Set File Creator For Java Project

TCT CSV File Creator 3.0.2 Add-Ins 

The CSV File Creator allows you to easily create CSV files from your workbooks. You just select the worksheets that are to be converted to CSV files and let the CSV File Creator do the work. View Cart. Convert a specific range on each selected worksheet to a CSV file or convert entire sheets without having to select a range to a CSV file. Free download of TCT CSV File Creator 3.0.2, size 41.58 Mb.


Set Theory Relations in Java 0.1 Alpha cjh 

Set Theory Relations in Java is designed as an useful and simple package that contains Java classes that implements basic concepts of relations as defined in the set theory.

A relation is a set of ordered pairs. A relation can have properties, including that it is reflexive, symmetric, or transitive.

The classes enable some. Freeware download of Set Theory Relations in Java 0.1 Alpha, size 0 b.

SAtelier's Set File Date and Time Software Atelier 

SAtelier's Set File Date and Time is a handy and reliable application designed to enable you to change the creation, modification or access date of a file.

SAtelier's Set File Date and Time is also able to apply the same pattern to multiple files at once (batch process feature).

. Free download of SAtelier's Set File Date and Time, size 0 b.

Dummy File Creator Portable Nikko Cheng 

Dummy File Creator Portable is a simple application that allows you to generate dummy files of any size.

Very useful for disk speed test, CD burning test, network speed test, or simply create files to fool your friends.

This program also has a built-in random function, so users can choose to create either compressible or. Free download of Dummy File Creator Portable, size 0 b.

Eclipse Java Project Creation Customizer 0.0.3 Ejpcc 

This eclipse plugin and a "Project Creation Wizard" to create a Java Project with some customize predefine file and folder (just folder for version 0.0.1).

Eclipse Java Project Creation Customizer 0.0.3 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Eclipse Java Project Creation Customizer 0.0.3, size 19.95 Kb.

Project Livingstone 1.0 Livingstone 

Project Livingstone (File manager in Java)

Project Livingstone 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Project Livingstone 1.0, size 1.18 Mb.

Amyuni PDF Creator for Java - Developer Pro 1.5 Amyuni Technologies Inc. 

A tool for creating documents and reports in PDF format

The Amyuni PDF Creator for Java is a powerful tool designed to enable Java software developers to create and process complex documents and reports while using the standard PDF format as opposed to some proprietary format.

Version 1.5 of the Java PDF Creator can process. Free download of Amyuni PDF Creator for Java - Developer Pro 1.5, size 2.55 Mb.

Midi File Creator (32 bit) 1.0 Jack Sirulnikoff 

Midi File Creator is based on Midi Synthi Player, but with a few important differences. The main difference is that the output of this program, the .mid file, is more completely compatible with most MIDI players, sequencers, and notation programs. Therefore, Midi File Creator can be used as a standalone program, or in comjunction with other. Free download of Midi File Creator (32 bit) 1.0, size 2.44 Mb.

Aspose.Tasks for Java 1.0 Aspose Pty Ltd 

Aspose.Tasks is a non-graphical Java Project management component that enables Java applications to read, write & manage Project documents without utilizing MS Project. It supports reading MS Project Template (MPT) files as well as allows exporting project data to HTML, BMP, PNG, JPEG, PDF, TIFF, XPS, XAML and SVG formats. It reads & writes. Free download of Aspose.Tasks for Java 1.0, size 3.98 Mb.

FileFiller 1.01 ST-WARE Softworks 

This is a dummy file creator for up to 4GB files on FAT partiions, and up to 80GB files on NTFS ones. You have the option of filling the output file with 0´s, or with the ASCII ordinal value you specify, or with random data. The application is multi-threaded and the process can be cancelled anytime. You can also control the memory. Free download of FileFiller 1.01, size 0 b.

Java File Notification Library rc 

This project tries to create a library that provides file notification to java. So that the polling of files and directories is no longer needed to monitor changes to the filesystem.. Freeware download of Java File Notification Library rc, size 149.52 Kb.

Eclipse Java File Compiler 1.0 Eclipsejavafile 

An eclipse plug-in that will allow single java file compile using eclipse project class path.

Eclipse Java File Compiler 1.0 License - Eclipse Public License. Freeware download of Eclipse Java File Compiler 1.0, size 0 b.

FileTimes 1 9 Canadian Mind Products 

Java class library to get/set file and directory times: Create/LastModified/LastAccessed. For Windows only. Create time is when the file was first written. Modified time (sometimes called lastModified) is when the file was last written. Accessed time is when the file was last read or written. Checking its date, looking at its attributes or checking. Freeware download of FileTimes 1 9, size 218.11 Kb.

Dinucleotide signatures 1.0 

This project contains a set of files (Perl, Java, and an R package) used to perform analysis of oligonucleotide signatures in metagenomes and genomes.. Freeware download of Dinucleotide signatures 1.0, size 7.28 Kb.

PropLogicAPI rc 

This Java project intends to implement a set of functions allowing a user to manipulate classical propositional logic statements and reason about their properties and connections.. Freeware download of PropLogicAPI rc, size 7.43 Kb.

schemalizer 0.40 

a standalone tool for inferring and building a schema definition file from an input xml source file written in java and available as a web start application on the project web page.. Freeware download of schemalizer 0.40, size 1.19 Mb.

MyHighlighter 1.0 Myhighlighter 

This project is creating an "on-the-fly" code highlighter free open component (assembly) in C#, and the tools requiered to simplify his use (definition file creator, etc.)

MyHighlighter 1.0 License - GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL). Freeware download of MyHighlighter 1.0, size 0 b.

Market and Currency Tools 1.0 Mctools 

Market & Currency Tools (MCTools) is a Java Project containing set of modules which users/developers can use to retrieve information about stock market and currency exchange rates from provider such as yahoo finance.

Market and Currency Tools 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Market and Currency Tools 1.0, size 0 b.

JavaSerialCom 1.0 Javaserialcom 

Java project to read the DSR pin on a serial COM port and count this on plus different COM linked on the pc, and writing this count on file and Oracle DB.

JavaSerialCom 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of JavaSerialCom 1.0, size 0 b.

OWL2XMI 1.0 Owl2xmi 

OWL2XMI is a java project to facilitate the creation of classes UML diagrams. It generates a XMI file from one ontology, this XMI file can be imported using UML tools such as: StarUML, ArgoUML, among others. There are available online version, Visit Proj

OWL2XMI 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of OWL2XMI 1.0, size 150.92 Kb.