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Hip Hop All Star Lite 1.0.1 iwin, Inc. 

Try HIP HOP ALL STAR for FREE then rock the crowds with the full version, now on sale for at a limited-time!

Rise to Hip Hop DJ Stardom by scratching and beat matching the hottest Hip Hop tracks from Busta Rhymes, Kid Cudi, DJ Green Lantern, Kool G Rap and more! Hip Hop All Star turns your iPhone and iPod Touch into virtual. Freeware download of Hip Hop All Star Lite 1.0.1, size 29.99 Mb.


Hip Hop All Star 1.0.2 iwin, Inc. 

"A truly authentic hip-hop based game. You wont find much better value for money on the App Store." -

Im impressed by the appearance of not just real-world rappers, but also actual DJs. The game rings authentic, the tracks sound fantastic, the note-tapping is well executed and. Free download of Hip Hop All Star 1.0.2, size 108.00 Mb.

Track Star AVLS 5 9 Track Star International, Inc 

The Track Star AVLS Software system represents a new standard for performance and value in the fleet management software industry. This application offers users a unique range of flexibility that allows the software to become an integral part of their operations instead of forcing methodology changes to conform to the software.

The. Free download of Track Star AVLS 5 9, size 6.19 Mb.

Star EZ Inventory Network Edition 2.85 Starre Enterprises Ltd 

Star EZ Inventory Network Edition is a powerful application designed to help you keep track of the items from your inventory. The program allows you to create a database with the items from your inventory and to distribute them into different locations.

You can also store the contact information for your suppliers and customers in order. Free download of Star EZ Inventory Network Edition 2.85, size 0 b.

Star Call Manager 1 71 Starre Enterprises, Inc. 

Star Call Manger is an application to manage and track phone calls in your business.

Each business day you receive many phone calls. Most of us use a note pad to write down the contents of the calls. This is fine as it makes it easy to return calls that day. But, what if you can file and track this information, and have a simple. Freeware download of Star Call Manager 1 71, size 5.38 Mb.

GPSDings 6.9.3 Moritz Ringler 

GPSDings was developed as and Open Source Command Line instrument that can help you analyze and manipulate track and waypoint data recorded with a GPS receiver.

GPSDings contains the following applications:
· gpxovl - Converts between GPX and OVL formats.
· gpxkml - Converts GPX to Google Earth KML.

5 Star Cars Reading 2.212 Autocab 

Welcome to the 5 Star Taxis booking App!
Through this app you can:
Order a taxi
Cancel a booking
Track the vehicle on the map as it makes its way towards you!
Receive real-time notifications of the status of your taxi. Freeware download of 5 Star Cars Reading 2.212, size 9.96 Mb.

AYHL All Star Game 1.3 iTeamz LLC 

AYHL 2014 ALL-STAR Games
January 11, 2014
Bantam Major Midget American Midget National Players

305 Sherman Avenue Hamden, CT 06518 203-582-5212

With this app you will be able to track:
- Rosters
- Schedules
- Scores
- Tournament News. Freeware download of AYHL All Star Game 1.3, size 3.77 Mb.

Star EZ Inventory 2.00 Starre Enterprises, Inc. 

Star EZ Inventory is a simple yet powerful application program used to make the process of tracking and controlling your inventory fast and easy. There are many features that simplify the whole process of Tracking and Controlling Inventory. There is a fully functional database that stores your created Items, Vendors, and many more sets of data. It. Free download of Star EZ Inventory 2.00, size 6.54 Mb.

Shooting Star 3.4.9 Foo Dog Software, Inc. 

Shooting Star is the intelligent auction management system. It uses a workflow system to efficiently move your auctions from start to finish. It reduces the time and effort required to manage eBay transactions, and lets you concentrate on providing good service and timely communications to your trading partners. Using a workflow model, Shooting. Free download of Shooting Star 3.4.9, size 10.32 Mb.

PixGPS 1.1.2 BR Software 

With PixGPS it's easy to track the exact positioin where you took your photos. You need a GPS Receiver. All you need to do is to have the GPS turned on when you ake the photos. After your photo session, download the photos from your camera and the track file from the GPS. PixGPS will calculate the position of each photo and insert this in the EXIF. Free download of PixGPS 1.1.2, size 1.52 Mb.

QLandkarte 1.0 

View and upload map files, track and waypoint data to your Garmin GPS receiver.. Freeware download of QLandkarte 1.0, size 2.26 Mb.

GPSBlueTrack 1.0 Gpsbluetrack 

Display and track location with a GPS bluetooth receiver and J2ME device (e.g. mobile phone). Location, speed and course are displayed and written in GPX format or as NMEA-BWC sentences to file.

GPSBlueTrack 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of GPSBlueTrack 1.0, size 0 b.

Simple Trade Activity Recorder 1.2 RTEK Multi-Ventures 

The Simple Trade Activity Recorder (STAR) software is a database program that helps the trader keep good records of his transactions and presents the information back in a user-friendly manner to review and track performance. The program allows you to manage multiple portfolios, record your trading activities and the thoughts behind it, view all. Free download of Simple Trade Activity Recorder 1.2, size 1.26 Mb.

ClockWatch Star Sync 4.5.0 Beagle Software 

ClockWatch Star Sync tracks up to twelve GPS satellites simultaneously, acquiring precise time, distributing it to client computers and synchronizing them to +/- 0.01 second.

Deploying Star Sync units in different local networks around the globe maintains time synchronization across your organization without requiring time transfer. Free download of ClockWatch Star Sync 4.5.0, size 0 b.

Charge Per Hour - Clock 1.0 Paul Abraham Jaimovich 

"Time is Money!" Do you charge or get charged per hour? Our application was developed to track the hours worked by a professional and calculate how much the cost will be.

? State of the art graphic interface.
? Star/Stop timer button
? 3 separate dials for minutes, seconds and hours.
?. Free download of Charge Per Hour - Clock 1.0, size 314.57 Kb.

Emoji Match-3 Free Edition 1.0 F Permadi 

This is a game where you line up 3 identical emojis to make a match. Swap adjacent emojis to form a match. Matches can be formed horizontally, vertically, and even diagonally.

Keep track of best times and star-ratings for each level and add emojis into your 'collection' screen. Fun for the whole family.

- Easy to learn, fun. Freeware download of Emoji Match-3 Free Edition 1.0, size 18.77 Mb.

Elevation Tracker 2.4.2 Arlo Leach 

Do you run, hike, bike, ski or perform any activity that involves lots of hills? Did you ever wonder just how much climbing and descending you're doing? If so, Elevation Tracker is for you.

This app uses the iPhone's GPS receiver to track elevation changes, calculates your total climbing and descending as well as your average and. Free download of Elevation Tracker 2.4.2, size 1.99 Mb.

Halloween Match-3 Tiles - Free Edition 1.0 F Permadi 

Match-three game with Halloween theme. Line up 3 identical tiles to make a match.
Swap adjacent tiles to form a match. Matches can be formed horizontally, vertically, and even diagonally.

Keep track of best times and star-ratings for each level and add tiles into the virtual 'collection' screen.

- Easy to learn, fun to. Freeware download of Halloween Match-3 Tiles - Free Edition 1.0, size 18.04 Mb.

HomeRoutines 3.0.2 Wunderbear 

Take charge of your repeaty household jobs with HomeRoutines. Create routine checklists, then complete them on your chosen days of the week, with reminder notifications to keep you on track, and a gold star for each completed task. Your checklists can automatically reset - start fresh each morning, week, or month (no guilt trips here!) Free online. Free download of HomeRoutines 3.0.2, size 14.99 Mb.

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