Sick Time Database

EPICS applications 2.23 

Applications and device drivers for the EPICS real time database system (see Freeware download of EPICS applications 2.23, size 22.19 Kb.


DeeDS operating system interface 1.0 Doi 

DeeDS operating system interface: A message-based operating system adapter for the components implementing the DeeDS (Distributed Active Real-Time Database Management System).

DeeDS operating system interface 1.0 License - Mozilla Public License 1.1 (MPL 1.1). Freeware download of DeeDS operating system interface 1.0, size 0 b.

Gradience TimeClock 10 G.Neil 

Just 10 extra minutes of "over-reported" time each day from a single employee can add up to an extra week (43.3 hours) of pay! And, in recent years, employees have filed a record number of lawsuits against employers to collect back wages, claiming they were improperly paid. The first step in combating these costly issues is accurate. Free download of Gradience TimeClock 10, size 46.87 Mb.

AttendView Clock 3.0 VividSoft 

AttendView is an employee attendance tracking and reporting software. It can track employee attendance, vacation time, sick time and track time spent on different jobs. AttendView consists of two main components: the AttendView Clock and the AttendView Tools. The data isstored in MS Access format. The AttendView Clock program allows employees to. Free download of AttendView Clock 3.0, size 0 b.

SQLigner 0.1 

Web-based relational database designer. With version control, autosave and real-time database manipulation. TODO: admin module, search, undo/redo buttons, multi-database real-time support (only PostgreSQL actually), etc. Based on WWWSQLDesigner. Freeware download of SQLigner 0.1, size 400.20 Kb.

ezTimeSheet 2.0.1 Halfpricesoft 

ezTimeSheet is a a comprehensive and affordable small business time tracking software. This program automates the time tracking and payroll process. It allows the employer to track the work time, vacation and sick time of every employee.

Managing employee time and attendance data can be overwhelming and time-consuming. As a business. Free download of ezTimeSheet 2.0.1, size 0 b.

MySQL Cluster 7.2.1 Beta / 7.1.17 MySQL AB 

MySQL Cluster is designed for fast, always-on access to data under high throughput conditions.

MySQL Cluster is an industry proven real-time database specifically designed for high throughput telecom and IP network applications. MySQL Cluster is deployed by major mobile and fixed line operators as well as being a key enabling technology. Free download of MySQL Cluster 7.2.1 Beta / 7.1.17, size 0 b.

MS SQL to MySQL Database Conversion Tool 1.0 Pro Data Doctor Pvt. Ltd 

MSSQL to MySQL Database Conversion Tool provides the easiest way to convert your Microsoft SQL created database records into equivalent MySQL database server records in few minutes time. Database Conversion Utility fully supports tabled-deOaos structure with rows and columns, primary keys, indexes, data types and attributes. New records can be. Free download of MS SQL to MySQL Database Conversion Tool 1.0, size 2.90 Mb.

MySQL to MS SQL Database Conversion Tool 1.0 Pro Data Doctor Pvt. Ltd 

MySQL to MSSQL Database Conversion Tool provides easiest way to convert your MySQL created database records into Microsoft SQL database server in few minutes time. Database Conversion Utility has full support of tabled-deOaos structure with rows and columns, key constraints, indexes, data types and attributes.

Data Doctord-deOaos MySQL. Free download of MySQL to MS SQL Database Conversion Tool 1.0, size 2.33 Mb.

HR Employee Database Software 2.4.7 DB-Pros, Inc. 

HR Employee Database Software by the business database experts at DB-Pros! Complete workforce management system for HR managers and business owners brings professional employee management to your enterprise. Upload resumes, images, attachments directly to employee's file. Manage all aspects of your staff with a secure, private software database. Free download of HR Employee Database Software 2.4.7, size 6.32 Mb.

DBTyP.NET 2008 BYPsoft 

Efficient database management is no more a big deal as we have brought you an exciting tool to make your life easy.DBTyP.NET 2008 is an exciting tool that helps you analyze, compare and synchronize both structure and data of databases

DBTyP.NET 2008 will save you time managing your database changes, bringing your development environment. Free download of DBTyP.NET 2008, size 2.11 Mb.

DBTYP.NET Studio 2009 BYPsoft 

DBTYP.NET 2009 Studio is an advanced Database Comparison Integrated Development Environment (IDE) consisted of two powerful and high performance comparison tools in one all-inclusive suite. In a tabbed document interface it allows a comfortable work with included tools: DBTYP.NET Database Schema Comparison and DBTYP.NET Database Data Comparison. Free download of DBTYP.NET Studio 2009, size 2.57 Mb.

TimeClick 10.0 Hawkeye Technology 

TimeClick is an effective employee time clock software solution for the small to mid-size business. TimeClick installs onto your already existing PC system creating a software to meet your employee time clock needs. Either run TimeClick alone on one computer or through your server for time clock access across your entire network for all your. Free download of TimeClick 10.0, size 10.24 Kb.

TimeClockWindow 2.0.4 ZPAY Payroll Systems, Inc. 

TimeClockWindow - Time Clock Software from ZPAY Payroll Systems, Inc. Easily track your employee's time with this easy to use time clock software. Network ready with no extra costs per seat or number of employees. Import and Export from PayWindow. No more managing hours by hand! No more spending half a day trying to add up the employee time and. Free download of TimeClockWindow 2.0.4, size 23.65 Mb.

QBIS Time 1.1.0 QLogic AB 

Manage your time sheet easily on-the-go with QBIS Time for iPhone.

QBIS Time App is designed to make it easy to register and track the time you have worked and the time you spent on a project - directly on your smartphone.

Report time wherever you are you are - at home, at the office or at a customer. Reported time can come. Freeware download of QBIS Time 1.1.0, size 1.15 Mb.

SchedulePro Express 1.03 EDP Software 

You can save up to 80% of your time it takes to create and to manage your staff schedules (duty rosters) manually. EDP Software is offering a software, SchedulePro Express, to manage your employee schedules effectively. It will save you time, money and frustration associated with staff schedule management. SchedulePro Express is very cost effective. Free download of SchedulePro Express 1.03, size 131.48 Mb.

ONSPEC 6.3.80129 Automation ONSPEC Software 

ONSPEC is an advanced supervisory control and monitoring software solution designed to work with plant-floor automation systems to provide real-time data acquisition and control to any process environment. ONSPEC product offerings provide graphics, data acquisition, trending, alarms, spreadsheet manipulation and other functionality used to perform. Free download of ONSPEC 6.3.80129, size 14.31 Mb.

Employee Scheduling Software by EDP EDP Software 

SchedulePro Express is a revolutionary new piece of employee scheduling software that allows you to easily and effectively manage all of your employee schedules. Feature highlights include:- Define as many shifts as you require of varying lengths (15 minutes to 24 hours), overlapping shifts, staggered shifts, etc.

- Define your own. Free download of Employee Scheduling Software by EDP, size 15.84 Mb.

Gradience Attendance 10 G.Neil 

Keeping track of employee attendance is a must for any size business. Yet, tracking attendance, scheduling vacations, and documenting other calendar-based tasks can be extremely time-consuming. Gradience Attendance is a dynamic human resources software solution that makes it easy to view time-off balances, identify chronic absenteeism, and create. Free download of Gradience Attendance 10, size 43.66 Mb.

GetNextrad 3.5.2 Carson 

GetNexrad 3.5.2 is a tool used to view real-time area radar rainfall loops and to generate the basin point file (NexradPointESX10210.txt) used by GetRealtime.exe for computing the basin area average rainfall time series in real time. If you just want to download up to the past 4 hours of radar images without using GetRealtime you can, and you (and. Free download of GetNextrad 3.5.2, size 10.91 Mb.