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Super Encoder & Convertor 5.2 Freeware Updates 

Super Encoder is a GUI to ffmpeg, MEncoder, mplayer, x264, mppenc, ffmpeg2theora and the theora/vorbis RealProducer plugIn. If you need a simple, yet very efficient tool to convert (encode) or play any Multimedia file, without reading manuals or spending long hours training, then SUPER is all you need. It is a Multimedia Encoder and a Multimedia. Free download of Super Encoder & Convertor 5.2, size 27.94 Mb.


Super Mail Spider 

Super Email Spider (SMS) is an industrial email extraction software.

Super Email Spider is designed to extract Email addresses from web-pages on the Internet (using HTTP and HTTPS protocols) and from HTML and text files on local disks. Super Email Spider utilizes a unique thread pool technology that allows it to process thousands of web. Free download of Super Mail Spider, size 880.80 Kb.

Super DVD to iPod Converter Build 2008 3.5 Gold Medal Software Co., Ltd. 

Super DVD to iPod Converter Build 2008 is the fastest DVD to iPod video converter software so far in the world. With Super DVD to iPod Converter, you can convert almost all kinds of DVD to iPod video (mp4) format. Its conversion speed is far faster than real-time, converting one DVD movie only takes half an hour in some high-end computers. Super. Free download of Super DVD to iPod Converter Build 2008 3.5, size 2.50 Mb.

Super iPod Video Converter build 2008 3.6 Gold Medal Software Co., Ltd. 

Super iPod Video Converter build 2008 is a professional video to iPod converter software. Super iPod Video Converter build 2008 supports for the latest industry standards. Its standards-based encoding algorithm ensures that the videos you create have best quality, and video conversion has never been easier or more cost-effective. Its conversion. Free download of Super iPod Video Converter build 2008 3.6, size 2.69 Mb.

Super Granny 4 1.0 Big Fish Games, Inc. 

Super Granny is back and better than ever! As Super Granny, Kamila and Margaret reminisce about their past adventures, help the ladies navigate exotic locales. Everything will lead up to a final showdown with the nefarious, and dastardly named, Colonel Hans Foote, the leader of a mysterious shadow organization. With all-new enemies and a hilarious. Free download of Super Granny 4 1.0, size 45.67 Mb.

Super Mario 64 1.2 

Super Mario 64 you should control the Mario to cross all the obstruction. Meanwhile, get as many golden coins as possible. The game is beautiful. You can see the green hills, the green trees, and the beautiful follows in the background. The sky is blue with white cloud in it which makes you very comfortable when playing. You can use the arrow keys. Freeware download of Super Mario 64 1.2, size 975.17 Kb.

Super Evil Air Voltar 1.0 

Super Evil Air Voltar is an action game for free. The Mighty Skullossus is undefeated in the time-honoured sport of villain punting. Voltar is desperate to break that record and get his name into the Big Book of World Wreckers, mostly because it comes with a free t-shirt and a a year's supply of Evil-brand cocoa. But Skullossus is not about to give. Freeware download of Super Evil Air Voltar 1.0, size 3.53 Mb.

Super Soldier 1.0 

Super Soldier is an action game for free. Guide the super soldier through the enemy territory, convert all enemy flags and return back safely to your base. You're equipped with a gun to help you fight against the foot soldiers. You can jump into a tank or other military vehicle and smash all the enemies along the way. You can also board a chopper. Freeware download of Super Soldier 1.0, size 2.30 Mb.

Super Granny 5 1.0 Big Fish Games, Inc. 

Super Granny is back and ready for action in Super Granny 5, her latest action-packed adventure! When Dr. Meow zaps Super Granny with a powerful shrink-ray, she must journey into the dangerous wilderness of her backyard, battle all-new gran-eating enemies and rescue her precious kitties from unlikely peril! Create your own levels and share them. Free download of Super Granny 5 1.0, size 76.10 Mb.

Super Mario Kart Xtreme 1.0 

This extreme version of Super Mario Kart is a bit more gory than the usual Super Mario games, but it is still family-friendly despite that. Play as either Mario or Luigi and kill enemies with your Kart. Use the Cursor Up and Down keys (Arrow keys) to move your Kart. Speed up by using the Right Arrow key, and stop by using the Left Arrow key. Press. Freeware download of Super Mario Kart Xtreme 1.0, size 702.54 Kb.

Super Mario Bros. INFINITY 1.0 BETA dcdeDev 

Super Mario Bros. Infinity is a remake of the Nintendo NES/SNES game, Super Mario. This remake features Infinite number of randomly generated levels - NEVER Play the same level again! And you play versus the WHOLE world - Online score list.

The aim of SMB infinity is to clear as many levels as possible,to score more points and to be. Free download of Super Mario Bros. INFINITY 1.0 BETA, size 26.40 Mb.

Super Mario: Kamek - Magikoopa's Revenge 1.3 AGRreviews 

Freeware Super Mario game. Small, yet addicitive gameplay! :-). Freeware download of Super Mario: Kamek - Magikoopa's Revenge 1.3, size 1.32 Mb.

Super Mario Adventure 2 Softendo 

Your objective in this super Mario game is to make your way through multiple levels, running and jumping, collecting coins, pouncing on enemies and and making your way through small dangerous obstacles. Use the ARROW KEYS to move around. Enjoy the game!. Freeware download of Super Mario Adventure 2, size 6.86 Mb.

Super Mario Luigi 1.0 Softendo 

Classic Super Mario Bros! You can pick Mario or his green brother Luigi. Fight against Bowser's enemies, defeat them using mighty fireballs and other cool bonuses. Have a nice playing time!. Freeware download of Super Mario Luigi 1.0, size 4.87 Mb.

Super Mario Boat Bonanza 1.0 

Super Mario Boat Bonanza is adventure game for free. In Super Mario Boat Bonanza, Press up arrow key to jump to avoid your enemies. Collect coins and green mushrooms hang in the sky. Watch out for the enemies, like the piranhas, skeleton birds and bomb balloons. Once you are touching with them you will lose your life. In addition, the green. Freeware download of Super Mario Boat Bonanza 1.0, size 964.69 Kb.

Play Super Mario: Flash Version 1.0 

Super Mario Online is a basic program that puts a direct link to a high quality flash version of the classic game "Super Mario Brothers". This version is different in many ways but it still unmistakably Mario. If you are bored take a few minutes and play this classic game for a few minutes and see if that helps.

There are many. Freeware download of Play Super Mario: Flash Version 1.0, size 41.94 Kb.

Super Mario Bullet Bill 1.0 Softendo 

This is a Super Mario game with a smashing twist - you get to play as a Bullet Bill! See the instructions in the game for Details of how to play. Each time you complete a level you will be given a password to write down so that you can skip that level the next time you play (but be careful when entering passwords, as the game is case-sensitive).. Freeware download of Super Mario Bullet Bill 1.0, size 3.57 Mb.

Free Super 7 Slot Machine 1.0 Zomas Marketing 

The is a free Super 7 Slot Machine from Freeware download of Free Super 7 Slot Machine 1.0, size 1.50 Mb.

Super Collapse 3 1.0 

Super Collapse is back with the third installment of this highly addictive series! There's more action and surprise than ever before! Adventure awaits as you explore 10 unique lands in the all-new Quest mode. Earn coins to purchase items in the Shop, or take a breather and try your luck at one of 10 mini-games in the Casino. And for the true. Free download of Super Collapse 3 1.0, size 14.80 Mb.

Super Stamp 1.0 Big Fish Games, Inc 

Have fun collecting a wide variety of stamps by matching shapes in Super Stamp. Did you know that the first official stamp, the Penny Black, was introduced in the year 1840 by Great Britain? Find out more exciting stamp facts and enjoy beautifully drawn stamp collecting in this great Puzzle inlay game.

* Collect tons of stamps
*. Free download of Super Stamp 1.0, size 17.74 Mb.

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