Stopwatch Imac

XNote Stopwatch 1.50 dnSoft Research Group 

XNote Stopwatch is a digital stopwatch/countdown timer utility for your computer's desktop. It may seem to be a very simple software, but all of our users agree - this great program has many useful applications. The reason for that is the program's versatility and flexibility. Whether you use computer at home or office, you will find a number of. Free download of XNote Stopwatch 1.50, size 340.01 Kb.


Free Stopwatch 2.0 Comfort Software Group 

A Simple and fast desktop stopwatch is always available when you need it. The timer counts in increments of 0.01 seconds.
Free Stopwatch is used when time periods must be measured precisely and with a minimum of complications.
Just tap Start to begin the count and tap Stop at the finish line. You can also tap a Lap button to monitor the. Freeware download of Free Stopwatch 2.0, size 1.03 Mb.

Free Stopwatch Portable 2.2 Comfort Software Group 

A Simple and fast Portable stopwatch is always available when you need it. The timer counts in increments of 0.01 seconds.

Free Stopwatch Portable is used when time periods must be measured precisely and with a minimum of complications.

Just tap Start to begin the count and tap Stop at the finish line. You can also tap a Lap. Freeware download of Free Stopwatch Portable 2.2, size 581.35 Kb.

MBA Stopwatch 1.0 Mustafa Bugra AKTAS 

Stopwatch with split-seconds, seconds and hours. Freeware download of MBA Stopwatch 1.0, size 4.51 Kb.

TimeMe Timer Stopwatch CL TimeMe 

Timer Stopwatch CL lets PC users count up or down, with or without alarms, in a loop or not, and in various display colors and sizes. Works with Windows 7, Vista, XP, NT, 2000, ME & 98 PC's. Timer Stopwatch CL is a powerful program, yet simple and intuitive to use. You download it once, and use it as often as you like. Freeware download of TimeMe Timer Stopwatch CL, size 6.26 Mb.

Online Stopwatch 1 - Stopwatch 

What is an Online Stopwatch? The Online Stopwatch belongs to the next generation of web-based tools which require no installation; in fact, it's one of the newest of this type of application. Like its name implies, you use the Online Stopwatch while visiting a web page in your web browser. Other than this, it's exactly like a normal stopwatch. The. Freeware download of Online Stopwatch 1, size 29.70 Kb.

Mini Desktop Stopwatch 1.0 

This stopwatch and countdown timer helps you getting things done faster. Set short deadlines for yourself and start working - the timer will help you staying focused on the task.. Freeware download of Mini Desktop Stopwatch 1.0, size 4.31 Mb.

Simple Stopwatch Software 7.0 Sobolsoft 

This software offers a solution for users who want a simple stopwatch. Besides the buttons, the stopwatch starts with the space bar, stops at the end of a lap with the letter. Free download of Simple Stopwatch Software 7.0, size 770.05 Kb.

Stopwatch.Net 1.0.0 Devmartins 

Stopwatch.Net is a handy and reliable application designed to provide users with a simple method to time activities.

The application displays the timings in hours, minutes, seconds and miliseconds. It also shows the countdown for the prior session.

. Free download of Stopwatch.Net 1.0.0, size 0 b.

Handy Stopwatch for Windows 8 New Bryan Liu JH 

Handy Stopwatch is a simple but effective application that can turn your Windows 8 device into a race timer. It features a plain interface that displays the elapsed time and allows you to pause the timer.

The program implements the basic stopwatch features and is able to record the time for a single event.

. Free download of Handy Stopwatch for Windows 8 New, size 0 b.

SN Stopwatch Soft-Net 

SN Stopwatch is a useful and easy to use application designed to track the time in minutes, hours or days.

With an intuitive interface and helpful menu options, SN Stopwatch is able to count the total miliseconds, minutes or days in secondary watch time. You can set the application to stay always on top.

. Free download of SN Stopwatch, size 0 b.

Ethervane Stopwatch 1.6.0 Build 30 Marek Jedlinski 

Ethervane Stopwatch is a handy timer you can easily configure and use to count down as well as count up.

The application can be made transparent while deactivated and you can also create Ethervane Stopwatch presets that can be loaded whenever needed.

. Free download of Ethervane Stopwatch 1.6.0 Build 30, size 0 b.

LYZ Stopwatch & Timer 1.6.3 LYZ at University of California San Diego 

LYZ Stopwatch & Timer was specially developed as a simple, useful and user-friendly application for monitoring time.

LYZ Stopwatch & Timer is a project that features two major components, a stopwatch utility and a timer. The program allows you to customize the time set on the timer and adjust the precision.

NOTE: Free. Freeware download of LYZ Stopwatch & Timer 1.6.3, size 0 b.

Stopwatch for Pokki 1.0 SweetLabs, Inc. 

Stopwatch for Pokki is a stylish desktop application designed to allows users to time their activities.

The usage is very simple: to trigger the stopwatch, just hit 'Start'. When you're done timing an activity and you want to start another instance, just hit 'Reset'.

. Free download of Stopwatch for Pokki 1.0, size 0 b.

Waf Stopwatch jbe2277 

Waf Stopwatch is a handy and reliable utility designed as an advanced stopwatch with a lap recording feature.

The recorded times can be copied into Excel or a similar application via the clipboard. Furthermore, it provides a Countdown with alert sound.

. Free download of Waf Stopwatch, size 0 b.

SDATimer 1.73 

SDATimer is multifunctional digital countdown timer, clock and stopwatch. The key features are:Calendar with Sunrise,Sunset time, Moon Phase. Cool interface with skins support, easy to use. Mp3 files support. Easy to set time - only click by digits, or by using time presets. Original AutoHide feature. AlwaysOnTop feature. Flexible setup actions,. Free download of SDATimer 1.73, size 813.06 Kb.

Desktop Stopwatch 2.07 UT Bay 

Free Windows Desktop Stopwatch - very small and fast standalone application for measuring time intervals. It does not require any registration for download, decompression or installation. Just download it and run it. It takes around 0% of the processor time (you can check it with Ctrl+Alt+Del in your Task Manager) and almost nothing from your. Freeware download of Desktop Stopwatch 2.07, size 69.63 Kb.

PocketOne StopWatch 1.6.0 PocketOne 

A Pocket PC stopwatch and count up/down timer for your Pocket PC. Support Windows Mobile 2003/2003SE/2005 Powered Pocket PC.

Stopwatch with lap times statistics
PocketOne Stopwatch is more than a stopwatch. Besides, it provides you with laps statistics. After a run or an auto race, with just one tap on the. Free download of PocketOne StopWatch 1.6.0, size 158.72 Kb.

StopWatch Plus 1.0.4 The DesignSoft Company 

StopWatch Plus provides an easy way to track time. The time is saved to a time sheet file on your machine or your server, and can be viewed, edited, added to, and printed at will. At any time, the entries on the Time Sheet can be imported over the network, or by e-mail attachment, or media to DesignSoft Creative Billing Online, DesignSoft Time. Free download of StopWatch Plus 1.0.4, size 1.12 Mb.

SwiftTec Stopwatch SwiftTec 

SwiftTec Stopwatch is a fun, simple and easy to use digital stopwatch. This watch works in two modes: Stopwatch mode that counts up from zero and Countdown mode that counts down from a preset time to zero. This watch will measure time in hours, minutes, seconds and hundreths of seconds.. Freeware download of SwiftTec Stopwatch, size 6.31 Mb.