Snookersnooker Game Freeware

Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle 1.0 GameFabrique 

This is a first real sequel to Miracle World. The mission this time is to rescue Alex's dad, who's gone missing in the land of Paperock. The name of Paperock comes from the game that every citizen likes to play and is an expert at: paper-rock-scissors, also known as Janken. You've got to guide little Alex through ten stages of punching, jumping and. Free download of Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle 1.0, size 723.52 Kb.


Ariel Disney's The Little Mermaid 1.0 GameFabrique 

You control either Ariel the mermaid or her father, King Triton. In Ariel's adventure, Triton has been kidnapped, and vice versa for the Triton version. To help you make your way through the four stages, you have the ability to call upon friends like Sebastian the crab, Flounder, and the digger-fish. You can also collect pearls and buy things from. Freeware download of Ariel Disney's The Little Mermaid 1.0, size 880.80 Kb.

Command Raid Clickteam 

Command Raid is an adaptation of the old classic for 8 bits consoles, now on PC.
You must protect your bases against parachute attacks. Sometimes an airplane appears carrying a super bomb. Do not allow the bomb to fall on your bases! Your most damaged base will be restored every 10.000 points.. Freeware download of Command Raid, size 94.29 Mb.

Pearl Bay 1.0 

Your island is going to be destroyed unless you are brave enough to summon the sea spirits! This sea adventure takes you to the depths of the ocean. Swim and collect sunken treasures. Satisfy the spirits and they will save the tiny island!. Freeware download of Pearl Bay 1.0, size 8.47 Mb.

Hot Racing 2 1.0 

Ready! Set! Go! Hot Racing 2 gives you the ultimate racing adventure experience. Pick your favorite car and choose from over four dozen different tournaments. Grab bonuses and be the first to the finish line! Amazing 3D graphics and exciting music enhance your driving experience. Feel the rush!. Freeware download of Hot Racing 2 1.0, size 24.48 Mb.

Jumping Squirrel 1.0.2 

One day, an evil wizard captured Harris and banished him to the magic world. The magic world is full of mystery and danger! Please help Harris pass all of the tasks on his adventure, and make it home safe! Skeletons, reptiles, apes, ghosts, and the evil wizard will all be waiting for Harris as you guide him through his adventure.. Freeware download of Jumping Squirrel 1.0.2, size 8.69 Mb.

Volleyball Fight 1.0 

Test your skills with Volleyball Fight! You can play against the computer or with a friend! Volleyball Fight offers tons of different backgrounds options. You can play at the beach or somewhere silly! Either way, you will have a ball!. Freeware download of Volleyball Fight 1.0, size 9.11 Mb.

Combat Machines 1.0 

You are a Combat Machine commander ambushed in an enemy territory. Your task is simple - seek and destroy! Help is on the way, but.... Freeware download of Combat Machines 1.0, size 23.67 Mb.

Aliens on Earth 1.0 

Aliens are attacking Earth and you must stop them. Use your military skills to blast the aliens into submission and save the planet! Cool graphics and upgrades make this an exciting battle!. Freeware download of Aliens on Earth 1.0, size 6.02 Mb.

Khufu's Tomb 1.0 

Solve this Egyptian puzzle to uncover the secrets of Pharaoh Khufu.. Freeware download of Khufu's Tomb 1.0, size 11.07 Mb.

Jigsaw Winner 1.0 

Enjoy hours of fun with this jigsaw puzzle challenge. Over 30 puzzles to challenge your mind! Advanced rotating puzzles will thrill puzzle addicts! Try to solve them all!. Freeware download of Jigsaw Winner 1.0, size 20.73 Mb.

Body Count 1.0 GameFabrique 

The Earth is under attack by vicious aliens that are intent on annihilating the planet and all its inhabitants! There's only one man with the strength and courage to stand up to this threat and save the world from total destruction: Jon Steadman. You take the role of Steadman as you face off against some of the meanest and most cunning alien foes. Freeware download of Body Count 1.0, size 964.69 Kb.

Bio-Hazard Battle 1.0 GameFabrique 

An army of biogenetic mutants has gone haywire, terrorizing the world and putting the future of the planet in jeopardy. It's up to you to take on the mutant menace and restore order and harmony to the planet Avaron, before it's too late! Through eight levels of intense action, you'll be up against some of the nastiest, most vile creatures you've. Free download of Bio-Hazard Battle 1.0, size 1.18 Mb.

Legend of Galahad 1.0 GameFabrique 

Journey into the medieval world with Galahad, where sorcerers and knights lived side by side and dragons freely roamed the land. An evil wizard named Miragorn has stolen all of Camelot's wealth and has kidnapped Princess Leandra. In order to make a clean getaway, he's put a spell on the Knights of the Round Table putting them in to a deep sleep. As. Free download of Legend of Galahad 1.0, size 1.28 Mb.

Batman Returns 1.0 GameFabrique 

The Penguin and Cat woman are teaming up to wreak havoc on Gotham City and it's up to you, as Batman, to stop them. Lead the caped crusader through seven challenging stages, fighting dozens of goons and hoods on your way to capturing the ringleaders. Use your Batarang and Batdiscs for ranged attacks, or get in closer for some hand-to-hand combat. Freeware download of Batman Returns 1.0, size 1.22 Mb.

Aero Blasters 1.0 GameFabrique 

You start of with a plane, which has infinite bullets and dodge enemy fire while shooting them down. You have your normal weapons which you can upgrade by grabbing power ups. The variety of power ups are the same; missles, turrets, extra guns and even guns which fire behind you. Nothing too fancy but adequate enough. There are two problems with. Freeware download of Aero Blasters 1.0, size 891.29 Kb.

El Viento 1.0 GameFabrique 

People of New York City don't know is that a strange cult called the Hastur Group is planning to use it as a sacrificial shrine, in order to summon their demigod Hastur. Thousands of miles away in the mountains of Peru, a young sorceress named Annet, who has used telepathy to harness some of Hastur's power, feels a strange force pulling her to New. Free download of El Viento 1.0, size 1.26 Mb.

Sonic 3D 1.0 GameFabrique 

Sonic goes to visit his friends, the Flickies, on Flicky Island. He gets a surprise when he arrives, though. That evil Doctor Robotnik has surfaced again and is using the special location-warping powers of the Flickies in his never ending quest for the Chaos Emeralds. Turns out that the Flickies posses the power, when grouped in fives, to warp from. Free download of Sonic 3D 1.0, size 3.21 Mb.

Alien Soldier 1.0 GameFabrique 

In the year 2015 the planet Sierra is in the grips of Xi-Tiger's Scarlet terrorists. All hope now lies with Epsilon-Eagle, a fearsome warrior with a lethal arsenal. Armed with all the hardware you can carry, blast, shoot and burn through level after level of incredible cyber-action before confronting the mighty Xi-Tiger. Various weapons to pick up. Free download of Alien Soldier 1.0, size 1.69 Mb.

Alien Storm 1.0 GameFabrique 

Aliens decide that our planet will make a nice place for them to set up shop. They want the planet. They start taking over the streets, eating people and what not. They begin to disguise themselves as humans. 3 special agents are called into the case. Gordon, your typical rough and tough bloke. Gordon has a fetish for plasma. A girl, whose name is. Free download of Alien Storm 1.0, size 943.72 Kb.