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Easy Code Signing 2012 2.1 Beaver Valley Software Company 

Easy Code Signing is a simple and easy-to-use application designed for developers who want to sign their code. Unlike the Microsoft tools that come with Visual Studio, you will not need to re-enter the same information over and over again.

Once you tell the program where the Timestamp url is, and the certificate and private keys are, the. Free download of Easy Code Signing 2012 2.1, size 0 b.


SignTools 4 33 ISGI 

SignTools is the most powerful and easy to use sign making add-on for CorelDraw.
Not only does it allow you to cut vinyl graphics directly from Corel Draw, it also contains over 35 sign making tools, including many innovative tools not available in any other software.. Free download of SignTools 4 33, size 0 b.

Signature Pilot 1 4 Two Pilots 

Signature Pilot makes it easy and convenient to sign agreements and other documents right on your computer. Sometimes you really need to send a signed agreement by e-mail in a graphic format. You have to print out the agreement, sign it, and scan it in order to send it.. Free download of Signature Pilot 1 4, size 5.20 Mb.

Real Estate Dashboard 2.8.4059.15546 GoPaperless, Inc. 

The Real Estate Dashboard is software that lets real estate professionals sign documents electronically in a way that is easy for them and their clients. Real Estate Dashboard is built for use on tablet PCs, ultra-mobile laptops that have a pen-enabled screen.. Free download of Real Estate Dashboard 2.8.4059.15546, size 9.20 Mb.

ABC Sign Language Translator 1.0 FQ Publishing 

The ABC Sign Language Translator is an excellent tool for understanding and communicating in American Sign Language. Our quick and easy to use application allows you to translate all letters of the english alphabet with our interactive selection buttons. Our ABC Sign Language Translator is an excellent application for those who would like to be. Free download of ABC Sign Language Translator 1.0, size 314.57 Kb.

Baby Sign (ASL) Free - American Sign Language Learning Signs for Kids 2.0 

"I love this app. Very easy to use, I love that it has video clips instead of pictures. The customizable favorite list is perfect." -Heather
This is a Free version of the "APPLE STAFF FAVORITE" Baby Sign ASL App.

FEATURED: Hand picked by Apple to be displayed in Apple Retail Stores all over the world!!!

Easy Signs 1.1 Giebler Enterprises 

Easy Signs provides a quick and easy way to silently send a visual message to a friend across the room. Choose from a variety of preloaded signs or make your own in seconds. Rotate your device to display the sign on the full screen. Signs can flash between alternating colors for attention grabbing effects.

Speech recognition allows you. Freeware download of Easy Signs 1.1, size 16.67 Mb.

Learn American Sign Language - ASL Video Flashcards 2.1.0 Selectsoft 

Learn American Sign Language is a simple and fun way to learn signing, covering such useful topics as Greetings, Emergency Situations and more. In 9 easy-to-follow video lessons, professional sign language interpreter Renee Moore will teach you the basic skills needed to communicate with deaf friends, family, customers and co-workers.

Learn Sign Language by WAGmob 1.5 WagMob 

WAGmob: Over 1000,000 paying customers from 175+ countries. 100% satisfaction is guaranteed.

WAGmob brings you a Simple 'n Easy, on-the-go learning app to help you get started on Sign language. A beginner's guide that teaches you the basics in a nice and organized manner.
Fast, easy, and fun way to learn Sign Language.

Aquarius Soft BePunctual 2.0 Aquarius Soft Pte Ltd 

Aquarius Soft BePunctual is an easy, elegant and comprehensive employee time and attendance tracking software system designed to replace mechanical time clocks, punch cards and attendance book sign in / out processes. This user friendly and comprehensive computer time clock software for PC helps to track employee attendance effectively and. Free download of Aquarius Soft BePunctual 2.0, size 4.96 Mb.

Easy Web Buttons 3.02 Lincoln Beach Software 

Easy Web Buttons lets you point and click your way to beautiful buttons in minutes. Change colors, fonts, gradient, lighting effects and more! Exports to any format, includinged layered PhotoShop files. Easily add captions, dropshadows and more. By changing various colors and refraction options you can create glass or plastic looking buttons in a. Free download of Easy Web Buttons 3.02, size 2.64 Mb.

ASP.NET SAML Component for CS VB.NET 5.1.430 ComponentPro 

Ultimate SAML is an OASIS SAML v1.x and v2.0 specifications compliant .NET toolkit. It offers an elegant and easy way to add support for Single Sign-On SAML 1.x and 2.0 to your ASP.NET applications.

Features of Ultimate SAML:

* Supports SAML 1.x
* Supports SAML 2.0
* .NET Technology
* Supports. Free download of ASP.NET SAML Component for CS VB.NET 5.1.430, size 3.09 Mb.

pdfMachine Signer 10.9 Broadgun Software 

pdfMachine Signer is the easy way to digitally sign your PDF files.

Simply, quickly and lowpriced , Sending 1 to 1 signed copies of a document.
It's never been so easy to send documents. Print your document simply through our pdfMachine (printer driver) and your email program will open automatically with your text in PDF Format. Free download of pdfMachine Signer 10.9, size 5.28 Mb.

MB Free Tibetan Astrology 1.0 

MB Free Tibetan Astrology is an advanced yet easy-to-use software which determines your Tibetan zodiac sign from your date of birth. Tibetan Astrology originated around 1000 years ago and it has its roots in several other traditions. This program gives you a detailed interpretation of the Tibetan Sun Sign and the Tibetan Animal Sign. Moreover, it. Freeware download of MB Free Tibetan Astrology 1.0, size 1.45 Mb.

Exercise Tip Email Buddy 1.3 

Exercise Tip Buddy is a free, easy-to-install web site tool that allows your visitors to sign up for an exercise tip mailing list. The program comes with everything you need out of the box, including 26 exercise tips tips - that's two a month for a whole year. You can easily add more tips yourself, manage subscribers, and set the look and feel of. Freeware download of Exercise Tip Email Buddy 1.3, size 58.37 Kb.

Health Tip Buddy 1.3 

Health Tip Buddy is a free, easy-to-install web site tool that allows your visitors to sign up for e-mail health tips. The program comes with everything you need, including 26 tips - two a month for a year. You can easily add more tips yourself, manage subscribers, and set the look and feel of the e-mail so that it matches your web site. The. Freeware download of Health Tip Buddy 1.3, size 58.37 Kb.

XolidoSign Xolido Systems, S.A. 

XolidoSign allows you to perform advanced digital signature (CadES) and/or timestamp for all the documents you need (PDF native Signature, Word, Images, Excel datasheet, Databases, Videos ).

XolidoSign performs a verification of your received signed documents. With an an automatic process of pairings and associations between files,. Freeware download of XolidoSign, size 16.69 Mb.

TraSiCAD 2 8 The State of Queensland 

Traffic Sign Computer Aided Design (TraSiCAD) is an easy to use Windows application developed by the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads to interactively design and draw road signs.
Fully dimensioned guide signs that conform to Australian Standard 1743 can be created using a "wizard" tool, or alternatively,. Freeware download of TraSiCAD 2 8, size 0 b.

Moon Planting Matrix Divine Inspiration Publications 

This software offers you more ability to customize for your exact frost dates, time zone and the vegetables and fruits that you want to grow--with Moon Planting Matrix easy to read moon phase and sign, and more precise planting lists. It includes a database with more cultivation information on each plant, and capability of storing notes and harvest. Free download of Moon Planting Matrix, size 4.66 Mb.

MB Tibetan Astrology 2 20 

MB Tibetan Astrology Software is an advanced yet easy-to-use software which determines your Tibetan zodiac sign from your date of birth. This program gives you a detailed interpretation of the Tibetan Sun Sign and the Tibetan Animal Sign. Moreover, it helps you understand your personality and improve yourself for the better.

In Tibet,. Freeware download of MB Tibetan Astrology 2 20, size 1.52 Mb.

Sign Easy Web Results Easy Listening

News about easy listening, collected from various sources on the web.


Place to find sign makers and signshops worldwide.

S.M.P. Sign Systems

Systems, software, hardware and consumables for sign makers. German based company. Site in German and English.

Sign Update Magazine

Product news, sign news, company profiles, buyers guide and classified pages for the sign industry.

Vienna/Los Angeles: is an international and innovative webdesign company, which has concentrated on structuring, designing an programming internet solutions in Flash.

Easy DVD Player

Easy DVD player is a very easy to use DVD/VCD/MPEG/MPG player.

Sign In/Out board for small to medium sized companies

The Sign-In-Out program provides a computerized sign in/out board that all company employees with access to the company network can conviently use from their desk.