Small Ftp

Perl FTP Client 1.0 

This is a small FTP client written in Perl, it is meant to be used in a terminal. Software released under the GNU GPL V3 license.. Freeware download of Perl FTP Client 1.0, size 9.37 Kb.


Tiny Ftp Server 0.2 

Tiny ftp server is a small ftp server, which is focused on performance and ease of use.. Freeware download of Tiny Ftp Server 0.2, size 12.24 Kb.

Activeworlds Plug-in 1.0 Activeworlds Inc. 

As the name implies, WFTPD Pro Server was derived from the code for WFTPD - and to this day, they both share a common underlying FTP and networking engine. WFTPD Pro Server, however, was designed to address the needs of people who are running more than a small FTP site.. Free download of Activeworlds Plug-in 1.0, size 7.80 Mb.

WFTPD Pro 3 3 Texas Imperial Software 

As the name implies, WFTPD Pro Server was derived from the code for WFTPD - and to this day, they both share a common underlying FTP and networking engine. WFTPD Pro Server, however, was designed to address the needs of people who are running more than a small FTP site.. Freeware download of WFTPD Pro 3 3, size 1.47 Mb.

Advanced Log Analyzer 2.0 Abacre Limited 

Advanced Log Analyzer is powerful web site traffic analysis software.It generates a large number of traditional reports like Visitor Referrer Sites, Downloads Per Day, Hits and Hosts Per Day, Most Popular Search Engines, Search Keywords and many others. It may be used as a normal visitor counter and tracker to monitor web site activity.The main. Free download of Advanced Log Analyzer 2.0, size 1.78 Mb.

Sami FTP Server 2.0.2 KarjaSoft 

Sami FTP Server is small, powerful and extremely easy to use. You can set up user accounts, modify server settings and view the current activity with just a few clicks. Other features include a virtual directory, up and down rate limit on a user basis or for the whole server, statistics about user logins and file transfers, extensive logs and much. Free download of Sami FTP Server 2.0.2, size 195.58 Kb.

Ultra Light FTP Client 0.9 Grigor Margaritov 

Ultra Light FTP Client is a small, command prompt based application specially designed to offer users a tiny FTP client.

This software implements the common FTP functionality plus some extra like bulk upload / download files.
for WindowsAll

. Freeware download of Ultra Light FTP Client 0.9, size 0 b.

Wimpy FTP 0.32 Mike Gieson 

A small, easy to use FTP client.

The Wimpy FTP application was designed to be a small, easy to use FTP client.

Double click on the Wimpy FTP.exe icon to start up Wimpy FTP
- Click the "New Account" button and enter the following information:

Account Title
A brief name to describe the account you. Freeware download of Wimpy FTP 0.32, size 2.57 Mb.

Small HTTP server 3.05.59 Max Feoktistov 

This small utility turns your computer into a fullyfunctional Web-server. Include Proxy, FTP, POP3, Real SMTP, DNS, DHCP server. Fulldetail statistics. Easy setting. Supported virtual directories for FTPand HTTP. Supported POP3 and FTP proxies. SMTP relay or SMTP proxy.The program itself requires a minimal set of system resources, so theserver's. Free download of Small HTTP server 3.05.59, size 120.83 Kb.

Handy Backup Small Server 7.0.16 Novosoft Handy Backup 

Handy Backup Small Server is software solution for backup and restore of individual computer data in business environments. The product key features are powerful database backup, disk imaging, support of secure data transfer protocols, and a bunch of geeky options (like Unicode-enabled backup, support of long path names, high speeds for. Free download of Handy Backup Small Server 7.0.16, size 18.13 Mb.

CarbonFTP 1.4 NeoWise Software 

CarbonFTP is a small and easy in use files synchronization utility, which lets the user synchronize files in local PC folder and FTP server folder. The program has a handy step-by-step wizard, which guides the user through the process of synchronization with the help of simple and clear instructions. Added to this, the utility saves any newly. Freeware download of CarbonFTP 1.4, size 586.75 Kb.

FTP CSS Total Commander 01beta8 

Ftp Css Total Commander is continuation of my small project - Css Total Commander, whose alpha version come into being 22.03.2004. From Ftp Css Total Commander I would willed create fully - fledged ftp client. Base only on HTML, CSS, PHP.. Freeware download of FTP CSS Total Commander 01beta8, size 6.67 Kb.

Jacqueline FTP rc 

A small Python FTP server. Runs within a specified dir of PC. Has a SITE extension to let files of permitted types be opened on the PC (eg spreadsheets). Useful to send reports to PC from Unix host, or PC to PC.. Freeware download of Jacqueline FTP rc, size 7.02 Kb.

Feathery FTP 1.0 Feathery 

Feathery is a very small and full-featured ftp server for embedded devices. It is easy portable to every 8, 16 or 32 bit architecture and can run with or without an operating system.

Very low memory usage and code footprint, Easy portable to any OS or non OS plattform, On non OS plattforms user can add his own file- and socket-IO, Single. Freeware download of Feathery FTP 1.0, size 0 b.

Repair FTP-broken files 1.0 Repair 

A small program for a very special purpose, which is to fix files that have been "destroyed" by sending them via FTP ascii mode from linux to windows.Works for binary as well as for text files.

Repair FTP-broken files 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Repair FTP-broken files 1.0, size 0 b.

ftp keeper 1.0 Ftpk 

ftpk is a small system designed to protect ftp servers against basic attacks such as brute force.

ftp keeper 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL); Public Domain. Freeware download of ftp keeper 1.0, size 0 b.

ftpMark 1.0 Kayvon Ghaffari 

ftpMark is a small, simple, command prompt based application specially designed to offer user a FTP test tool.

Using it is as easy as can be: you just run the application and let ftpMarktake care of the rest.
for WindowsAll

. Freeware download of ftpMark 1.0, size 0 b.

FtpGoServer 1.7 Colin Mummery 

The FtpGoServer application was designed to be a simple, fast and very small Java FTP server that can be used on your PC, Mac or Linux machine to allow remote FTP access to a selected part of a computer's file system.

Operational notes
Commands supported are USER, PASS, SYST, PWD, PORT, PASV, LIST, STOR, RETR, MKD, CWD, SIZE, CDUP,. Free download of FtpGoServer 1.7, size 0 b.

MySQLBackupFTP Pranas.NET 

MySQLBackupFTP is a small and easy to use application that will help you backup your MySQL Server databases through FTP. If you can't connect to MySQL server through TCP/IP, you can backup MySQL through phpMyAdmin - just need a URL and login to it.

. Free download of MySQLBackupFTP, size 0 b.

FTP Shortcuts 0.3 Oliver Bell 

A small utility to make FTP Shortcuts easier to create and modify, using the standard Windows shell command to open FTP sites in normal 'explorer' windows. Passwords are always hidden and the files containing them are encrypted, making it a little more secure. Ideal for those wishing to use their normal browser to Access FTP sites.

This. Freeware download of FTP Shortcuts 0.3, size 492.83 Kb.