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QB Mute Studio Quadbyte 

The QB Mute VST plugin provides variable fade speed and invert option.

You are allowed to use it for personal use only.

Here are some key features of "QB Mute":

dlTE Simple mute plugin
dlTE Variable fade speed and invert option
dlTE No GUI, uses host interface
dlTE Coded in C++


BitMeter 2 3.5.2010 Codebox Software 

BitMeter 2 is a bandwidth meter, it allows you to visually monitor your internet connection by displaying a scrolling graph that shows your upload and download speed over time. BitMeter is freeware - ie. it is given away completely free of charge, there is no trial period, no time-limited features, no spyware, and no adware, guaranteed. BitMeter. Freeware download of BitMeter 2 3.5.2010, size 1.04 Mb.

How to Make Origami Rose 1.0.0 Baoyin Chen 

Eternal Love Rose
Paper flower Ideas
Creative Origami Concept
Step by Step Folding Instructions
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What a Totally Easy And Awesome Craft Project! Easy origami roses! Neat~~~~

"Let the beauty and fragrance of a rose touch your soul."

Recommended by Best10Apps.com. Freeware download of How to Make Origami Rose 1.0.0, size 4.93 Mb.

Oriana 3.0 Kovach Computing Services 

Oriana for Windows calculates the special forms of sample and inter-sample statistics required for circular data (e.g. angles or directions measured in degrees, time of day, day of week, month of year, etc.).

The analyses include basic statistics such as mean vector and confidence limits, single sample distribution tests like. Free download of Oriana 3.0, size 6.52 Mb.

LFS Replay Manager clue-by-4.org 

With this gaming software you can manage your live for speed replays easily. LFS Replay Manager develop Office 2007 Look & Feel themes, remove replay notes toolbar button, LFSWorld IDKey now stored encrypted, cache system for SPR files, '--debug' switch to control debug log writing for speed increase, option to rebuild SPR or MPR. Freeware download of LFS Replay Manager, size 8.56 Mb.

Avanti GUI 0.6.7 Chris Kevany 

Avanti GUI is a free front-end for FFmpeg with the option to insert Avisynth as pre-processor. It can be used with almost all Windows OS builds of FFmpeg. It offers user friendly control over all basic and advanced FFmpeg options. A number of template examples are included. No need to be familiar with Avisynth to use the predefined Avanti/Avisynth. Freeware download of Avanti GUI 0.6.7, size 1.05 Mb.

RegCure Registry Cleaner RegCure, Inc. 

<b>RegCure Registry Cleaner d-deOCL Benefits and Features</b>

<b>Backup and Restore</b>
RegCure offers you peace of mind with its backup and restore features. If you are using Vista or Windows XP, there are two ways for you to protect against accidents: system restore points and backup files. Meanwhile, if. Free download of RegCure Registry Cleaner, size 1.94 Mb.

Snow Flash Effect 1.0 FlashWanted.com 

Add falling snow, bubbles or space flight effect to your flash animations with free Snow Flash Effect component. Are you making a Flash presentation for Christmas? Enhance your animation with falling snowflakes! No need to exercise your programming skills. Snow Flash Effect is readily available, highly customizable, and completely free to use.. Freeware download of Snow Flash Effect 1.0, size 10.48 Kb.

Folx 4.0 Mac Downloader Software 

Folx is a free application that combines two functionalities - of download manager and torrent client
for Mac.
Folx makes downloading extremely easy: just open the page with the file to be downloaded, click the
link in your browser and Folx will start the download for you.
The application splits the file being downloaded in. Freeware download of Folx 4.0, size 29.27 Mb.

Backgammon NJ HD 4.1.1 Jimmy Hu 

? GAME CENTER -- Play online, chat, invite friends, auto-match with random players
-- { Real-time } Play online in real-time
-- { Turn-based } Play online at your own pace
? UNIVERSAL -- Supports iPad, iPhone, & iPod touch
? RETINA -- Supports high resolution Retina screens of iPad, iPhone, & iPod touch
? iPhone 5. Free download of Backgammon NJ HD 4.1.1, size 30.51 Mb.

FlyGrid.Net 9Rays.Net 

Great things indeed come in small packages. FlyGrid.Net is a fast, lightweight and highly customizable .Net DataGrid/Tree control which completely manages the data, offering outstanding performance and flexibility to display and manage tabular, nested and hierarchical data.With far more features for speed and option control, FlyGrid.Net outclasses. Free download of FlyGrid.Net, size 4.01 Mb.

Game Optimizer Pro 1 2 Iomatic, Inc. 

Game Optimizer Pro is especially developed for the games lovers who regularly kill their time with games on their computer. But as we know that normal computer is not optimized to best perform for all games. It is generally optimized for the home or office work and if you play on this type of computer then you will not be able to feel the true. Free download of Game Optimizer Pro 1 2, size 1.82 Mb.

FlyGrid.Net Pro 1.0 9Rays.Net 

FlyGrid.Net is a fast, lightweight and highly customizable Windows.Forms Tree/Grid control which completely manages the data interface (bound and unbound), offering outstanding power and flexibility to browse, edit, add, delete and manipulate tabular and hierarchical data.
With far more features for speed and option control, FlyGrid.Net. Free download of FlyGrid.Net Pro 1.0, size 0 b.

QB Filter Studio Quadbyte 

* VST effect for Windows or AU plugin for Mac OS
* LowPass and HiPass Filter
* Dual Filter mode "a la Pioneer DJM"
* LFO syncable to host tempo
* LFO shape selector and LFO phase
* Pre and Post saturation
* No GUI, uses host interface
* Coded in C++
* Available with or without SSE2. Free download of QB Filter, size 146.80 Kb.

A2B Farm Animals 1.0 XMoo Inc 

Follow the red tractor to learn about animals in the farm, including their names and how they sound in nature.

All pictures and sounds are kid-centric, cute and attractive to keep your children interested and occupied.

Each animal is coupled with voice and animal sound so kids can recognize animals and learn to speak their. Free download of A2B Farm Animals 1.0, size 7.13 Mb.

Aaboard The Number 123 Train 1.3 WILLHALL SIAU 

Get aboard the number train to enjoy an intuitive and innovative way for preschool kids to learn from number one to ten.

Numbers and pictures are kid-centric, cute and attractive to keep your children interested and occupied.

Each number is coupled with voice and sheep counting cue, so kids can learn to speak and count at. Free download of Aaboard The Number 123 Train 1.3, size 3.36 Mb.

ABC About Fruits 1.4 WILLHALL SIAU 

"ABC About Fruits" offers an intuitive and innovative way for preschool kids to learn common fruit names.

Words and pictures are kid-centric, cute and attractive to keep your children interested and occupied.

Each fruit comes with an upper/lowercase alphabet, full word and voice so kids can learn to spell and speak. Free download of ABC About Fruits 1.4, size 11.85 Mb.

PDF Extract TIFF SDK-COM Component 1.5 verypdf.com Inc 

The PDF Extract TIFF SDK supports LZW,RunLength,CCITTFax,DCT,Flate decompress technology, it can extract pictures from PDF files and save as TIFF files, it has high speed in processing, the PDF Extract TIFF SDK is a stand-alone COM component, it doesn't need Acrobat and Acrobat Reader software.PDF Extract TIFF SDK has following features:1. Convert. Free download of PDF Extract TIFF SDK-COM Component 1.5, size 686.08 Kb.

AK-VirtualCom 1 5 AK 

The program AK-VirtualCom offers you the option to install up to 999 virtual Com interfaces in your Windows system. Through this your terminal can be addressed via the network as usual. Just connect your terminal with one of our network interfaces and then dial up using your application. AK-VirtualCom is installed for service purposes and can be. Freeware download of AK-VirtualCom 1 5, size 5.85 Mb.

Grosher.com 1.4 Grosher llc 

Grosher.com is a full service online kosher grocery. This app will make shopping for kosher groceries simple and user friendly. The app includes easy recorder option and order tracking information. It allow you to scan an item barcode and have it placed in your shopping cart waiting for checkout . Once you use this app, you will no longer want to. Freeware download of Grosher.com 1.4, size 4.61 Mb.

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Option Wireless Technology

Option provide universal tri-band GSM and GPRS PC Radio cards.

Rose Tarot

I'm Rose Mercier and I consult only by private psychic phone. I selected "guide clairvoyance" tested by the Official Clairvoyance and referenced by the National Institute of Arts...

Rose Noir

Motorsport video and collectibles for F1, CART, NASCAR, Drag Racing, Sports Car and other Formula Racing.

Rose Creek Anglers, Inc.

Produces fly boxes, net release system, and coil keeper.


Prepares an expression program and stores it in an intermediate state, allowing repeated high speed execution. An COM component with complete automation capabilities and can be used with C++,...

Tsuchitsukazu Bara Kikin

Personal site includes images of each character, a fan fiction, and Utena humor.


San Francisco Bay Area-based studio featuring a large portfolio of casual, abundant bouquets and decor for wedding ceremonies and receptions.