Sql Backup Ftp

Sql Backup Free 1.0.1 Pranas.NET 

Sql Backup Free:
* Runs Full SQL Server Database Backups on schedule
* Compresses (zips) the backups
* Sends backups to FTP, local, network folder or HDD drive
* Sends an e-mail confirmation on job's success or failure

Sql Backup Free creates full MS SQL Server database backups on schedule, compresses. Freeware download of Sql Backup Free 1.0.1, size 658.43 Kb.


Active SQL Backup 0.9.1 ZZEE 

ZZEE Active SQL Backup is designed for clients of web hosting companies, and can be useful to system administrators as well. It can perform *incremental* or full backups of MySQL database, replicate database, can process SQL queries, dump database structure. It also can transfer backed up data by email or by FTP. The program is written in Perl and. Free download of Active SQL Backup 0.9.1, size 22.53 Kb.

DMT SQL Backup Manager 2.1 DMT Software Inc 

DMT SQL Backup Manager is a powerful tool for creating, compressing and protecting your SQL Server backups. Compatible with SQL Server 2000 and 2005, it includes a range of features to make backups faster, simpler and more secure.When you use SQL Backup, your backup files are usually 50% to 90% smaller than native SQL Server backups. The. Free download of DMT SQL Backup Manager 2.1, size 4.68 Mb.

Simple SQL Backup 2.0 Kraft Software Solutions 

Simple SQL Backup is a free software program intended for use by network administrators. It makes performing an immediate backup of a SQL Server database very easy (easier than opening the Microsoft provided SQL Server administration tools).

Simple SQL Backup works on any edition of SQL Server 7.0, SQL Server 2000, SQL Server 2005, or. Freeware download of Simple SQL Backup 2.0, size 1.57 Mb.

Tidy Backups matt40k 

Tidy Backups is a simple, command line based tool designed to help you remove old SQL backup files (.BAK) and compress.

Now you can make use of this simple and accessible piece of software to keep your computer clena.

. Freeware download of Tidy Backups, size 0 b.

SQL Backup Master Key Metric Software, LLC. 

Back up your SQL Server databases to the cloud - for FREE. SQL Backup Master lets you back up your SQL Server databases to cloud drive services such as Amazon S3, Dropbox, and Google Drive. It also supports FTP, as well as local and network drives.

SQL Backup Master makes it easy to send compressed (and optionally encrypted) SQL Server. Freeware download of SQL Backup Master, size 5.79 Mb.

Fresh FTP 2.9 FreshWebmaster.com 

Fresh FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is an useful tool for webmaster or website owner to upload or download web content (html, graphic, sql backup file, website statistic, etc) from the server. It supports ability to resume broken uploads, file and directory upload, easy to use and much more. Unlike any other similar utilities, this software is 100%. Freeware download of Fresh FTP 2.9, size 862.21 Kb.

Automatic Backup Scheduler for MySQL 5.5 Database Think Software 

Automatic Backup Scheduler for MySQL is an easy-to-use and professional automated MySQL backup and recovery software. It can be used to automatically back up the local and remote MySQL databases on Windows, Unix, Linux, Ubuntu, Mac OS and all operating systems. The utility can be used to back up MySQL database to the SQL files, the other MySQL. Free download of Automatic Backup Scheduler for MySQL 5.5, size 4.90 Mb.

SQL Backup Status Reporter 1.0.925.0 Idera, Inc. 

SQL Backup Status Reporter provides a graphical view of your latest SQL database backups including the type of backup and date and time completed. SQL Backup Status Reporter provides a graphical view of your latest SQL database backups including the type of backup and date and time completed. SQL Backup Status Reporter provides a graphical view of. Freeware download of SQL Backup Status Reporter 1.0.925.0, size 2.14 Mb.

Microsoft SQL Intelligent Backup Utility 1.0 intellibackup.sourceforge.net 

Utility for scheduling a SQL Backup from server A, compressing them, copying into server B on sepecified time, running on Client/Server C.. Freeware download of Microsoft SQL Intelligent Backup Utility 1.0, size 327.88 Kb.

AnyBackup FTP Edition 1.75 Eisoo Software, Inc. 

More data need to be backed up? AnyBackup makes that simple!As website is very popular now, AnyBackup FTP Edition is designed specially to backup FTP Server. It could backup FTP Server data by schedule or incrementally to local machine. AnyBackup FTP Edition is a must for every WEB administrators! As we know personal website is usually being placed. Free download of AnyBackup FTP Edition 1.75, size 4.98 Mb.

SQL Backup and FTP 6.1.9 Pranas.NET 

What can SQLBackupAndFTP do:

SQLBackupAndFTP can schedule jobs to
* Backup your SQL Server databases (Full/Differential/Transaction Log)
* Zip & encrypt the backups
* Zip & encrypt file folders
* FTP(S) the backups to a remote FTP Server or save it on the LAN
* Send you an e-mail. Freeware download of SQL Backup and FTP 6.1.9, size 854.02 Kb.

SynchronEX Backup & FTP 2.14 Xellsoft 

SynchronEX is a versatile tool for synchronization, backup and FTP of files and directories - optimized for one-click automation and supporting shell usage. Possible applications are laptop/server-synchronisation, backup and incremental backup over network or local paths, automated incremental FTP upload of web sites, ZIP archives, multi-point. Freeware download of SynchronEX Backup & FTP 2.14, size 614.40 Kb.

Stellar Toolkit for MS SQL 10.0 Stellar Information Technology Pvt Ltd 

SQL repair software in the Toolkit fixes database corruption and extracts Tables, Triggers, Views, Collations, Stored Procedure, Synonyms, Functions, Defaults and Default constraints. It also recovers Primary Keys, Foreign Keys, Unique Keys, Identity, Clustered & Non-Clustered indexes, Check Constraints, User-Defined Data Types, Predefined. Free download of Stellar Toolkit for MS SQL 10.0, size 8.96 Mb.

Iperius Backup 4.1.0 Enter Srl 

Iperius Backup is one of the most flexible and complete software to backup and protect your files and your reserved data. Tape backup software, DAT backup, LTO backup software, NAS backup, RDX drives, USB backup, zip compression, AES 256 bit encryption, online backup, database backup (Oracle, SQL server, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL), FTP backup, FTP. Free download of Iperius Backup 4.1.0, size 8.79 Mb.

SQL Autobackup Free 3.1.0210 Egsoft 

SQL Autobackup Free can be used to automatically backup Microsoft SQL Server database. It can backup multiple databases simultaneously and allows you to transfer your files to a Local storage device, LAN, FTP or an Email account.


+eTE Back up multiple databases at the same time
+eTE Zip compressed backup

Handy Backup 6.7 Novosoft Handy Backup 

Handy Backup is a complete automatic backup solution for Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000 and 2008/2003 Server. Can perform full, incremental and differential backup, synchronize folders locally or via LAN or FTP; has presets to backup Outlook (including Outlook 2007 and Windows Mail), instant messengers data, E-mail, Windows registry, My Documents,. Free download of Handy Backup 6.7, size 14.87 Mb.

SynchronEX File Synchronizer, Backup/FTP Xellsoft Software 

SynchronEX realizes robust multi-directional file tree synchronization and backup over local & network paths in any situation: From laptop synchronization to scheduled backup tasks to incremental FTP/DAV website upload. It supports true synchronization of (re)moved files and directories, provides collision detection and advanced wildcard. Free download of SynchronEX File Synchronizer, Backup/FTP, size 1.70 Mb.

SQL Autobackup Pro 1.1.0202 Egsoft 

Used to automatic backup Microsoft SQL Server databaseEasy
no complex configuration;

Can back up multiple databases simultaneously;

Support backing up to Local, LAN, FTP and Email.. Free download of SQL Autobackup Pro 1.1.0202, size 1.14 Mb.

Backup to FTP OEM Backup Software 4.4 Softland 

Backup2 FTP is a powerful backup program for Windows that lets you save your backups to remote FTP locations. Has its own scheduler that allows you to automate the backup task and protect your data from partial or total loss. Backups can be password protected and compressed to save storage space. Backup2 FTP can backup open/locked files and it can. Free download of Backup to FTP OEM Backup Software 4.4, size 19.86 Mb.