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Guinea Pig Attack 1.1 Outta Space LLC 

Get it for your iPad, iPod, or iPhone today!

Fight off hordes of hungry genetically altered guinea pigs using their one weakness... VEGETABLES WITH AN ANTIDOTE!

In this shooter based game, you must stop the guinea pigs before they escape from the testing grounds.

Tilt your device to navigate the field. Shoot carrots. Free download of Guinea Pig Attack 1.1, size 4.19 Mb.


Quasar Battle 1.3 Jason Noorman 

- "A classic retro space shooter arcade game that takes advantage of today's modern hardware and features."

You can pilot your ship using the inbuilt accelerometer or by using the virtual D-Pad that can be set up for left or right handed play. If you want to use the accelerometer it is best to start with the device flat on on a. Free download of Quasar Battle 1.3, size 5.45 Mb.

Quasar Battle Lite 1.3 Jason Noorman 

- "A classic retro space shooter arcade game that takes advantage of today's modern hardware and features."

The Lite version includes the first 5 levels from the full version available on the Appstore.

You can pilot your ship using the inbuilt accelerometer or by using the virtual D-Pad that can be set up for left or. Freeware download of Quasar Battle Lite 1.3, size 5.45 Mb.

Rapid Hoops 1.1.1 Jason Noorman 

Rapid Hoops is a 60 second rapid hoops shooter basketball game that uses the latest in 2D physics engines to model actual ball behaviour.

FREE for a limited time, get in fast.

Grab the ball with your finger and simply throw it at the hoop controlling the direction and speed. If the crowd get to loud simply silence them by. Freeware download of Rapid Hoops 1.1.1, size 3.98 Mb.

Battlefield 3 App Marissa's Workshop 

This app pulls RSS feeds for news, blogs, and mods for the Battlefield 3 first person shooter video game.. Freeware download of Battlefield 3 App, size 1.05 Mb.

Deadly Dead XORtec 

Augmented reality zombie shooter!

This game automatically detects faces in from your images or camera feed, and turns them into zombies for you to battle!

Please note that this is a beta trial release, so functionality has been limited to the core features. Look out for the full version which will be released soon.

GameStateManagementSample Ray Tan 

Shooter Airplane Game:

Objective: Survive Both Levels
. Freeware download of GameStateManagementSample, size 1.05 Mb.

Modern Warfare 3 App Marissa's Workshop 

This app pulls RSS feeds for news, blogs, mods, and tips/guides for the Modern Warfare 3 first person shooter video game.. Freeware download of Modern Warfare 3 App, size 1.05 Mb.

Six Guns Guide Game tutorial 

Six Guns Guide Apps

This apps is for guide the Six Guns Cheat for pleasure.
Explore a truly enormous and open Wild West frontier full of cowboys, bandits and more…unnatural enemies in this third person shooter adventure game.

Play for free: Make your enemies pay!

Buck Crosshaw never shot a man who didn't. Freeware download of Six Guns Guide, size 3.15 Mb.

Spacecraft Commander Piotr Jankowski 

Spacecraft Commander is an addictive shooter type game. Use accelerometer to take control over your ship and destroy enemies using several weapons to earn as much points as you can. Begin your adventure today!

- Fixed accelerometer bug. Now you can choose prefered phone orientation in "Settings". Freeware download of Spacecraft Commander, size 4.19 Mb.

Solar Invaders SolarInvaders 

Classical "space shooter" genre game, transferred into 3D with some advanced and innovative ideas such as third person camera.. Freeware download of Solar Invaders, size 15.73 Mb.

Titanfall Wallpaper Metro Dev 

Titanfall is a 2014 multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts. Titanfall Wallpaper app has got some Wallpaper that you can set in your LockScreen and also StartScreen.Hope,You guys gonna love it!". Freeware download of Titanfall Wallpaper, size 3.15 Mb.

Theseus - Return of the Hero Sigma Team 

Theseus: Return of the Hero is an action game developed by the Sigma Team. The Sigma team is famous for its third-person action games such as Alien Shooter and Zombie Shooter. Theseus can be seen as the Free version of Alien Shooter. Is it worse than Alien Shooter? Not really: the graphics and controls are the same. You even have the same. Freeware download of Theseus - Return of the Hero, size 35.81 Mb.

Typing Shooter Game 1.0 Typing Games 

Blast aliens and defend your city while improving your typing skills. It doesn't matter if you are new to typing, or are a pro, you will love playing this free arcade style shooter typing game.. Freeware download of Typing Shooter Game 1.0, size 5.76 Mb.

MicroVolts 1.0 Rock Hippo Productions Ltd 

MicroVolts is a free to play online multiplayer game. You will never have to pay for the ability to play the game. Players can obtain customization items using Micro Points which are earned in-game. You will also be able to get convenience and special items using Volt Points which can be purchased using real money.

MicroVolts features. Freeware download of MicroVolts 1.0, size 770.88 Mb.

Fireball Game 0.1 

Fireball is a free (GPL) single player game that uses ClanLib, a free multi platform C++ game SDK. It is a tank shooter 2D game started in February 2004 in order to learn how to use ClanLib, as well as C++.. Freeware download of Fireball Game 0.1, size 147.62 Kb.

Juno Nemesis: Remix Full 2.0 Mountain King Studios 

Juno Nemesis: Remix is a 3D shooter. This game is similar to Tempest or Gyruss, but is set in a 3D environment. You control your vehicle in the tubes inside a huge computer called Juno. Your mission is to defend the machine from a program that was designed to destroy the system, represented with waves of bugs that will come towards you from the. Free download of Juno Nemesis: Remix Full 2.0, size 2.13 Mb.

Razor2 1.0 Invent4 Entertainment 

Razor2: Hidden Skies is a top view shooter. The game has the style of successful classic arcade games, while using the latest technology to create great visuals and effects.

An old-school game with all new technology. Razor2 has easy gameplay, while challenging your skills with hundreds of enemies and bullets threatening you all the. Free download of Razor2 1.0, size 160.86 Mb.

Winter Warland 1.0 Winterwarland 

Winter Warland is a unique multi-platform isometric shooter. This game contains a leveling system where after each level you get to upgrade nine different features of your character relating to your gloves, boots, and coat.

During a battle, there is an inventory system where you can store snowballs and an assortment of eight different. Freeware download of Winter Warland 1.0, size 18.25 Mb.

DemonStar Secret Missions 2 1 2 Mountain King Studios 

DemonStar Secret Missions 2 1.03 is a vertical scrolling space shooter. This game is a sequel to DemonStar and DemonStar Secret Missions 1. The main difference between this game and its predecessors is that there are new enemies and new weapons in it. "Secret Missions 2" has been developed using an enhanced version of the original. Free download of DemonStar Secret Missions 2 1 2, size 4.27 Mb.