Sort Photos By Time Taken

SortPix XL 2019 - Photo Manager / Sort Photos 19.0.0 SortPix EN 

Sort photos and delete duplicate Photos with SortPix XL. Manage your photos fast and easily. Over time you get great quantities of digital camera photos on your computer. The clarity is lost, duplicate folders and duplicate photos, pictures are not rotated correctly, folder names do not match, no reasonable folder structure is present. You have to. Free download of SortPix XL 2019 - Photo Manager / Sort Photos 19.0.0, size 19.46 Mb.


Teklora Photo Sorter 5.81 Teklora Corporation 

Photo Sorter Software - is the best way to Sort Photos. Extremely fast photo sorter program will sort photos, sort pictures and sort images anywhere on your computer. Sort photos, sort photos by date taken, sort photos by date and sort photos by time, sort photos by day of week, sort photos by date and sort photos by year - all is possible with. Free download of Teklora Photo Sorter 5.81, size 14.98 Mb.

PhotoSorter 6.38 Photo Sorter Software Association 

Sort Photos easily with PhotoSorter. With this Photo Sorter all your photos will be sorted, photos will be organized and renamed automatically. Photo sorter is: ~Full-Automatic photo sorter and photo organizer ~Sort Photos Easily with user-friendly wizards ~Sort Photos of All types ~Sort Photos anywhere ~Sort Photos exactly as you want.Key. Free download of PhotoSorter 6.38, size 14.61 Mb.

Photo Sorter Pro 3.74 Photo Sorting, Inc. 

Sort Photos easily with Photo Sorter Pro. This powerful photo sorter will sort, organize and rename all your photos, fast and easy.Photo sorting is easy as never:Sort all your photos (all photos will be sorted, even of rare types), sort photos directly as you want (by creation date, by content, by camera model, by size or using any other photo. Free download of Photo Sorter Pro 3.74, size 16.61 Mb.

SortPix XL 4.0.6 IN MEDIAKG TI 

Sort Photos and delete duplicate Photos with "SortPix XL". Manage your photos fast and easily. Over time you get great quantities of digital camera photos on your computer. The clarity is lost, duplicate folders and duplicate photos, pictures are not rotated, folder names do not match, no reasonable folder structure is present. You search. Free download of SortPix XL 4.0.6, size 12.23 Mb.

Sort Pictures 4.79 Sort Pictures, Inc. 

Sort Pictures - easily? Sort Pictures - is a full-automatic picture sorter, photo sorter and picture organizer. Sort pictures, sort photos, sort images in one click with Sort Pictures. Sort pictures by date ~ Sort pictures by time ~ Sort pictures by dimensions (width and height) ~ Sort pictures by color and content ~ Sort pictures as you want with. Free download of Sort Pictures 4.79, size 16.13 Mb.

Sort My Photos! 1 Ambler Soft 

Sort yours photos! This app can search for similar photos or for full doubles, sort photos in time order, put them in folders by days, get metadata (EXIF) and rotate images.

Sort My Photos! can process several folders with source photos, find similar and double photos, sort photos in required order, rotate and copy in folders by dates. Free download of Sort My Photos! 1, size 921.60 Kb.

Batch Photo Date Stamper 1.0 Fingerspoil Games 

Exif metadata is the data that digital cameras append to photos, giving information about camera manufacturer, model, owner, comments etc.
Batch Photo Date Stamper watermarks photos using their Exif data like photo date and time taken, comments, description, etc. at any requested position, processing folders (and their subfolders) full of. Free download of Batch Photo Date Stamper 1.0, size 727.04 Kb.

Photo Sorter Platinum 4.38 Photo Sorter Software, Inc. 

Image Sorter will sort, rename and organize photos of all types (jpg, jpeg, etc.) automatically. Sort photos with such automatic photo sorter as Photo Sorter Platinum. This full-automatic photo sorter sort, rename and organize photographies on all computer. Photos, pictures, images and photographies of all types will be sorted exactly as you want.. Free download of Photo Sorter Platinum 4.38, size 17.52 Mb.

Zoo Friends Screensaver 3.0 Ken`s Gift Shop 

Zoo Friends Screensaver will display photos that were taken at a local zoo.

Some photos include black bears, big cats, reptiles, aquatic life, birds and much more.

Zoo Friends Screensaver is great for children as well as for grown-ups.

It's also a flexible screensaver - you may choose the time interval. Free download of Zoo Friends Screensaver 3.0, size 2.69 Mb.

BR's PhotoArchiver 4.2.11a BR Software 

With a digital camera it's easy to take a lot of photos but it's not so easy to keep track of all the photos you have taken. BR's PhotoArchiver is a quick and simple program that will help you catalogue and share your pictures. Just add your photos to the Photo Index, annotate, and place them into categories. Locate and show any photo in seconds.. Free download of BR's PhotoArchiver 4.2.11a, size 2.77 Mb.

Rapid Email Support 1 Pajersoft 

Rapid Email Support is a software productivity tool designed to save you time by speeding up the time taken to reply to your emails. It does this by using the powerful combination of database, knowledge base, small text file templates and the ability to easily add them to your outgoing email you are composing or replying to. Simple but effectiveThe. Free download of Rapid Email Support 1, size 769.02 Kb.

Chhobi : A photo organizer rc.1.4 

Chhobi is a photo organizer aimed at the average home user who wishes to sort photos based on keywords and captions. Information is stored in the image metadata using the IPCT standard making the organization portable over computers and operating systems. Freeware download of Chhobi : A photo organizer rc.1.4, size 200.87 Kb.

SYSDEG 1.0 Sysdeg 

SYSDEG tool can be used to generate system software design template for a specific processor which can be customized for optimal performance thus reducing the time taken to write a system software from scratches

SYSDEG 1.0 License - Public Domain. Freeware download of SYSDEG 1.0, size 0 b.

DownHole GeoStru S.R.L. 

DownHole is a comprehensive application designed to help you measure the time taken for the P and S waves in order to move between seismic sources, using the down hole seismic method (DH).

With the help of DownHole you have the possibility to calculate the distances between the source and the receiver, interpret average geotechnical. Free download of DownHole, size 0 b.

3D Merge 1.0 PR1 MightyNerd 

3D Merge was developed as a small and useful piece of software that allows its users to join two 2D images into one 3D image (the photos must be taken from different angles).

3D Merge supports both side-by-side and top-bottom modes. The images can be saved under the JPEG, PNG, BMP or TIFF formats.

. Freeware download of 3D Merge 1.0 PR1, size 0 b.

Beautiful Islands 50508 Ken's Gift Shop 

This screen saver rotates 25 photos that were taken around different islands. Some places include Palau Island, Bird Island, Rabbit Island, Western Caroline Islands, Helens Reef, Koror Harbor, Sonsorol Tobi and Yap. The registered version plays music from two songs.. Free download of Beautiful Islands 50508, size 3.59 Mb.

Ancient Israel 121507 Ken's Gift Shop 

This screen saver rotates 15 photos that were taken around Israel. This screen saver also allows you to use the images as your wallpaper.. Free download of Ancient Israel 121507, size 3.61 Mb.

Yosemite Falls 010608 Ken's Gift Shop 

This screen saver rotates photos that were taken around Yosemite Park in California. The registered version plays music.. Free download of Yosemite Falls 010608, size 3.46 Mb.

Yellowstone National Park 010408 Ken's Gift Shop 

This screen saver rotates 18 photos that were taken in and around Yellowstone National Park.. Free download of Yellowstone National Park 010408, size 3.57 Mb.