Structure System

GAMESS for Microsoft Windows 32-Bit 1.0 Iowa State University 

GAMESS is a General Atomic and Molecular Electronic Structure System written and maintaned by the Gordon research group a Iowa State University.
GAMESS is a program for ab initio molecular quantum chemistry. Briefly, GAMESS can compute SCF wavefunctions ranging from RHF, ROHF, UHF, GVB, and MCSCF. Correlation corrections to these SCF. Freeware download of GAMESS for Microsoft Windows 32-Bit 1.0, size 680.57 Mb.


QGAMESS 1.0 Qgamess 

QGAMESS is a queuing program for the popular molecule mechnanics program GAMESS, the General Atomic and Molecular Electronic Structure System. QGAMESS is a cross-platform replacement for GTK-Gamess.

QGAMESS 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of QGAMESS 1.0, size 0 b.

History Log 1.3 Shanmin Xu 

History Log -- based on folder structure

Hi, do you like history knowledge? I believe you have read lots of history articles from internet and can not remember where they were. You want to compare a similar historical events which you read before but they are gone. Even you saved as a bookmark but they are not existing any more. OK,. Freeware download of History Log 1.3, size 209.72 Mb.

PowerSheet 4.0.2 Sunbowsoft Inc. 

PowerSheet Professional is a powerful spreadsheet, PDF designer and data analysis software that is easy to use and helps you to design feature-rich report templates, store, manipulate, analyze, and visualize data and deliver it as information inside and outside the organization. Both the data and the template can be saved as PDF document. The data. Free download of PowerSheet 4.0.2, size 2.17 Mb.

WDiff 3.2 WDiff 

A small (can be used from a floppy) files/directories comparison and copy/move utility with individual marking of files/directories to be compared or copied/moved. It has on screen results of differences in a structured list, marking/unmarking of files, scheduling of jobs, wildcard marking/unmarking, save and load of file lists, pause/stop buttons,. Free download of WDiff 3.2, size 1.06 Mb.

SSD System Structure Designer 203 Ssd 

SSD - System Structure Designer, intends to be central of definitions (classes, types, interfaces, lists, enumeratos) that are organized into projects, the main idea is generate the source code from these definitions then make de developtment faster.

SSD System Structure Designer 203 License - Educational Community License, Version 2.0. Freeware download of SSD System Structure Designer 203, size 499.25 Kb.

ECOSAR 1 10 US Environmental Protection Agency 

The Ecological Structure Activity Relationships (ECOSAR) Class Program is a computerized predictive system that estimates aquatic toxicity. The program estimates a chemical's acute (short-term) toxicity and chronic (long-term or delayed) toxicity to aquatic organisms such as fish, aquatic invertebrates, and aquatic plants by using computerized. Freeware download of ECOSAR 1 10, size 34.23 Mb.

IBM Rational Asset Analyzer 6.0 IBM Corporation 

Both experienced and new developers can use either IBM® Rational® Asset Analyzer or the Rational Asset Analyzer for System z® edition to gain insight into an application's structure and interactions with business data. This analysis helps prevent mistakes when you make changes or functional enhancements and leads to. Freeware download of IBM Rational Asset Analyzer 6.0, size 244.32 Mb.

HTPL - PHP 5 HTML Template System 1.0.beta 

HTPL is a PHP 5 HTML template system with the following features: hierarchical structure with inheritance, direct database access, application and session wide caching, multiple language support, extendable by user defined functions.. Freeware download of HTPL - PHP 5 HTML Template System 1.0.beta, size 279.14 Kb.

Leave Management System 1.13 Lms-dml 

A simple leave management system in which an administrator can create a list of staff, give for different years different leave allowance and configure the approval structure.
If a person logs in and requests for leave, all people configured to have approving authority for the person will get an email notification. Similar email notification. Freeware download of Leave Management System 1.13, size 3.56 Mb.

Electronic Secretary Management System 1.0 E-sms 

This project is aiming to create a system management for secretary, for auto numbering incoming-outgoing letter, disposition, and organization structure.

Electronic Secretary Management System 1.0 License - GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3); Public Domain. Freeware download of Electronic Secretary Management System 1.0, size 0 b.

AMG Attendance System AMG Employee Management 

AMG Attendance System is a powerful application designed to help you track the employee presence with your company. The program allows you to create an employee database according to the company's structure.

It is a complete attendance tracking solution that can record fine details and generate comprehensive reports with minimum effort.. Free download of AMG Attendance System, size 0 b.

System Configuration Collector 1.4.9 QNH 

The System Configuration Collector application was designed to collect configuration data of systems in snapshots. The structure of the snapshot allows SCC to compare a snapshot with the previous one and to detect changes in the configuration.

Upon detecting changes, SCC adds the differences to a logbook. The snapshot and the logbook. Freeware download of System Configuration Collector 1.4.9, size 0 b.


HD System Skeletal is a wonderful compilation of issues related to the human skeleton, its functioning, structure and each of its parts, Including detailed information on each of the bones of the human body.

This important encyclopedia also includes topics on the most common bone disease and its treatments.

This valuable. Free download of HD System Skeletal 1.0, size 25.17 Mb.

GIS ObjectLand 2.6.5 Radom-T 

GIS ObjectLand is a universal Geographic Information System for Windows.Key features:- creation of vector-raster maps with arbitrary structure of layers and feature types;- creation of themes. Theme is a user presentation of a map;- control of displaying features depending on the chosen scale;- spatial data input and editing by assigning feature. Free download of GIS ObjectLand 2.6.5, size 24.76 Mb.

System Optimizer 1.0 Benosoft Inc. 

The perfect nourishment that protects, disinfects, enhances, fosters and accelerates your computer. System Optimizer intensely disinfects your computer and updates your PC on a single click. It has got a perfect combination of utilities that are developed to boost up your computer’s performance. The smart PC care allows you to optimize your. Free download of System Optimizer 1.0, size 7.35 Mb.

JDirectoryChooser Java Bean 1.0.0 JTechLabs Software Company 

The JDirectoryChooser Java Bean provides a GUI for navigating the file system, and then either choosing an existing directory from a tree or managing file system directories' tree structure by creating new directories, renaming, copying, moving or deleting existing directories. We designed JDirectoryChooser component around single-click technology,. Free download of JDirectoryChooser Java Bean 1.0.0, size 307.20 Kb.

File System to SharePoint 2.1 File System to SharePoint 

File system to SharePoint migration software is commendable tool by all users who are migrating into an advance technology SharePoint Server. To migrate all files, folder into sharepoint server, you will need an effective file system to SharePoint migration software. PCVITA Express Migrator for SharePoint is a perfect solution to migrate data from. Free download of File System to SharePoint 2.1, size 3.85 Mb.

Outlook File Repair Tool 1.0 MS Outlook Recovery Tool 

Perfect Outlook File Repair Tool is advanced PST Recovery software enables you to recover PST email and other PST items from Outlook PST files that has been corrupt or damaged due to unpredicted system shutdown, corrupted header structure of PST file. PDS PST Recovery Tool is powerful PST Repair Software which is specially developed for lost,. Free download of Outlook File Repair Tool 1.0, size 2.00 Mb.

MOLGEN-MS Lehrstuhl Mathematik II, Universitat Bayreuth 

A new and powerful software that you can get it for free on your computers. The program system MOLGEN-MS is devoted to computer aided molecular structure elucidation.

MOLGEN-MS is mainly adapted to low resolution electron impact mass spectra but also includes tools which allow to process high resolution data and results from atomic. Freeware download of MOLGEN-MS, size 4.67 Mb.