music.

Earope Advanced Ear Training was designed with the requirements at different advanced musical studies as focal point. It. Free download of Earope Advanced Ear Training, size 1.43 Mb.

Math HomeWork Maker 1.0 Naor Ben Meir 

Mathematics is a difficult but interesting topic among all subjects. Some children get scared of mathematics because they aren’t able to solve problems easily. Math Homework Maker is free software which can solve all your homework. With this software you can easily solve the problems based on speed, distance and time. It converts improper. Freeware download of Math HomeWork Maker 1.0, size 15.31 Mb.

ControlByMail 1 4 

ControlByMail lets you access and remotely control your home PC with simple commands sent by standard email, such as viewing your home PC's desktop or webcam, launching applications, killing processes and performing virtual keystrokes and mouse actions. You can have your files and folders emailed to you, as well as images of websites (such as your. Free download of ControlByMail 1 4, size 828.42 Kb.

AlgeBasics 5.0 EleMaths Software 

AlgeBasics covers the teaching, learning and testing of basic algebra, including algebraic expressions, such as:
· addition and subtraction of algebraic terms such as 3x, 3ab, 6a2, etc
· multiplication and division of algebraic terms
· removal of brackets for simplifying expressions e.g. 6a - (-2b) =. Free download of AlgeBasics 5.0, size 0 b.