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QuadCount 1.0 alpha prompt co.,ltd. 

I show a screen four countdown timers and can count down with a timer of 4 at the maximum. A sound and a light on the screen which I set turn and tell it that the remaining time becomes 0.. Free download of QuadCount 1.0, size 524.29 Kb.


FreeOrion 0.3.17 FreeOrion Community 

FreeOrion is a free, open source, turn-based space empire and galactic conquest (4X) computer game being designed and built by the FreeOrion project.

FreeOrion is inspired by the tradition of the Master of Orion games, but is not a clone or remake of that series or any other game.

The goal of the FreeOrion project is to. Freeware download of FreeOrion 0.3.17, size 161.32 Mb.

iCoolsoft PSP Movie Maker 3. 1. 2010 

iCoolsoft PSP Movie Maker is a great assistant for PSP users. With powerful functions and fast conversion speed, it can help you convert any audio/video files to the formats compatible with your PSP and even rip any DVD to PSP audio/video formats so that enjoying the audio/video files you like in your PSP is no longer a problem any more. With this. Free download of iCoolsoft PSP Movie Maker 3. 1. 2010, size 10.56 Mb.

broodKernel 1.3.alpha Broodkernel 

broodKernel is a kernel that is always based on the latest i9001 kernel, the big difference between an other custom kernel is that broodKernel keeps the original zImage.
This means that all stock features are available, in order to tweak it I added a lot of tweaks to the kernels ramdisk. next to the ramdisk tweaks there are 2 init.d scripts. Freeware download of broodKernel 1.3.alpha, size 5.21 Mb.

Heatmap Studio 0.1 SlimApps 

Heatmap Studio is a small application designed to generate heatmaps based on data for the purpose of visualizing data in something other than spreadsheet form.

Some usage ideas:

* Traffic Data
* Consumer base
* Population density
* Crime rates
* Etc

Heatmap Studio is currently offered as. Free download of Heatmap Studio 0.1, size 41.94 Kb.

Pumpkin Pal 1.3 Jeff Mohl Design LLC 

Ready, set, carve! ? Turn your iPad into a big, spooky, full-screen jack-o-lantern. Then pop it in your window to impress the neighbors.

>> Simple, easy-to-use interface.

>> Choose from four different pumpkins of varying shapes and sizes.

>> ? Create as many jack-o-lanterns as you like! Your work. Free download of Pumpkin Pal 1.3, size 9.33 Mb.

Daily backups 0.9.9 CubicDesign 

This program will backup a set of folders every time is starts (when you turn on the computer) then it close itself.
You can set the program to start at Windows start-up. If the backup already exists for the current day it can be set to abort and wait for tomorrow.

Very useful for programmer to keep track of the changes in their. Freeware download of Daily backups 0.9.9, size 272.63 Kb.

Enok o Thompson Bedcontrol 1.0 Proekspert AS 

This app is used to adjust your motorized Enok o Thompson bed.

* select your angle
* save your favorite positions
* and turn on the light under the bed.
. Freeware download of Enok o Thompson Bedcontrol 1.0, size 1.78 Mb.

Pulse-o-matic 3.7 Shu Ning Bian 

It's never been easier to keep track of your pulse - use your camera to turn your phone or tablet into a heart rate monitor!

Pulse-o-matic is a stylish and simple app for anyone who's curious about their heart rate or has a passion for health and fitness. You can keep track of your pulse and share it with friends, or measure your heart. Freeware download of Pulse-o-matic 3.7, size 8.07 Mb.

Unicode Controls for VB6 1.6 Lorenzi Davide 

A complete set of UNICODE classes and controls to turn your VB6 application into an UNICODE machine with very few changes in your code! Features: Win32 API Driven classes and usercontrols, Very fast and lightweight, Compatible with all Windows Platforms (UNICODE on Windows 2000+ systems), Fully compatible with original VB6 controls, Fully. Free download of Unicode Controls for VB6 1.6, size 3.21 Mb.

Artillery2 1.0 Sugar Bytes 

Artillery 2 now provides 28 innovative effects and unlimited creative possibilities: turn an EQ into a multiband comp with a set of envelope followers, let a looper scratch its buffer using a stepseq, play pitched delaytimes on the keyboard, or let ringmodulator´s pitches jam along the
transients of your audio signals. Even a. Free download of Artillery2 1.0, size 5.30 Mb.

War on Folvos 2 1 Lonely Troops 

War on Folvos is turn-based strategy game with an intriguing story set on a fictitious future world. The story tells of the takeover of Folvos by the great Vasgalan Empire, who discovered a strange material on Folvos named Refunium. This raw mineral has many extraordinary possibilities in the field of energy manipulation, and is completely unique. Freeware download of War on Folvos 2 1, size 29.31 Mb.

Legion Gold 1. 1. 2003 Slitherine 

Legion Gold is a classic turn based strategy game set in ancient Rome. At the strategic level the player controls vast armies and must carve an Empire from the assortment of tribes and city states that occupied ancient Italy and France. At the tactical level the player must position their armies to take advantage of terrain and make use of the best. Free download of Legion Gold 1. 1. 2003, size 0 b.

Projekt W 1 2 Sascha Willems 

It’s a turn-based strategy game set in a not-so-distant totally hostile future. In the semi-realistic scenario there are only five huge nations left that don’t give a damn about peace negotiations or even peace contracts. So it’s the players job to lead one of the nations to total world-domination, which can only be. Freeware download of Projekt W 1 2, size 34.34 Mb.

7Artifacts 1.0 Big Fish Games 

7 Artifacts is a puzzle game that despite lacking originality, may turn out attractive for casual gamers who enjoy engaging storylines, set in ancient times. The game features a powerful combination: awesome graphics, relaxing gameplay, plus a wide number of levels with lots of combos and bonuses.
The storyline is set in ancient Greece and. Free download of 7Artifacts 1.0, size 0 b.

Pretty Good MahJongg - Chinese Tile 2.0 Goodsol Development Inc. 

The Chinese Tile Set is a small application that will turn your classic MahJongg tiles into chinese ones. The Pretty Good MahJongg played with the Chinese Tile Set has a higher difficulty than with the usual tiles. These tiles can also be used to play single player games, just as there are games for playing cards for multiple people or for one. Freeware download of Pretty Good MahJongg - Chinese Tile 2.0, size 1.17 Mb.

ACD Photo Editor ACD Systems Ltd. 

ACDSee Photo Editor is a powerful yet easy to use application that includes a set of tools that allows you to to turn your digital photos into truly captivating keepsakes. With this incredible program you can create personalized greeting cards, scrapbook pages, invitations and much more. What is more, the program features a very simple and. Free download of ACD Photo Editor, size 89.12 Mb.

Smart Turn Off Timer 2. 1. 2002 

Smart Turn Off is a very simple and easy-to-use application that allows you to automate the shutdown process of your Windows system. It works very well with all the latest versions of Microsoft Windows. The user interface is pretty friendly and intuitive. You can select from two options: you can either shutdown your system or you can just log off,. Freeware download of Smart Turn Off Timer 2. 1. 2002, size 93.02 Mb.

Solium Infernum Cryptic Comet 

Solium Infernum is a turn based strategy game set in the profoundest depths of Hell.

The Prince of Darkness has vanished and the Infernal Throne sits empty. A conclave of the Powers and Potentates of Hell will be summoned to Pandemonium to select the next ruler of The Infernal Pit. Do you have what it takes to claim the throne and rule. Free download of Solium Infernum, size 96.42 Mb.

Pride of Nations 1 1 Paradox Interactive 

Pride of Nations is a turn-based historical strategy game set in the colonial era of the 19th century, where the player takes control of a country and guides it through industrialization, military conquest, and colonization. This upcoming release from AGEOD follows such successful historical strategy games as Birth of America, American Civil War,. Free download of Pride of Nations 1 1, size 767.98 Mb.