Sharepoint Cross Link To Source List

SharePoint Cross-Site Lookup Pack 2.18.1122.1 SharePointBoost Co., Ltd 

A bundle of 3 products in one pack, enhancing and complimenting the default SharePoint lookup column function at lesser cost!
Designed to fully complement each other, these three enhancements offer a suite of features that dramatically leverage your SharePoint lookup functionality.

Quickly cross-reference data from a list or site. Free download of SharePoint Cross-Site Lookup Pack 2.18.1122.1, size 2.53 Mb.


SharePoint Cross-Site Lookup 4.1.1221.2 SharePointBoost Co., Ltd 

Look Up Information from Different Sites in One Site Collection
Cross-Site Lookup allows you to look up and pull information from any site in a site collection, adds find-as-you-type functionality to your lookup field, and filters items displayed in the lookup field according to a view defined in the source list (the list the information is. Free download of SharePoint Cross-Site Lookup 4.1.1221.2, size 1.16 Mb.

SharePoint Cross View Web Part 1.0.9 Websio Information Solutions Ltd 

Cross View Web Part aggregates data from multiple lists / sites / site-collections by user-defined query and displays it as standard SharePoint view. Display documents, tasks, list items, each type of SharePoint content from any place in SharePoint! Rich Query Builder, grouping, filtering, sorting and other "tasty" features.. Free download of SharePoint Cross View Web Part 1.0.9, size 1.81 Mb.

SPAnyListView 0.7 SPElements 

SPAnyListView is a free list display WebPart for SharePoint. It can display formatted lists, in a Similar way to SharePoint's ListView web part, but from any site in the SharePoint (not limited to the source list's site).. Freeware download of SPAnyListView 0.7, size 94.37 Kb.

Double Commander 0.5.1 Alexander Koblov 

Double Commander is a cross platform open source file manager with two panels side by side. It is inspired by Total Commander and features some new ideas.

Here are some key features of Double Commander:

Unicode support
All operations working in background
Multi-rename tool
Tabbed interface
Custom. Freeware download of Double Commander 0.5.1, size 6.74 Mb.

Sharepoint Entity Manager New Steven Johnston 

This web part was designed to enable users to manage Sharepoint entities in a single list using search to locate data.

The SharePoint Entity Manager is a series of web-parts that make managing the relationships between data held in SharePoint lists easier, in-order to support the concept of a schemaless database.

. Free download of Sharepoint Entity Manager New, size 0 b.

TMS TableView for FireMonkey 1.0 

- Highly styleable cross platform FireMonkey control
- List item is fully customizable
- TableView control with smooth scrolling with inertia, direct navigation, single & multi select
- Built-in support for searching & filtering
- Built-in support for editing items and/or delete items
- TableView can display data in. Free download of TMS TableView for FireMonkey 1.0, size 5.70 Mb.

Speed Dreams 2.0-a2-r3111 The Speed Dreams Team 

Speed Dreams is is a 3d cross-platform, open source motorsport simulation and racing game. It is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

Speed Dreams is a fork of the open racing car simulator Torcs, aiming to implement exciting new features, cars, tracks and AI opponents to make a more enjoyable game for the player, as. Freeware download of Speed Dreams 2.0-a2-r3111, size 0 b.

MaxDream for Windows Tal 

MaxDream is a cross-platform open source game(/simulation) engine based on OpenTK and .Net/Mono. MaxDream goal is to be compatible with any other game Engine and any game techniques, so you can use your own methods, without changing the source code.. Free download of MaxDream for Windows, size 1.55 Mb.

Iris2 3.0 Iris2 Developer Team 

Iris2 is a cross-platform open-source 2d/3d client for playing the MMORPG Ultima Online. It has reached a stable playable state, but the development continues. The developers used the Ogre3D engine and Lugre, a middleware to use the Lua scripting language.. Freeware download of Iris2 3.0, size 167.89 Mb.

eMusic/J 0.2 Robin Sheat 

eMusic/J is a cross-platform, open source download manager for the music service. It takes the .emx file that you get from the website, and downloads the music specified in it. It can easily work with Firefox or other browsers to make downloading songs and albums simple.. Freeware download of eMusic/J 0.2, size 4.01 Mb.

DAISY Pipeline 20070502 Beta 1 DAISY Consortium 

The DAISY Pipeline is a cross-platform, open source framework for DTB-related document transformations. It provides a comprehensive solution for converting text documents into accessible formats for people with print disabilities.
The DAISY Pipeline software components are cross-platform and open source (released under the business-friendly. Freeware download of DAISY Pipeline 20070502 Beta 1, size 34.40 Mb.

HOXChess 1.0 Google Project Hosting 

HOXChess is a cross-platform, open source Xiangqi (aka. Chinese Chess) client, capable of working with multiple online Xiangqi sites.

It is a traditional desktop application, developed mainly in C . Two servers are supported so far: PlayXiangqi and Chesscape. There are a number of Artificial Intelligent (AI) engines included.. Freeware download of HOXChess 1.0, size 3.36 Mb.

ClipboardMultiSharer 1. 1. 2003 B. Toshak 

A cross-platform open-source tool to share clipboards (text and images) across multiple computers and multiple platforms (Windows, Linux, OS-X, Solaris, BSD, ...) in a network. ClipboardMultiSharer is a lightweight utility designed to help you share the clipboards across multiple computers in a network. The application does not require firewall. Freeware download of ClipboardMultiSharer 1. 1. 2003, size 73.73 Kb.

Alcogas 0.0.1 

Alcogas is a cross platform open source software which allows to write an image created by the 'Alcohol 120%' on a CD-R/RW disk.. Freeware download of Alcogas 0.0.1, size 215.69 Kb.

Arx Libertatis 1.0.1 

Arx Libertatis is a cross-platform, open source port of Arx Fatalis, a 2002 first-person role-playing game developed by Arkane Studios.Arx Fatalis features crafting, melee and ranged combat, as well as a unique casting system where the player draws runes in real time to effect the desired spell.The Arx Libertatis source code is based on the. Freeware download of Arx Libertatis 1.0.1, size 910.12 Kb.

CMakeScript 86 

CMakeScript is an extension to CMake, a cross-platform, open-source build system. CMakeScript adds Java Script as alternative script language to CMake's home-grown macro language. CMakeScript comes with a visual debugger for Java Script.. Freeware download of CMakeScript 86, size 12.20 Mb.

JISO 0.2.1 

JISO is a cross-platform, open source Isometric game. With similarities to Final Fantasy Tactics, and the uniqueness of a game written for fun rather than profit. Written with Java 1.6. Freeware download of JISO 0.2.1, size 32.92 Kb.


MaxDream is a cross-platform open source game(/simulation) engine based on OpenTK and .Net/Mono. MaxDream goal is to be compatible with any other game Engine and any game techniques, so you can use your own methods, without changing the source code.. Freeware download of MaxDream, size 1.55 Mb.

PortMedia rc.217 

PortMedia offers free, cross-platform, open-source I/O libraries for digital media including MIDI, video, and audio (see Most work is in C to facilitate interoperabilty with many languages and systems.. Freeware download of PortMedia rc.217, size 1.03 Mb.