Scripting Tool To Automate

GroundControl 3.20 Acrasoft 

Automate repetitive tasks in Windows easily with your own custom macros using the powerful GroundControl scripting tool. Hundreds of commands are available for controlling your computer, monitoring your network, and accessing the Internet. An intuitive user interface leads you quickly through writing batch files, and a rich command set lets you get. Free download of GroundControl 3.20, size 1.23 Mb.


Scripting Monkey 1.0 Scriptingmonkey 

Scripting Monkey is a tool used automate code generation for any text based language based on user defined templates.

Scripting Monkey 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Scripting Monkey 1.0, size 0 b.

SkunkWorks Gregory Kusnick 

SkunkWorks is a Decal-based scripting tool for Asheron's Call. It allows you to automate aspects of your gameplay by writing macros in a variety of popular languages, including VBScript and JScript. Such macros have access to various elements of game state such as inventory and character stats and can control gameplay by issuing keystrokes and. Freeware download of SkunkWorks, size 3.79 Mb.

WEb Scripting/Stress Tool 0.9 

A console-based web scripting tool, (eventually) with Perl scripts for stress/performance testing. West is capable of both HTTP and HTTPS transactions using SSLeay or OpenSSL.. Freeware download of WEb Scripting/Stress Tool 0.9, size 35.66 Kb.

PLR Poster 1 35 Software Factory, Inc. 

PLR Poster is a tool to automate posting PLR or your own content to your WordPress Blog.

Easy to use - designed for people with little technical skill, this blog automation software will help extract the tags, arrange the dates, and place everything on your WordPress blog with minimal fuss.

Save tons of time updating your. Free download of PLR Poster 1 35, size 2.83 Mb.

Hydrogen Bond Analysis Tool 1.1 

HBAT(Hydrogen Bond Analysis Tool) is a tool to automate the analysis of hydrogen bonds present in a PDB Structure file. Other related tools available from HBAT Project are PDIA(Post Docking Interaction Analysis) and HBNG(Hydrogen Bond Network Graph).. Freeware download of Hydrogen Bond Analysis Tool 1.1, size 14.31 Mb.

JStudio SiteWalker 3.0 JStudio - Jarsch Software Studio 

JStudio SiteWalker is a powerful and intuitive testing tool to automate websites and webapplication for functional tests, regression tests and complete system tests and provides flexible content validation for all web GUIs.JStudio SiteWalker enables your team to specify and execute enhanced workflow tests/ system tests of your webbased applications. Free download of JStudio SiteWalker 3.0, size 12.81 Mb.

SE CNC Converter 3.15.52 Xpress Software Inc. 

SE CNC Converter is a must-have tool to automate extraction of 2D and 3D drawings from proprietary Solid Edge format to CNC machines compatible DXF, SAT, IGS, STP and XGL files. SE CNC Converter is usually used as a link between design department (Solid Edge files) and engineering and production teams.. Free download of SE CNC Converter 3.15.52, size 4.13 Mb.

Smart Card Shell 3.7.1062 CardContact 

The Smart Card Shell is an interactive development and scripting tool that allows easy access to smart cards on an APDU level as well as on a file system level. It can be used to develop and test smart card applications, in particular applications integrated into a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).
It is a Java application using the OpenCard. Freeware download of Smart Card Shell 3.7.1062, size 9.13 Mb.

Benthic Software: Golden Benthic Software 

Golden is a query and scripting tool for Oracle databases. It features close compatibility with SQLPLus' scripting conventions including variable prompting and bind variable syntax. Easily build SQL statements with the SQLBuilder and popup helper lists. Directly export to Excel or Open Office calc or a number of different file formats.. Free download of Benthic Software: Golden, size 3.14 Mb.

SSMS 2008 Addin INSERT to SQL 1.2.1 NMally Computer Services 

SSMS Addin - Scripting tool (INSERT to T-SQL) Script data to SQL, MySQL, CSV, & XML)
This SQL Server Management Studio Addin will revolutionize the way you export your table data. It's a lightweight and easy to use tool that plugs right in to the context menu (right click menu) and offers a variety of options to customize your data for. Free download of SSMS 2008 Addin INSERT to SQL 1.2.1, size 1.98 Mb.

biosconfig 0.9.3 

biosconfig is a flexible tool to automate CMOS non-volatile store parameter modification.. Freeware download of biosconfig 0.9.3, size 119.38 Kb.

JudoScript Language 1.0 

JudoScript is a general-purpose, Java scripting, multi-domain scripting tool/language. It combines the powers of declarative scripting for many modern tasks and general object/procedural programming. It is simple, intuitive, practical and powerful.. Freeware download of JudoScript Language 1.0, size 4.07 Mb.

panomatic 32 

A tool to automate the generation of keypoint matches in a set of images that can be blent into a panorama. This tool is meant to be called from various Panorama generation tools like Hugin or PTGui.. Freeware download of panomatic 32, size 831.58 Kb.

SWT Autotester 1.0 

A tool to automate the usage of SWT based GUI and to allow the user to test the existence of controls and check their characteristics. The users are able to perform the tests from a user interface or from a regression environment.. Freeware download of SWT Autotester 1.0, size 13.12 Kb.

ThetaCircle 1.0 

ThetaCircle is an easy to use typing and scripting tool. Use it to type, copy and then pipe or paste your script to your favorite word processor. The major use of ThetaCircle is for translation and transcription.. Freeware download of ThetaCircle 1.0, size 57.21 Kb.

ClusterScores 1.0b0 Clusterscores 

ClusterScores is a cluster benchmarking tool which automate compile, benchmark, and report benchmarking on cluster. This tool integrates other standard cluster benchmark tools such as HPL, Stream, Netpipe, Iperf, Bonnie, IOZone, etc.... Freeware download of ClusterScores 1.0b0, size 173.64 Kb.

lpp-get 1.0 Lpp-get 

lpp-get is a tool to automate download and installation of AIX filesets/packages from archive sites. lpp-get includes the ability to process new filesets and to patch existing ones.

lpp-get 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of lpp-get 1.0, size 0 b.

GlobalAutomationTool 1.0 

This is an opensource tool to automate any system installation, management and deployment. The project is in it`s earliest stage.. Freeware download of GlobalAutomationTool 1.0, size 0 b.

PDI Data Vault framework 1.0 Pdidatavaultfw 

A metadata driven 'tool' to automate loading a designed Data Vault. It consists of a set of Pentaho Data Integration and database objects. At the moment the version for MySQL includes the latest developments.
The PostgreSQL and Oracle version will be published later.

Thel Virtual Machine (VMware) is a 64 bit Ubuntu Server. Freeware download of PDI Data Vault framework 1.0, size 3448.47 Mb.