Setting Dial Tone

rmdialmanager 0.2 Walber Zaldivar 

rmdialmanager was specially built as Python-based server / client that allows the user to connect / disconnect the dial-up connection on Windows machines.

Now you can use this handy tool in order to launch or terminate your connection whenever you want.

. Freeware download of rmdialmanager 0.2, size 0 b.


SpotDialup Password Recover 1.5.7 Nsasoft US LLC 

SpotDialup enumerates, displays logins and recovers passwords for Dial-Up, Internet and virtual private network access, provides users with information about network connection properties, such as connection names, domains, phone numbers or IP addresses. When you use the "Dial-Up Networking" module for connecting to the internet or VPN. Free download of SpotDialup Password Recover 1.5.7, size 1.80 Mb.

Dialupass 3.16 Nir Sofer 

Dialupass enumerates all Dial-Up entries on your computer, revealing their login details, including User Name, Password and Domain.

When you use the "Dial-Up Networking" module for connecting to the internet or to other networks, the operating system give you the option to store the password and use it when it needed. Although. Free download of Dialupass 3.16, size 0 b.

Dialup Password Recovery 1.3 Top Password Software, Inc. 

Dialup Password Recovery can help you recover dial-up logins and passwords. When you connect to the internet via RAS (Remote Access Service), VPN (Virtual Private Networking) or Dailup, the operating system will give you the option to store the password. Although the password is constantly stored in your computer, the operating system doesn't allow. Free download of Dialup Password Recovery 1.3, size 545.26 Kb.

ZmeY RRAS Enum component New newObjects 

ZmeY RRAS Enum component implements operations related to controling RAS access and control of the dial-in enabled ports on machines running Windows NT with Routing and RAS (RRAS).

You can also setting the Username and Password parameters in order to force the object to use a specified account for connections.

. Free download of ZmeY RRAS Enum component New, size 0 b.

ToneDet - Tone Detector 1.0 NCH Software 

ToneDet is used to monitor an audio signal a for specific frequency tone or multiple tones. Although it can detect any audio frequency, ToneDet is usually used to detect very low frequency tones that cannot be heard by humans. Typical Applications include Radio Network Broadcasts (to automatically trigger commercial breaks), Control Systems (To. Free download of ToneDet - Tone Detector 1.0, size 367.00 Kb.

Universal Tuning Fork 2006.06 Yellow Gold Software 

This is musical tone sound generator program for musicians. User can get sound of 41 music tones. It is possible tune most musical instruments using this application. There is volume control in this program. Author is professional musician (guitar player and singer). OS Windows 98/ME/XP/2000/2003. Sound card must be installed on your PC.. Free download of Universal Tuning Fork 2006.06, size 125.83 Kb.

International Morse Code 1 1 David R. Sky 

Generates the Morse di-dah-dit tone patterns for text you type into the edit fields.

Unusual initial caveat: The first time you use this plug-inin each Audacity session, it only generates one or two morse code characters. Undo the generated sound [control+z], then use the plug-in again. Occasionally this doesn't work either so undo the. Free download of International Morse Code 1 1, size 94.37 Kb.

Dial-Up Network Monitor 1.3 

Monitor dial up networks and log the amount of time you are online and the associated cost.

Where it differs from most other monitors is its ability to warn you and/or disconnect the line after a predefined idle period.. Freeware download of Dial-Up Network Monitor 1.3, size 178.26 Kb.

INetControl 1.4 SimpleSoft 

The program allows to control an internet connection (Dial up, GPRS, VPN, XDSL,...). With its help you can call up call dialog, break connection, control, how much time you've spent in the network, incoming and outgoing traffic.It has a flexible system of tariff adjustment. Possibilities: -Call of a reach dialog. -Internet connection indication.. Free download of INetControl 1.4, size 1.02 Mb.

Dial-Up VPN Password Recovery A.S.A.P. Solutions Inc. 

Dial-Up VPN Password Recovery is designed for Dialup, VPN (Remote Access Connections) password recovery. It can recover lost or forgotten passwords for the saved RAS settings. It start working just after the startup. Just run the password recovery tool and you will get whole RAS settings and passwords. It is now able to save the recovered settings. Free download of Dial-Up VPN Password Recovery, size 524.29 Kb.

PHP_Filetimes SteelBytes 

PHP_Filetimes is a PHP extension for getting and setting filetimes on Windows. Doesn't PHP already have this ability?Yes but it doesn't work properly,see about usingfilemtime() ,fileatime(),filectime() and touch(). Freeware download of PHP_Filetimes, size 115.34 Kb.

2007 Microsoft Office Security Guide 1.0 Microsoft Corporation. 

The 2007 Microsoft Office Security Guide provides prescriptive Group Policy setting and security configuration recommendations to help strengthen the security of computers running the 2007 Microsoft Office release on computers that run Windows Vista or Windows XP in domaind-deOCtbased environments.

The. Free download of 2007 Microsoft Office Security Guide 1.0, size 1.48 Mb.

CiDial 2.3 Aldensoft Software 

CiDial will automatically redial a specified Dial-Up Networking connection until your computer is connected to the Internet then monitor the connection and automatically reconnect if the connection is lost. CiDial can be used instead of the standard Windows dialer, but installing and using CiDial does not affect your Windows installation or dialer.. Freeware download of CiDial 2.3, size 125.83 Kb.

My Drives + Icon pack 1.5 Ventsislav Alexandritski 

My Drives customize look of disk drives in windows explorer by replacing drives icons, setting labels and hiding drives.. Free download of My Drives + Icon pack 1.5, size 1.28 Mb.

Exotic Wetland Blue 1.0 American Greetings Corporation 

Exotic plantlife in an abstract underwater setting.. Freeware download of Exotic Wetland Blue 1.0, size 3.68 Mb.

Sipura VoIP Dial Plan Tester 1.0.0 Robert Smyth 

Dial plan tester/manager for Sipura 3000 Voice Over IP (VoIP) devices. Validates the dial plan syntax, preconfigured test templates of numbers to test (e.g. 911, international, interstate, local, etc). Test without dialing.. Free download of Sipura VoIP Dial Plan Tester 1.0.0, size 458.23 Kb.

AmphiSoft Photo Tinter 1.02 AmphiSoft 

Photoshop plugin for copying photo tone from toned black and white photos to new images. Filter extract and save tone map of your favorite masterpiece and allow you to reapply it to another photo. Fully compatible with various image editors for Windows, like Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Fireworks, JASC, Corel and Ulead image editors, and numerous. Freeware download of AmphiSoft Photo Tinter 1.02, size 125.83 Kb.

1TapDial - Speed Dial Call Shortcut for iPhone on your Home Screen by 1Tapps 2.6 Gilogiq 

------- TAP & DIAL -------

As simple and useful as the App Name, from the most valued 1Tapps series, create as much CUSTOM 1Tapps as you want to DIAL to your friends, family, love, work, ... .

When you are done with the customized icon, you just tap on. Free download of 1TapDial - Speed Dial Call Shortcut for iPhone on your Home Screen by 1Tapps 2.6, size 5.98 Mb.

+81DJ Ringtone vol.1 1.0 TRIBECA WAS 

dA ringtone of iPhone which is stylish in Cool who made in DJ of Shibuya / Tokyo !

)) ?)!
dYou can set the ringtone of the telephone, the reception sound of the email, an alarm tone, a notice of reminder sound !

+81 DJ Ringtone!
Fahionable Music Ringtone


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