Srt File Orange Movie

srt timing tool 1.0 Srt-timing 

It can change the time in srt file. If you found the time in srt file is not match the time in avi file, you can use it to change the time in srt file. It's usefull for watching Divx / Xvid / avi films.

srt timing tool 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of srt timing tool 1.0, size 0 b.


Free SRT-File Translator 2.5.103 Beta / Pappsegull Sweden 

Fast and free translation of your subtitle / text files, or clipboard text between 57 different languages. The user interface is also available in 57 different languages. If there is no local language file, Free SRT-File Translator will translate it into your language.

By using the F9 key you can translate your clipboard text from all. Freeware download of Free SRT-File Translator 2.5.103 Beta /, size 0 b.

Tom's Subtitle Editor 1.0 tomoyen 

This simple program allows you to edit the timing of a SRT-file (subtitle file). For example: subtitles appear to early / late -> edit the SRT-file itself (instead of configuring DirectVobSub or whatever you use to display subtitles).. Free download of Tom's Subtitle Editor 1.0, size 31.46 Kb.

Subtitles display Luis Fonseca 

Turn your Windows Phone into an external subtitles display with this application.

It's very easy to use - just open an .srt file and it will instantly start displaying the subtitles.. Freeware download of Subtitles display, size 1.05 Mb.

SubtitleTools 2.0 VahidN 

SubtitleTools is a small utility that helps modifying existing subtitles or downloading new ones based on the digital signatures of your movie files from site. Features: - Converting encoding of the opened .srt file to UTF-8. - Synchronizing a subtitle and shifting its timespans. - Adjusting timespans of the opened .srt file. Freeware download of SubtitleTools 2.0, size 419.84 Kb.

Easy movie organizer 2.0 Emo Software 

Easy movie organizer is the ideal software for movie lovers. Watch movie trailers,buy movie tickets,buy dvd,blu-ray,HDDVD. Organize your movie collection and your movie wish list always know wat's new and wat's comming soon in theaters and on dvd.Print,export movie to (adobe acrobat,microsoft word,microsoft excel,webpage,text file...) email movie. Free download of Easy movie organizer 2.0, size 11.17 Mb.

DeepDVD Movie Astonsoft Ltd. 

Make professional-looking Video DVDs with menu from any video file! DeepDVD Movie is a powerful and complete DVD authoring and burning solution. It's full feature set starting from composing video / audio rows and ending with printing of DVD labels, makes is a must have DVD solution.. Free download of DeepDVD Movie, size 9.51 Mb.

MI Thumbnail ActiveX Control 1.2 Viscom Software 

MI Thumbnail ActiveX Control control your application immediately support professional user interface of movie/image thumbnail browser.Support WMV,MPEG1,AVI,ASF,JPEG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, PNG, ICON file format. Movie Duration Display. Overlay caption text. User define image clip (Background / Clip / Highlight / Shadow / Text color). Unlimited Image. Free download of MI Thumbnail ActiveX Control 1.2, size 5.22 Mb.

VideoCat 2 17 Gyrus Soft, Inc 

VideoCat is a program, which lets you manage your movies. With this program you are able to load information directly from Internet database, or from an AVI file. Import movie info, pictures. Import AVI file info. Export movie list to Text and Excel.. Freeware download of VideoCat 2 17, size 3.19 Mb.

SuTiSy 13.12.2011 Revanth Bhattaram 

SuTiSy is a small and handy piece of software that will help you get those subtitles synchronized. All you have to do is enter the delay (in ms) and a new and corrected srt file is generated.

Now, if you ever come across a subtitle and find that the text is either lagging or ahead you know what to use.

. Freeware download of SuTiSy 13.12.2011, size 0 b.

Subtitles Creator 2.2 DVDLogic Software 

Subtitles Creator is a software to create a list of subpictures. Initial data in this case is an SRT-file, and output data contains a list of subpictures in BMP format and SST-file for Sonic Scenarist. . Freeware download of Subtitles Creator 2.2, size 523.26 Kb.

SupRip 1.16 EXAR 

SupRip lets you OCR and Detect text within subtitles as used by HD-DVD and Bluray movies. You can then save the text as a SRT file to be included in reencoded movies.

1. Demux the SUP file from the M2TS
2. Start SupRip
3. Load the SUP file with the "Load" button
4. Mouseover the option fields to see help. Free download of SupRip 1.16, size 304.09 Kb.

TDMore DVD to AVI Converter TDMore Software 

Professional, Fast, Easy-to-use and Free DVD to AVI Software
Acting as a professional free DVD to AVI converter, TDMore DVD to AVI Converter is able to free convert and rip DVD disc, ISO file or movie folder to AVI with none of the headaches. It is designed with a powerful processing engine, providing users the extremely fast DVD to AVI. Free download of TDMore DVD to AVI Converter, size 36.37 Mb.

SRT resizer 0.001 progranyozzo 

Developed as a small and easy-to-use software application, SRT resizer can be used to quickly edit your movie subtitles. All you have to do is set the character encoding, load the .SRT file you want to resize, select the last subtitle of the film and set the correct time position.

SRT resizer is a software developed in the Java. Freeware download of SRT resizer 0.001, size 0 b.

The Movie Collector 1.0 Movie Collector 

This program searches you harddrive for any movie formats. Then it searches the internet for the cleaned up file name, so it can download movie info, movie posters.

The Movie Collector Features:
- add videos from folders on hard drive.
- filter videos by date, imdb score, ...
- analyse video filenames and collect info from. Freeware download of The Movie Collector 1.0, size 15.83 Mb.

Simple Video Splitter 1.0 4dots Software 

Do you want to split movie ? Then try this video splitter. It can split film into equal parts, by time, by file size or by keyframes or frames !

For example, a video file or movie is too large and you want to you want to publish it to video sharing sites or you want to send it via email. Then you can split film into equal parts so. Free download of Simple Video Splitter 1.0, size 36.33 Mb.

Uzys SRT SMI Converter 0.1.7 Uzys 

Uzys SRT SMI Converter is a small and easy to use application that allows you to convert your SRT files to SMI and vice versa. Just Drag & Drop the files you want to convert. and push the 'Run' button.

If you drop a SRT file, it will convert it to SMI, if you drop a SMI file, it will automatically convert to SRT.

for. Free download of Uzys SRT SMI Converter 0.1.7, size 0 b.

Srt2Sup 0.4.03 Gandalf Services 

Srt2Sup is a program that converts subtitles in SRT format to SUP format. The most common format for subtitles is SRT. This format is compatible with the most popular video formats. But if you want to add or change subtitles into a DVD, you will need to use the SUP format. Srt2Sup not only allows you to import the subtitles from an SRT file, it. Freeware download of Srt2Sup 0.4.03, size 0 b.

Movie Rotator 1 2 Chris Pearce 

With the free Movie Rotator software you can instantly rotate digital camera and Quicktime videos easily and reliably, with the click of a button.

If you have digital movies which are in a landscape orientation, and you want them in portrait oprientation, Movie Rotator can rotate them so that you can view them easily.

. Freeware download of Movie Rotator 1 2, size 79.37 Mb.

FastDownIt 1.0 FastDownIt 

FastDownIt is the software that your PC needs! With FastDownIt, you can download any file including the latest high definition (HD) videos and movies from main streaming Web sites. Download unlimited videos and lists of movies with a single click! The software handles errors and restarts any started download. Click and download your files at high. Free download of FastDownIt 1.0, size 74.51 Mb.