Sinhala Letter Puzzle Freeware

A2Z Puzzler 7 A2ZWare LLC 

Create crossword puzzles, word search puzzles, bingo cards, flash cards, cryptograms, word scrambles, letter box puzzles, word-definition match puzzles, tile box puzzles, falling letter puzzles, vocabulary quizzes, and vocabulary lists. Uses random functions to create the puzzles and quizzes, so it creates a different puzzle every time. Creates. Freeware download of A2Z Puzzler 7, size 428.03 Kb.


ABC123 Pop Match Puzzle 1.0.0 Francisco Mitropoulos 

ABC123 Pop Match Puzzle is a lightning fast matching puzzle game that tests your letter and number recognition skills.

When the timer says GO, look for the letter or number you need to find, and then find 'em FAST before time is up!

If you're learning letters and numbers, you will love ABC123 Pop Match Puzzle! Test your ABCs. Freeware download of ABC123 Pop Match Puzzle 1.0.0, size 69.31 Mb.

ABC Puzzle Free 1.35 Earblast 

ABC PUZZLE Free- Fun, easy, and educational. Pre-schoolers love it!!

The game includes 26 puzzles, one for each letter of the alphabet.

Every puzzle features animated visuals and fun, engaging sound design.


Your pre-schooler selects a letter and is taken to that puzzle. He/she sees 8. Freeware download of ABC Puzzle Free 1.35, size 103.60 Mb.

ABC Puzzle Fun 1.0 Glenn Collins 

Have fun learning the alphabet - a different puzzle for every letter of the alphabet.

Two options for play:
*easy - easy fit for young kids
*hard - exact fit for older children

* Fine Motor Skills
* Analytical Skills
* Letter Recognition
* Letter Sounds

Fun animation reward. Freeware download of ABC Puzzle Fun 1.0, size 17.72 Mb.

Puzzle Spelling Words for Toddlers, Autism & Special Needs 3.1 Touch Autism 

Designed by a BCBA (board certified behavior analyst) Puzzle Spelling Words is not only a powerful educational tool, but also provides hours of fun!

This app is built especially for early learners and anyone working towards letter recognition, spelling and reading with an easy to navigate interface to encourage independent learning.

f8Puzzle 1.0 Ihsan 

This program will create an 8-shaped word puzzle for you to print and solve at your leisure. There are 23 interlocking words in 23 squares in the puzzle, each 8-letter long. A word must be placed clock-wise around each square with same overlapping letters with other squares.. Freeware download of f8Puzzle 1.0, size 81.31 Mb.

wordrings 1.0 Ihsan 

The puzzle has three rings and 6 diagonal lines. Each ring has 6 letters and each diagonal has 4 and diagonal words have a common central letter. Purpose of the puzzle is to complete the 6 diagonal words, each word starts with a common letter. Ring words are given as clues, the outer ring word is ready filled as hint.. Freeware download of wordrings 1.0, size 102.09 Mb.

Letter Blocks 1.9.2001 Novel Games Limited 

In this game there is a grid of letter blocks, you need to pick up the letters to form words and destroy the blocks. When choosing the letters, the next letter must be adjacent to the previous one. The longer the word formed the higher the score you earned. New blocks will fall from the top periodically so you need to pick up letters fast before. Freeware download of Letter Blocks 1.9.2001, size 262.14 Kb.

2048 Alphabet Version - Join ABC-DEF Like Numbers 1.0 Arkadiusz Adach 

A simple but very addictive puzzle game will keep you playing until you win.
Objective of the game is to get the tile with the letter "K". Connect with each other to get the letters "K", A + A = B, C + C = D ... and so on. You can only connect with one another, the same littery. When the merging together two tiles that. Freeware download of 2048 Alphabet Version - Join ABC-DEF Like Numbers 1.0, size 15.73 Mb.

ABC Mania Lite 1.1 100 Proof Software 

Think you're smart? ABC Mania is a tricky but addictive Word/Puzzle game perfect to play on the go. Try and clear the entire board by making words, using each letter only once.

Consider it an accomplishment to complete the lite version. Brag to your friends about your geniusness on Facebook or email.

* Pick up. Freeware download of ABC Mania Lite 1.1, size 3.88 Mb.

ABCs Next & Previous tADa 2.1.1 Currach Software 

"ABCs Next & Previous tADa" is a educational puzzle game. Search next alphabet letter or previous letter.
Stage 1 is "Next": When the question is "B", the answer is "C".
Stage 2 is "Previous": When the question is "B", the answer is "A".

This. Freeware download of ABCs Next & Previous tADa 2.1.1, size 1.57 Mb.

Guess4Me Free 1.1 Tara System 

Guess4Me is a word guessing puzzle game. This Free version can play online only. If you want to play offline, try with full version.

Rule of Play :
Player is given hint photos for each letter in word to guess the whole word.
Each photo have different meanings. E.g. "Taj Mahal" photo can also represents to word. Freeware download of Guess4Me Free 1.1, size 4.40 Mb.

Hangman Helper - Cheat at Hanging with Friends 1.3.3 Joss Giffard 

Hanging helper is an app that helps you solve hangman puzzles by telling you all possible words for the current puzzle as well as which letter to guess next. It also helps you maximise your score by telling you the highest scoring word based on the letters and bonus tiles that you have been given.

To Solve a Puzzle

To. Freeware download of Hangman Helper - Cheat at Hanging with Friends 1.3.3, size 6.08 Mb.

Learn My Letters HD FREE 1.0 JJACR Apps, LLC 

Get it, Play it, Love it and Tell your Friends!

Solve puzzles with great Cartoon pictures and fun adorable sounds and recordings to help your children learn!


- 3 puzzle sizes for each letter
- 2x2, 3x3 and 4x4 puzzles
- Audio clips when puzzles are solved

My First Alphabet FREE - Puzzles 1.1 JJACR Apps, LLC 

FREE Lite version featuring 5 puzzles!
Help your kids learn the alphabet while having fun!
Featuring Music and Phrases to further education!


- 3 puzzle sizes for each letter
- 2x2, 3x3 and 4x4 puzzles
- Audio clips when puzzles are solved
- Music to help. Freeware download of My First Alphabet FREE - Puzzles 1.1, size 6.71 Mb.

Quote Slide 1.82 Wiggles 3D 

Quote Slide is a challenging word puzzle featuring funny and thought-provoking quotes from a wide range of speakers.

Youre given horizontal and vertical letter clues, and its up to you to arrange them to spell out the quote!

And theres more! Once youve solved the quote, youll be challenged to unscramble letters from the. Freeware download of Quote Slide 1.82, size 44.46 Mb.

Puzzle Games 1.0 

A cool Puzzle Games pack that includes Jigsaw, Sudoku, Magic Cube, Magic Square and Towers of Hanoi puzzles. You can make Jigsaw puzzle from any of your picture and you get unlimited puzzles of all kind mentioned.. Freeware download of Puzzle Games 1.0, size 850.91 Kb.

PFC Cabin Puzzle Game 1.1 Pigeon Forge Cabins 

Solve a fun and challenging pigeon forge cabin puzzle. Complete to win it!.. Freeware download of PFC Cabin Puzzle Game 1.1, size 365.57 Kb.

Bionaire Steam Mop Ship Puzzle 1.5 Bionaire Steam Mop 

We would like present to your attention a fresh puzzle game from Bionaire Steam Mop. Not easy to solve, but if you win you shall get the excellent navy ship. These puzzle events are so much helpful in order to develop common sense of kids. It's good for parents too. Well, it's wonderful game may be too short and consist of the only level, but this. Freeware download of Bionaire Steam Mop Ship Puzzle 1.5, size 316.42 Kb.

Kung Fu 2 Puzzle 1 Breaking Dawn Trailer 

Solve a fun and challenging Kung Fu 2 Puzzle today!. Freeware download of Kung Fu 2 Puzzle 1, size 326.66 Kb.