Sinhala Nonstop

Sihala Dictionary 2014.702.434.1976 Sachira Chinthana Jayasanka 

Using this application you can translate English words to Sinhala and Sinhala words to English. There's no need to know Unicode typing to do this. If you want to search Sinahala word, you can type it in "Singlish" manner and application will automatically convert it to Unicode Sinhala word and translate it for you.. Freeware download of Sihala Dictionary 2014.702.434.1976, size 1.05 Mb. Dileepa S.Rajapaksa 

This app is designed for read and get latest news and updates in Astronomy web Site .This is Sinhala Language application. was is the first Astronomy website in Sri Lanka. Freeware download of, size 3.15 Mb.

UnicodeConvertor MSChamps 

Developed by Lahiru Samuditha
Sinhala Unicode convertor application is providing an aid to transliterate the English letter to it's equivalent Sinhala letter. It will provide the Sinhala pronunciation of the words that you enter in English language, not the meaning of it. We hope that this will be a great help to those people who love to use. Freeware download of UnicodeConvertor, size 1.05 Mb.

Brainisaurus 1.0 BeBop Games, LLC 

Brainisaurus is an amazing word game that will provide you with nonstop entertainment while helping you to power up your vocabulary. The gameplay is simple and fun: you are given clues to help you solve words. Once you've solved the words, you will be given a Word Quotient (WQ) score. Think of WQ as the word skills equivalent of IQ. Get higher. Free download of Brainisaurus 1.0, size 24.12 Mb.

Acronis True Image Home 2011 Acronis INC 

Acronis True Image Home 2011 provides home users with reliable backup and disaster recovery of systems, applications, settings and personal files. From an intuitive graphical interface, you can easily define where, locally or online, and how often to backup a PC.In addition, Acronis Nonstop Backup provides continuous system and data protection,. Free download of Acronis True Image Home 2011, size 189.82 Mb.

Acronis True Image 2010 Home 2010 AtelierWeb Software 

Support for Microsoft Windows 7 that delivers more comprehensive functionality over Microsoft Windows 7 backup capabilities.
Continuous data protection Acronis Nonstop Backup automatically creates incremental backups every five minutes allowing users to roll back their system, files, and folders to any point in time in the past.
Convert. Free download of Acronis True Image 2010 Home 2010, size 68.00 Mb.

Acronis True Image Home 2011 b.5519 1.0 Acronis INC 

Acronis True Image Home 2011 provides home users with reliable backup and disaster recovery of systems, applications, settings and personal files. From an intuitive graphical interface, you can easily define where, locally or online, and how often to backup a PC. In addition, Acronis Nonstop Backup provides continuous system and data protection,. Free download of Acronis True Image Home 2011 b.5519 1.0, size 189.90 Mb. 3 is a Linux distribution based on Ubuntu. Created for people who don't have Internet to install additional software. It includes Multimedia support, Sinhala/Tamil Unicode support, Additional Software and complete suite. Freeware download of 3, size 3455.82 Mb.

SinhalaChat 0.01Beta Dilshan R Jayakody 

SinhalaChat is a chat system for the LAN users. All the SinhalaChat user interfaces are in Sinhala language and messaging system supports for the Unicode. Both Sinhala chat client / server are in single distribution.. Free download of SinhalaChat 0.01Beta, size 318.77 Kb.

Rainbow Drops Buster Deluxe 1.1 Choco Snow Creation 

An incredibly addictive puzzle collapse game of simple logic. Challenge your skills in five different game modes with bonuses, tricks, etc. Test your skills in timed modes or challenge yourself in tactical or strategic modes. Enjoy superb music and graphics. A great game for all ages and any time!Your goal is to remove as many drops as possible by. Free download of Rainbow Drops Buster Deluxe 1.1, size 3.20 Mb.

A-AUTO 7.1.0Lv12 BSP Inc. 

How can job scheduling software A-AUTO help your business? -A real story

A travel insurance company in Japan had been using a task manager to run batch jobs. When one job precedes another, an operator set the time for the succeeding job to begin by estimating the end time of the preceding job. The task manager seemed to work fine,. Free download of A-AUTO 7.1.0Lv12, size 93.24 Mb.

DaFT 1. 4. 2003 Jelco Huijser 

Database Fishing Tool (DaFT) is a front-end to any database that can be connected to with an ODBC driver. DaFT allows you to browse the database objects, view data in tables and views, and create and execute SQL statements, also as a script, including variable scanning.

DaFT contains a database objects list (tables and views), list of. Freeware download of DaFT 1. 4. 2003, size 2.56 Mb.

Bejeweled Blitz PopCap Games 

Bejeweled Blitz is another installment of the classic "Bejeweled" with the difference that here you have just one minute to score as many points as possible. The rules are the same, you just have to swap gems to make rows of three to make them disappear from the board. If you match 4 or more gems you create special gems that give you. Free download of Bejeweled Blitz, size 66.69 Mb.

Toy Tanks Selectsoft Publishing 

You are the commander of a toy tank brigade. Your mission? Destroy all enemy tanks and protect your headquarters! Challenge a multitude of hostile tanks and vehicles as you travel into enemy territory. Search for bonus objects and upgrades that will earn you rockets, larger guns and additional speed.
Use the cover of buildings and hills to. Free download of Toy Tanks, size 48.86 Mb.

Zax - The Alien Hunter 1.0 JoWooD Productions Software AG 

Zax-The Alien Hunter is a futuristic explorer. He travels alone. His sole, solitary mission: the acquisition of wealth. Or at least it was... because now Zax has crash-landed on an uncharted, hostile planet. With his ship suffering from rampant system failures due to the crash, Zax has no choice but to try and navigate this backwater world until he. Free download of Zax - The Alien Hunter 1.0, size 0 b.

SriZone Toolbar SriZone 

SriZone is the ultimate media provider in Sri Lanka. Play free flash games online, watch cool movies and cartoons.
With SriZone Toolbar you can acces free Sinhala MP3 & Video, Software, Sinhala Chat Room, Friends, eMail, eCards, News, Guest Book, Classifieds, Wallpapers, Sinhala Lyrics & More. Freeware download of SriZone Toolbar, size 0 b.

Bugix: Adventures on the Flying 1.0 Sunny Games LLC 

Bugix: Adventures on the flying islands is an addictive fast action game featuring 3D environments, thrilling story, and original sound score.

Piloting a top-secret mobile helicopter "Bug Chaser 4000 BX" equipped with nitro booster, energy shield generator, foam gun, and other cool gadgets, the player has to save beautiful. Free download of Bugix: Adventures on the Flying 1.0, size 0 b.

Halloween Dance 3D Screensaver 1.0 3D Savers 

There is one special day in a year to which all the evil spirits are looking forward. They are patiently waiting to come out of their hidden haunts and start their wild dances. Would you like to watch the skeletons party furtively? This free Halloween Dance 3D screensaver gives you a great opportunity to take a sneak peek. The nonstop music and. Freeware download of Halloween Dance 3D Screensaver 1.0, size 8.07 Mb.

True Image 2014.6614.2 Acronis, LLC 

Acronis True Image 2014 is an advanced, easy-to-use, PC backup and recovery solution complete with 5GB of free cloud storage. It protects your files, photos, media library, or your entire system, and stores your data wherever you choose. It performs full-image backups and restores your PC to the exact way it was before a crash. It even syncs files. Free download of True Image 2014.6614.2, size 282.18 Mb.

Avira Antivirus Premium 2013 Avira Operations GmbH & Co. KG 

Staying safe online isn’t merely about shielding your PC. It’s about being in control of your security and privacy, no matter how, when and where you connect. That’s why the new version of Avira is designed to revolve around you, protecting your PC, your smartphone and your web privacy. Extend security to every facet of your online life.