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Dream Angel Oracle 1.0 ClydeSight Productions 

Home & Personal \ Genealogy

Amazing Magical Dream Angel Oracle Computer Program DEMO. WIN/MAC

Have you ever had the most fantastic dream with incredible people that you wish could go on and on?

Ever had a dream where you meet someone so special and wanted to know more, do more, to actually talk to them, be with them?

That's your Dream. Free download of Dream Angel Oracle 1.0, size 7.03 Mb.


Little Angel Messages 1.0 ClydeSight Productions 

Desktop \ Themes

DEMO Little Angel Messages - animated software for Windows desktop wallpaper or your browser (instructions are provided). MAC - view in browser. *** Retail version has 50 Little Angels and their messages to inspire you. Use it as a desktop wallpaper (instructions are provided) or open it in your browser! The Little Angels go to work sending you. Free download of Little Angel Messages 1.0, size 325.06 Kb.

Eyes training C 005 _Eyes exercises 

Education \ Kids

It helps your eyes relax instead of squinting all the time," Graves says, "and that helps relax the rest of your body. Even though Griffey has been a bit slow testing the amber lenses, he was counting the days until a Reds off-day so he could try his gray-green set on the golf course. The gray-greens--used in stationary sports; the ambers. Free download of Eyes training C 005, size 31.46 Kb.

JEyes 0.2 Valley Programming 

Games \ Misc. Games

A pair of eyes follow you as you work. Very similar to the old Xeyes application found on Unix and X-Windows systems.. Freeware download of JEyes 0.2, size 41.98 Kb.

Angel Food Host Site Back Office (AFBO) 20090728 

Business \ Finance

Angel Food Host Site Back Office (AFBO) -- point of sale web interface and back office.. Freeware download of Angel Food Host Site Back Office (AFBO) 20090728, size 11.43 Kb.

Red Eye Pilot for Mac 1.42 Two Pilots 

Multimedia \ Graphic Editors

Using Red Eye Pilot, you can remove red eyes from your photos with just a couple of clicks. You can adjust the pupil area and brightness, and preview the results real-time. The program keeps structure of the pupil.. Free download of Red Eye Pilot for Mac 1.42, size 1.03 Mb.

Angel church E 09 Church games 

Education \ Kids

There are three distinct kinds of Church of England school in partnership with local education authorities (LEAs):. voluntary aided: the school is owned by.Name Day. Celebrate your Name Day as Europeans do. Find out when your Name Day is.It was also the belief of the Babylonians and Assyrians, as their monuments testify, for a figure of a guardian. Freeware download of Angel church E 09, size 31.46 Kb.

VeriEye Standard SDK Trial 2.1 Neurotechnology 

Development \ Components and Libraries

Multiplatform eye iris identification SDK for PC and Web based applications. Based on proprietary iris recognition technology that features robust iris detection in images with gazing away eyes or narrowed eyelids. The technology provides reliable iris matching at speed of 200,000 irises per second. Supports Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. Includes. Free download of VeriEye Standard SDK Trial 2.1, size 154.30 Mb.

ArcSoft Perfect365 for Mac ArcSoft, Inc. 

Multimedia \ Graphic Editors

Perfect365 is an One-click facial makeup application for those who want to give that neat in the pictures and get a remodeled look. it can automatically detect faces in images and let you make cosmetic changes, like removing a blemish or fading dark circles under your eyes, alongside makeover features such as "smile enhance” and. Free download of ArcSoft Perfect365 for Mac, size 15.94 Mb.

Snake Mahjong Solitaire 1 Mahjong Solitaire 

Games \ Board Games

Snake Mahjong Solitaire will strike you when you least expect it! Play this tile matching puzzle game for free. It's gorgeously themed mahjong tiles and striking layout will sink its teeth into you the moment you set eyes on it. Compete against your own time every time you play mahjong solitaire, and enjoy the traditional board game from a whole. Freeware download of Snake Mahjong Solitaire 1, size 2.68 Mb.

Online Jongg Double Play Mah 1.0 Online Mah Jongg 

Games \ Strategy

Online Mah Jongg Double Play is double difficult. Play this mah jongg solitaire only if you are a true puzzle game masochist, and enjoy making your eyes bleed to the site of online mah jongg tiles. Online Mah Jongg Double Play is a strategy game that only the strong may play: no whimps allowed. But you can feel truly confident in your ability to. Freeware download of Online Jongg Double Play Mah 1.0, size 2.60 Mb.

Marine Aquarium OS X 2 6 Prolific Publishing, Inc. 

Desktop \ Screen Savers

You've seen aquarium programs before, but you've never seen anything like this! Marine Life so vibrant you won't believe your eyes. Indescribable realism! These fish are actual 3D Models, not flat images dragged across the screen. Marine Aquarium 2.6 - OSX has Marine Aquarium 2.0, Marine Aquarium Time with Multi-Monitor and Wide screen Display. Free download of Marine Aquarium OS X 2 6, size 4.81 Mb.

Marine Aquarium OS 9 2.0 Prolific Publishing, Inc. 

Desktop \ Screen Savers

You've seen aquarium programs before, but you've never seen anything like this! Marine Life so vibrant you won't believe your eyes. Indescribable realism! These fish are actual 3D Models, not flat images dragged across the screen. Use the SereneScreen Marine Aquarium 2 - Mac OS 9 as a screensaver or as a stand-alone program. This Deluxe version. Free download of Marine Aquarium OS 9 2.0, size 1.72 Mb.

Dynamic Photo HDR for Mac 4 8 Mediachance 

Multimedia \ Graphic Editors

Many times you see a beautiful scene and of course you take a picture! The result is often far from being the magical scene you remember.
Our eyes are very adaptive and they are also more sensitive to intensity than color. The chip in camera is none of that.
It is estimated that our eye can see over a dynamic range of nearly 24 f-stops. Free download of Dynamic Photo HDR for Mac 4 8, size 53.48 Mb.

Kantan LDAP Browser 1.02 

Utilities \ Misc. Utils.

The Kantan LDAP Browser is a web-based tool that allows you to view, browse, and search through any LDAP compliant server. It is simple to configure, and easy on the eyes.. Freeware download of Kantan LDAP Browser 1.02, size 13.27 Kb.

Mounty Manager 1.1 

Games \ Role Playing

This project is a CMS to manage team in Web based RPG (turn by turn). It focuse on easy-installation, standard respect and eyes-candy interface.. Freeware download of Mounty Manager 1.1, size 469.53 Kb.

Web RSA 1.0 

Security & Privacy \ Encryption Tools

RSA Public Key Crypotgraphy for Web Browsers. Use JavaScript to RSA-encrypt data that can only be decrypted on the server, and not by prying eyes.The poor man's SSL.... Freeware download of Web RSA 1.0, size 28.73 Kb.

Java Hide in Image 1.0 Javahii 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

Writes data (e. g. files, passwords, encrypted text, ...) hidden in an image. The data will be hidden in the color-channels from the image. There is no difference for human eyes between the image with no hidden data and the image with hidden data!

Java Hide in Image 1.0 License - GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL). Freeware download of Java Hide in Image 1.0, size 7.55 Kb.

puzzle for rails 1.0 Puzzle4rails 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

It is a Web-based Application Development Framework of rails based. The old project call orange-angel. Now, it is called puzzle. This is a updating from orange-angel. Meanwhile, the old project, orange-angel will be removed from this web site.

puzzle for rails 1.0 License - BSD License. Freeware download of puzzle for rails 1.0, size 120.99 Kb.

Angel church A 09 Church games 

Education \ Kids

And, their intent to become authentically ?catholic? and ?Christian?. ~ a cataclysm ? or, rather, something like an earthquake.Daily services in connection with the School would not be expositions of various kinds of church music, but real services of worship and intercession. Another item asked about involvement in particular kinds of church youth. Freeware download of Angel church A 09, size 31.46 Kb.

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