Service Participant Scheduler Software

PrimaSoft Encryption - Service Edition 1.0 PrimaSoft PC 

Service Process: You can run scheduled auto-recurring encryption and decryption sessions as a service process. Encryption Scheduler: PrimaSoft Encryption utility comes with flexible scheduler. You can schedule auto recurring encryption sessions for any future date and time.Encryption algorithms: AES (US Advanced Encryption Standard) secret-key. Free download of PrimaSoft Encryption - Service Edition 1.0, size 1.54 Mb.


Daily Backup Service Beta praveenmtp 

Daily Backup Service is a handy and reliable application designed to help you schedule daily backups of multiple folders.

The application allows you to set the backup time, as well as the source and the destination and runs silently in the system tray. At the specified time, it copies the selected folder to the backup directory.

My Ministry 2.0.5 Theosoft 

My Ministry is a full featured software suite for keeping track of your field service activity. It is available for Microsoft Windows PCs & Windows Mobile Devices. It is provided free of charge.

Features such as:

- Presentations
- Return Visits
- Service Reports
- Service Calendar
- Service. Freeware download of My Ministry 2.0.5, size 1.25 Mb.

CalendarGo Bundle Professional 1 ComponentGo 

CalendarGo 3.0 and Resource Scheduler 1.0 are calendaring components for .NET. Written in managed C# they are seamlessly integrated with Visual Studio.NET. With a minimum of programmer's work they provide a .NET application with Outlook-like calendars.Both CalendarGo and Resource Scheduler are fully managed code written in 100% C#, seamlessly. Free download of CalendarGo Bundle Professional 1, size 596.99 Kb.

SBCleaner Free Edition 3.0.2 CzechMex LLC 

SBCleaner Free Edition is a tool that helps protect your system and enhances system performance. Overtime, your PC performance slows down. It takes longer for your system to boot and it may take longer to shutdown. SBCleaner will bring back hard-drive space and clean-up your history of activities, having your system running like new. SBCleaner will. Free download of SBCleaner Free Edition 3.0.2, size 3.39 Mb.

JobServer Standard 3.2.6 Grand Logic, Inc. 

JobServer can be the foundation for building and consolidating your company's business processes and internal/external job processing. JobServer provides a feature rich and highly scalable environment for scheduling and running everything from your most compute intensive database ETL processing, to critical business number crunching, to web. Free download of JobServer Standard 3.2.6, size 0 b.

XM SMS PRO 4 50 Xplorex Mobile Corporation 

SMS Gateway for use with a UMTS / 3G / EDGE / GPRS modem. Professional, reliable and easy to use. The products offers many integration possibilities with other IT systems via TEXT files, ODBC, SQL, FTP, XLS, MDB, HTTP-REQUEST and CSV. It works in User Mode or as a Windows Service. You will find great features for your business like: broadcasting,. Free download of XM SMS PRO 4 50, size 6.24 Mb.

JobServer Professional 3. 2. 2028 Grand Logic, Inc. 

JobServer Professional is intended for higher end usage. It supports multiple databases including Oracle, PostgreSQL, and MySQL. The database can reside on a separate machine altogether. It has more extensive threading, concurrency, and transactional support beyond Standard version. It uses advanced threading and scanning algorithms, allowing jobs. Free download of JobServer Professional 3. 2. 2028, size 32.72 Mb.

Auto FTP Service 4.6 PrimaSoft PC 

Auto FTP Service is a file transfer application that allows you to run scheduled transfers as a service process. Service is a process that is loaded by the Service Control Manager. Service applications are often loaded at bootup, before any user logs in, and are independent of any specific user being logged on at any time. Windows 2000, 2003, NT,. Free download of Auto FTP Service 4.6, size 5.22 Mb.

AutoTask 2000 Task Scheduler 3.68 Cypress Technologies 

AutoTask 2000 is a task scheduler designed specifically for Windows. It is an extremely versatile event scheduling software that can be ran as a service or as a desktop application in the background. It has very flexible scheduling and conditional triggers for running various task and has also the ability to run multiple commands per task, much. Free download of AutoTask 2000 Task Scheduler 3.68, size 3.79 Mb.

Automatic Service 1.0.1170 

Service for automatic execution of arbitrary Groovy scripts by scheduler (Quartz) in context of JBoss Application Server + Quartz GUI. Freeware download of Automatic Service 1.0.1170, size 9.32 Mb.

Motash Peter Hahndorf 

Motash is a Windows service designed to monitor the results of the active tasks in the Windows Task Scheduler. The application also sends an email notification if a task executed with an unexpected result.

Since Vista, Microsoft Windows comes with a much improved task scheduler, which is pretty cool. However when running many tasks, some. Free download of Motash, size 0 b.

Kirby Alarm And Task Scheduler PRO 4.42 Kirby Software 

Kirby Alarm Pro is an easy to use alarm clock /reminder and task scheduler that will display a note, run a program, play a sound,or send an email, execute a backup, transfer a file by ftp, say time, say message, shutdown, restart, or logoff your computer at user defined intervals. It also has a very handy to do list with a powerful and easy to use. Free download of Kirby Alarm And Task Scheduler PRO 4.42, size 6.71 Mb.

Application as Service 4.0.160 Program Service Software 

The functionality of Application as Service is aimed to let you launch any program as Windows service.

With this utility you can easily run application as service at system boot without starting a user session. It also lets you create, view, edit and manage services on local and remote computers. And it is possible to handle multiple. Free download of Application as Service 4.0.160, size 7.20 Mb.

Service Juggler 3.0.5 Today's Innovations 

For years, service oriented businesses have struggled with scheduling their job installations to meet the needs of both customers and builders in a timely manner. Many professional service companies use multiple types of installation and service crews to complete jobs. To often, jobs are missed, double-booked or worse, canceled, because of. Free download of Service Juggler 3.0.5, size 46.14 Mb.

Event Manager Professional 3.29 SRO Software 

- Launch applications and manipulate files - Internal ZIP backup scheduler - Flexible notification options - Integrated Internet (ftp / http / email) - Per event date exclusion - Native Win2K / NT4 service - Create desktop macro shortcuts Event Manager Professional takes the task scheduling of our popular Event Manager software and extends. Free download of Event Manager Professional 3.29, size 1.60 Mb.

Exe To Service 2.0 Everstrike Software 

Exe To Service allows you to install any Windows executable, Visual Basic or Java script as a service. Windows services are background processes that do not interfere with the logged user's environment. Windows services are controlled by the Service Control Manager. You can start them on boot before the user logs on and control their execution. Free download of Exe To Service 2.0, size 775.17 Kb.

CMS Scheduler 3.05 GPP Software 

CMS Scheduler is a utility program that can be configured on a machine to run automated tasks at scheduled times of the day.CMS Scheduler is typically used in an environment where certain computer tasks require to be completed on a regular basis. This may be file transfers from mainframes (requires suitable file transfer software), copying of files. Free download of CMS Scheduler 3.05, size 1.84 Mb.

Booking System For Lawn Service 4.0 Binary House Software 

Now your business work flow can be managed online – at any time and from anywhere. If you already have your own webpage you can add our online booking system to your own webpage. Powerful web-based software to make your lawn care and landscaping business more efficient. As you know, service businesses revolve around scheduling. We provide a. Free download of Booking System For Lawn Service 4.0, size 101.57 Kb.

Serio IT Service View Pro 5.5.04 Serio Ltd 

Serio IT Service View Pro is a server/ network device monitoring and ITIL Availability Management tool rolled into one.

Define one or more Service Level Agreements for the devices you are monitoring. The reports scheduler can email availability and downtime graphs and statistics for those devices to you and your customers. You. Free download of Serio IT Service View Pro 5.5.04, size 5.87 Mb.