Small Stores

Commerce Managment System rc.0.1 

This an Open Source project for small stores seeking a low cost buy/sale system, beeing developed by Graduate Students of Computer's Engineering at the "Polytechnic Scholl" of the "University of Sao Paulo". Freeware download of Commerce Managment System rc.0.1, size 785.13 Kb.


VST-Plugin Screenshot Tool 1.0 Christian Budde 

The VST-Plugin screenshot Tool is a small command line tool that accepts the VST plugind-deOaos dll name and stores a PNG screenshot of the first preset to the same directory. If furthermore a .FXP preset is passed it will be used when rendering the the screenshot as PNG. If no parameter is specified all valid plugins will be captured.. Freeware download of VST-Plugin Screenshot Tool 1.0, size 230.69 Kb.

Supermarket Mania 1.03 Alawar Entertainment 

Show your big business rivals what a little hometown pluck can do as you turn five small time grocery stores into huge successes. In order to run your competition out of town, you must beat 50 stock-until-you-drop levels, reloading shelves faster than customers can clear them and upgrading your stores between stages. The challenges come fast in. Free download of Supermarket Mania 1.03, size 45.28 Mb.


InventoryPower is an inventory software that designed specially to meet the requirements of small and medium sized enterprises (SME), such as computer stores, cell phones stores, bookstore, boutique, shoe store, antique store, book store, retail stores, online shopping malls or home business etc.

It is easy to create invoice, do. Free download of InventoryPower, size 24.46 Mb.

Church Music Organiser 1 2 Nick Rogers 

Church Music Organiser is a Microsoft Windows-based computer program designed to help small to medium-sized churches organize their congregational music in a number of ways:

- Stores all lyrics, copyright information, and various other aspects of songs used by the church.
- Provides a way of organising church meetings, including. Freeware download of Church Music Organiser 1 2, size 2.53 Mb.

SalesPackage 9.0 Nandvarik 

Sales Package is Dynamic Sales App, which is Ideal for Medium and Small Business Sales like Apparel, Boutique, Shops, Stores. Features are:

- Front-Sales Panel for Billing
- Back-Office Panel for Maintenance
- Products, Coupons, Customers, Suppliers
- Billing, Quote, Purchase, Order, Accounting
- Import, Export,. Free download of SalesPackage 9.0, size 13.14 Mb.

DjaSoft Trading & Stores Management 3.7.1 

DjaSoft Trading & Stores Management is a bilingual freeware program for a small business which consists to manage products with a managed stock organized on stores that can be managed easily in order to get quickly your stocks Informations. So that you can purchase and sell products with great facilities by managing the different type of. Freeware download of DjaSoft Trading & Stores Management 3.7.1, size 15.36 Mb.

Proveedura Virtual y Logstica PVL 1.0 

The Web Platform ICT4BUS-PVL allows the optimization of business processes in the supply chain at of participating stores, and other retail shops, supermarkets, of small and medium size. Project financed by the IADB/MIF see: for all. Freeware download of Proveedura Virtual y Logstica PVL 1.0, size 15.71 Mb.

simple swing database 2 

Simple swing database is a small platform indipendent database which stores records in a file format of csv.The program was for my friend,who wanted to have access to the data in a file format of CSV (utf8).Being able to search/edit/remove/add new record. Freeware download of simple swing database 2, size 77.73 Kb.

Madrigal 1.0 Madrigal 

The purpose of the project will be to build a low cost or free Inventory/Contact Management/Point-of-Sale application which can be used in small brick-and-mortar stores.

Madrigal 1.0 License - Sun Public License. Freeware download of Madrigal 1.0, size 0 b.

MercadoGrande 1.0 Mercadogrande 

MercadoGrande is a computer software system used to manage small and medium business and coordinate all the resources, information, and functions of a business from shared data stores.

MercadoGrande 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of MercadoGrande 1.0, size 0 b.

StandardPOS for Retail 3.07.03 Quality Software 

StandardPOS is an integrated, point-of-sale software designed for the small retail operation or a chain of small retail stores.

This application is designed to quickly create detailed invoices and price quotes using a wide variety of industry standard receipt printers. Its main features include gift certificates; password-protected. Free download of StandardPOS for Retail 3.07.03, size 13.85 Mb.

Phase Change Storage Unit New Active Space Technologies 

The Phase Change Storage Unit application was specially developed as a small and useful tool that simulates a system that stores energy.

The energy is stored using the Solid to Liquid transition on the triple point or the Liquid to Gas transition along the vaporization curve.

Phase Change Storage Unit is an useful program. Free download of Phase Change Storage Unit New, size 0 b.

osCMax Cart Yahoo Stores Data Feed 3.0 MagneticOne 

osCMax Cart contribution which would help you export easy your products into Yahoo Stores pay-per-click engine. Some of the important benefits of listing in Yahoo Stores are: Secure shopping cart & online credit card processing. Advanced catalog and inventory management. Intuitive sales reporting and business insight. Easy access to participate. Free download of osCMax Cart Yahoo Stores Data Feed 3.0, size 30.41 Kb.

Inventoria Free Stock Control Software 3.19 NCH Software 

Inventoria is professional stock management software giving businesses of all sizes the ability to efficiently track all their inventory, from one small retail outlet to a chain of stores and warehouses across several locations.

This inventory management software lets you easily manage stock quantities, transfer between locations, set. Free download of Inventoria Free Stock Control Software 3.19, size 618.66 Kb.

Tonys Scientific Calculator 1.0 Tony Reinli 

Scientific Calculator has two small calculators you can get a report of everything you expect and the subtotal and the total sum can also be printed out and everything is stored in a text and a calculator that stores the database file with memory.... Free download of Tonys Scientific Calculator 1.0, size 241.17 Kb.

QR Maker-Free 1.0 TAEYEON HWANG 

* Available iOS 3.2 or later

This program is not QR-CODE reader. QR-CODE create program.

I tried it thinking. Why ads or corporate offices to use only the QR-CODE ...
Individual, group or small groups, restaurants, stores, shops and take advantage if it can be easily and provide more value-added services would not?


* Available iOS 3.2 or later

This program is not QR-CODE reader. QR-CODE create program.

I tried it thinking. Why ads or corporate offices to use only the QR-CODE ...
Individual, group or small groups, restaurants, stores, shops and take advantage if it can be easily and provide more value-added services would not?

Small WMA MP3 Converter 2 Naturpic Software 

Small WMA MP3 Converter is a powerful audio file converter. The purpose of this software is Not Only to convert audio file between WMA, MP3, OGG and WAV formats, But Also to get smaller WMA and MP3 file. Normally the default setting of this software can reduce 50%-85% of file size for mp3 to wma or reduce 20%-70% of file size for mp3 to mp3. Free download of Small WMA MP3 Converter 2, size 3.08 Mb.

orangeClip 2005 1.39 inspiredORANGE 

orangeClip 2005 is an advanced clipbord manager, it stores images-, text- and html-copies in a list and note from where you copied also show a small preview of the selected clip in the list. simple doubleclick on an item in the list paste the stored clip in the last application you worked. if you copy a file, e.g. a image file, powerClip. Free download of orangeClip 2005 1.39, size 944.13 Kb.

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