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IBall Physics 1.0 Ekrem Sonmez 

The objective is simple -- Pass the ball from one box to another!

Sounds too simple?
Oh, wait... did we mention flip boards, glass windows, trap doors and other obstacles?. Free download of IBall Physics 1.0, size 3.88 Mb.

Port Test/ Firewall Tester 1.0 

This program is intended to be used by Network Administrators. It is used to test connectivity on specific ports. THis program returns a simple pass or fail. Java 6 is required.. Freeware download of Port Test/ Firewall Tester 1.0, size 179.04 Kb. 1.2.0 Aleph0 

The player is in the front seat in an armed space ship going faster than 1000 mph.Patrolling obscure canyons or open asteroid terrain, he confronts obstacles and opponents throughout galactic races in real-time 3-D action. The game's progression is based on results from the previous races, where the player acquires faster speed capabilities through. Free download of 1.2.0, size 156.36 Mb.

Cat Physics 1.23 Donut Games 

What are cats up to at dawn, when nobody's around?

Sneaking around the back alleys? Probably!
Going through garbage cans? Not likely!
Playing Donut Games? Most certainly!

Join the cats in their favorite midnight ball game: CAT PHYSICS!

The objective is simple -- Pass the ball from one cat to another!

3-rd order Butterworth high-pass 1.00 7AMP Around Music Portal 

Good simple high-pass filter with one knob.

. Free download of 3-rd order Butterworth high-pass 1.00, size 1.05 Mb.

4 in a row - pass and play 1.00 Matchkin 

This is a pass-and-play version of the popular four in a row board game! Drop counters into columns to complete a line of four and win the game. Simple, family fun!. Freeware download of 4 in a row - pass and play 1.00, size 3.25 Mb.

Guest Pass 1.1 Twocanoes Software, Inc. 

Do you share passwords with people to join your WiFi network on a regular basis? Guest Pass makes this easy. Just fill out the simple questions in Guest Pass and e-mail the resulting Guest Pass without ever leaving the app. Users receive an attachment that they tap or click, and the next time they are near your network, their iPhone, iPad, or Mac. Free download of Guest Pass 1.1, size 629.14 Kb.

Active ERASER 4.01 Active Data Security Solutions 

Active ERASER utility supports a variety of sanitation standards, from simple methods such as One Pass Zero to the military-grade DoD 5220.22-M, to even more sophisticated methods such as Gutmann's. You can erase files, folders, CD-RW discs, logical drives, and entire physical drives. The program also wipes out deleted files, which Windows just. Freeware download of Active ERASER 4.01, size 1.05 Mb.

qprt-to-lp 1.0 Qprt-to-lp 

qprt-to-lp is a simple wrapper script to pass AIX qprt commands to Linux CUPS lp command. This allows programs that are hard coded to use qprt on AIX to print on Linux or systems with CUPS. Share and enjoy :)

qprt-to-lp 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of qprt-to-lp 1.0, size 0 b.

InSTEDD Local Gateway New InSTEDD 

InSTEDD Local Gateway is an easy to use application that was especially designed in order to provide you with a simple means of creating a personalized gateway through which all the text messages will pass.

InSTEDD Local Gateway also enables you to manually set the modem details as well as view and manage the incoming and outgoing. Free download of InSTEDD Local Gateway New, size 0 b.

Simple Passwords Manager 1.04 Thierry Janaudy 

Developed with the help of Java, Simple Passwords Manager is a tool that can store the logins and passwords needed to access all your online accounts.

You can use Simple Passwords Manager to securely store the passwords of your bank accounts, social web sites or e-mail accounts.

. Free download of Simple Passwords Manager 1.04, size 0 b.

MobileWitch Pass Safe 4.4.0 MobileWitch 

MobileWitch Pass Safe is a strong, innovative password manager software that also extends its utility over Pocket PCs or mobile phones providing highly encrypted passwords. Its purpose heavily assumed is to secure and store sensitive data and get that burden of large, delicate information off your shoulders. You can have all your user names,. Freeware download of MobileWitch Pass Safe 4.4.0, size 1.18 Mb.

Microtrance 1.3 Dream Vortex Studio 

The simple front panel defies the complexity that's under the hood, there is a bank of oscillators that are mathamatically detuned by non linear amounts to sound fat and analog, they are mixed in stereo through low pass filters, plus a host synchronized echo, arpeggio Generator and nine selectable trance rhythms. The result is a simple fast to use. Free download of Microtrance 1.3, size 870.32 Kb.

100brain 1.2.0 GUOGUANG WANG 

- 100 brain training: a challenge to the brain game of logic limit training brain screening and logic operation ability!Want to foster a strong brain, cannot miss this game room!
- to see in the game is simple but difficult to pass, not only higher highest challenge, race against time to the brain to the limit!
- there is no one can. Freeware download of 100brain 1.2.0, size 25.17 Mb.

100 Floors HD - Official Cheats Guide 1.4 Tobi Apps Limited 

Official Walkthrough Guide for 100 Floors is now available for the iPad!

Enjoy simple and easy, step by step explanations on how to pass each floor. Each level's walkthrough includes videos as well!

There are many free guides for 100 Floors, but this is the only one that directly supports us and helps bring more Floors to you. Free download of 100 Floors HD - Official Cheats Guide 1.4, size 222.30 Mb.

100 Floors - Official Cheats Guide 2.7 Tobi Apps Limited 

Official Walkthrough Guide for 100 Floors!

Enjoy simple and easy, step by step explanations on how to pass each floor. Each level's walkthrough includes videos as well!

There are many free guides for 100 Floors, but this is the only one that directly supports us and helps bring more Floors to you quicker!

Thanks. Free download of 100 Floors - Official Cheats Guide 2.7, size 43.73 Mb.

25Arrows 1.1 Daisuke Shosaki 

A super simple puzzle game

The rules are very simple!
Shiny tiles move to the direction of an arrow.
Compete for the time you pass through all 25 tiles.

Challenge the best score 12 seconds!. Freeware download of 25Arrows 1.1, size 2.41 Mb.

Av0id 1.0 JJJPartners 

Move the blue block to av0id the red block. With each difficulty, the red block gets faster. You have to use your instincts and react very quickly to where the red block is going.
This is a very fun and simple simple game to pass the time. Have fun! :). Freeware download of Av0id 1.0, size 209.72 Kb.

Chance Maker - Football free 1.0.3 bbcddc 

It's a whole new football game!
All you have to do is to pass the ball in front of goal, and get your buddy striker Tony score a goal!

The controls are simple: just to flick, but you can even throw the ball with curve and backspin.

Read the movement of Tony and the defense to make a perfect assist. Turn your challenges. Freeware download of Chance Maker - Football free 1.0.3, size 21.39 Mb.