Spelling Word Grader

Ray's Spelling and Word Games 3.4 Raylec Software 

A great way for your child to learn weekly spellings as well as improve reading, vocabulary and logic. The spelling section is incredibly easy to use and has learning, practice and test options; your voice is recorded and automatically played back from within the program. Comes complete with two challenging and enjoyable word games. Use the large. Free download of Ray's Spelling and Word Games 3.4, size 851.97 Kb.


Spelling Games 5.0a KIDware 

Spelling Games includes 8 fun spelling games for children ages 5 to 11.You can use your own word lists that you input or any of the built-in lists of 1400 words (grade levels K-6). Word lists (up to 30 words each) can be printed and saved for future use. It includes a List Editor for easy entry and modification of words and a file manager to keep. Free download of Spelling Games 5.0a, size 918.53 Kb.

TedCo SpellQuizzer Spelling Software 1.0.1 TedCo Software 

SpellQuizzer is spelling software for schools and the parents of elementary school students that help kids master their spelling words. The SpellQuizzer spelling software quizzes children on their weekly spelling words by playing the word for them through the PC's speakers or headphones. The student enters the word on the keyboard receiving. Free download of TedCo SpellQuizzer Spelling Software 1.0.1, size 7.30 Mb.

Word Search Construction Kit 4.0d Insight Software Solutions 

Word Search Construction Kit is a great tool for educators, students, publishers, corporate trainers and puzzle enthusiasts to quickly produce professional looking puzzles. Just enter the words, select a puzzle shape and page layout, and press a button to generate the puzzle.Design your own puzzle page layout -- drop, place and size the puzzle,. Free download of Word Search Construction Kit 4.0d, size 6.29 Mb.

Word Peace 1.0 Chronic Logic LLC 

Word Peace is a new word game from Chronic Logic. In Word Peace you are given a hexagonal board in which you must create as many words as possible. By using all 3 directions you can score points in many different ways. Anyone can learn how to play in minutes. You want to play it.. Free download of Word Peace 1.0, size 911.36 Kb.

PerfectIt 1.1 Intelligent Editing 

PerfectIt helps you to locate typos and errors in Word documents. It finds mistakes which spelling and grammar checks can't see which makes proofreading faster and helps you to impress even the toughest client. PerfectIt is especially useful where more than one person is working on a document and lawyers, consultants, editors, marketers and. Free download of PerfectIt 1.1, size 4.88 Mb.

SandScript 32.0 Viqua Games 

Sandscript is a fantastic word game published by BigFishGames that tests your skills at guessing words and spelling.

Sandscript takes you to the mysterious world of Egypt, to help a genie recover his powers. The journey starts in the Lonely Pyramids and follows an extensive way up to the Ivory Palace. What you have to do is basically. Free download of SandScript 32.0, size 1.33 Mb.

Word Soup Fuzzy Bug Interactive 

The premise is simple - join blocks to make words of three or more letters - but this word game is sweet to play and maddeningly addictive to boot.

Any blocks used disappear and the blocks above fall down. Advanced players will find they use tactical play to max their scores, while novices will discover that they can also enjoy the. Free download of Word Soup, size 6.34 Mb.

Breme Write Right Breme Software 

Breme Write Right adds as-you-write spelling help to everything you write, through sounds and pictures. Developed by a teacher with a long and intimate knowledge of dyslexia and other spelling problems, Write Right's search engine will find you words others will not, and offers you multiple choices of possible words in easy to follow groups of. Free download of Breme Write Right, size 17.96 Mb.

Word Search Printer 3 2 Answers 2000 Limited 

Word Search Printer is an easy to use program that creates and prints custom word search puzzles for education or entertainment purposes. The program includes many options for customizing the puzzles, and includes ready-to-use templates. Customization options include the ability to the puzzle size, word list, directions of words, color, and. Freeware download of Word Search Printer 3 2, size 1.23 Mb.

CT Quick Spell 1.0 Camtech 2000 

Camtech's Quick Spell is a fast program that utilizes the MS Word spell check function to quickly check the spelling of words or entire documents without having to open a bulky program. Type in the word or copy and paste documents from within the program.

YOU MUST HAVE MS WORD INSTALLED TO USE THIS PROGRAM.. Free download of CT Quick Spell 1.0, size 13.63 Mb.

Word Grid 1.3.2000 Novel Games Limited 

Play Word Grid and showcase your massive vocabulary! The game presents a square divided into 16 grids, each contains a letter, and your task is to form words with 3 to 8 letters within the time limit. Simply click on the adjacent letters in vertical, horizontal or diagonal directions, for example "C-A-R-E". A line will appear to link up. Freeware download of Word Grid 1.3.2000, size 264.19 Kb.

WordGrader 1.0 Wordgrader 

WordGrader is an automated grader/marker for use by instructors in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Office application courses. The program uses Word's compare and combine feature to merge a student document with the correct version from the instructor.

WordGrader 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of WordGrader 1.0, size 0 b.

German Spelling Grade VI 1.0.0034 Image Intelligence Software Ltd. 

German Spelling Grade VI is a simple educational application that you can use to test your German skills and improve your vocabulary.

The application provides several questions and challenges, designed to put your knowledge to a test. It is written in Java, so it can be run on any platform that provides support for this environment.

4th Grade Spelling List 9 1.0.0040 Image Intelligence Software Ltd. 

4th Grade Spelling List 9 is designed and developed as an educational and interactive app that can help kids improve their English language.

Furthermore, 4th Grade Spelling List 9 is a Java-based software that also allows kids to order words alphabetically, complete various sentences or choose the correct form of a word.

My SpellingBee Mud Pie Creations 

My SpellingBee is intended to help you prepare for school spelling tests. Type in your spelling words, record yourself saying each word and then let My SpellingBee quiz you. (If you don't have a microphone yet to record the words, the computer can say the words for you.) Words can be asked in the order you entered them, in reverse order or random. Free download of My SpellingBee, size 0 b.

WhiteSmoke Software 2011 WhiteSmoke Software 

WhiteSmoke is an all-in-one English writing tool that provides grammar, spelling, punctuation and style checks. Integrated into WhiteSmoke are world-renowned word and text translation and document templates. WhiteSmoke is activated in a single click from any text application and browser. It is an added-value product that ensures a higher. Free download of WhiteSmoke Software 2011, size 10.03 Mb.

Spelling Pack 1.0 Crystal Office Systems 

In Tools menu click Spelling/Check Spelling to check the spelling of the active document. If you are using built-in spell checker, the spell check function always starts from the current position of the document, otherwise it will start from the beginning of the document. If Check spelling as you type option is enabled, Maple checks spelling and. Freeware download of Spelling Pack 1.0, size 7.31 Mb.

Animated Words 1.0 Flix Productions 

A spelling program for children from pre-school through first grade. The child is helped to match the word with it's picture. When the word is correctly matched, pieces are added to a puzzle; after five correct words the puzzle becomes animated. Guessing what the puzzle will be and do is half the fun.. Free download of Animated Words 1.0, size 2.14 Mb.

Articulate Spelling 1.26 Wieser Software Ltd 

Articulate spelling allows you to practice your spelling at home. An animated character speaks the words for you to spell, and checks that you have spelled them correctly. This can be a great help for children with dyslexia. The educational version supports many users on a network, and automatically finds the correct test for a given student. It is. Free download of Articulate Spelling 1.26, size 545.26 Kb.