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Batch Files Printing 4.0 Lantech Soft 

Batch Files Printing v4.0 Prints DOC, DOCX, PDF, TXT, JPG/Jpeg, html, RTF, PPT, POT, XLS, XLSX, XML etc file in Batch Process. Printing of files can be scheduled for future and prints scheduled files. File's Printing Sheduler can set the date and time when you want to print your files for particular printer.

* Prints BUNCH of files.


Batch Word Find and Replace 3.5.5 TechnocomSoft 

Batch Word Find & Replace tool can search and replace words in word files. Users can add as many files as they want and can alter words from them. It supports functioning in all formats of Word files like .doc, .dot, dotm, .docx, .dotx, etc.
The tool has been dressed up with the latest features that are both time & effort saving.. Free download of Batch Word Find and Replace 3.5.5, size 3.87 Mb.

Batch PDF Stamp 1.0 Dreamify 

Batch PDF Stamp is a user friendly tool for adding stamp to PDF files. Users will already be familiar with our Microsoft Office 2010 layout. Our program offers time saving batch file processing for handling large numbers of files easily.. Freeware download of Batch PDF Stamp 1.0, size 4.59 Mb.

Normica Batch-Processor 3 Normica GmbH | Normica Software 

Batch converter, batch editor, batch printer. Automatic editing, printing, plotting and export for optimum sharing of data in suitable formats for all departments of your company.

The Normica scheduler and hot folders function allows you to create integrated work-flows. Thanks to its intelligent scaling and rotation features, your. Free download of Normica Batch-Processor 3, size 10.56 Mb.

Free Batch Photo Resizer (Portable) SunlitGreen Software 

A free, simple and handy batch photo resizer. It lets you resize multiple digital photos at a time. You can specify a new pixel dimension, as well as a percentage value. You can also resize photos by specifying the size of a bounding box.. Freeware download of Free Batch Photo Resizer (Portable), size 308.19 Kb.

Free Batch Photo Editor 3.2 SunlitGreen Software 

BatchBlitz is a free, powerful and handy digital photo categorizer, filter and batch editor.

1. BatchBlitz is a photo file categorizer:

BatchBlitz enables you to categorize your photos by Exif/IPTC metadata. E.g. you can categorize your photos by the date they were taken, putting all photos in the same folder if they were. Freeware download of Free Batch Photo Editor 3.2, size 3.17 Mb.

Batch Video Converter XFreesoft 

Batch Video Converter is powerful batch video converter software which allows you to add batch video files no matter what video formats they are and convert them into the format you need. This Batch Video Converter supports nearly all video & audio formats including AVI, MPEG, RM, WMV, MP4, MOV, M4V, M2TS, FLV, MKV, VOB, AAC, OGG, MP3, and so. Free download of Batch Video Converter, size 7.18 Mb.

Syntax Diagram Editor & Parser Compiler 2.01.08 VISRAL L.P. 

Create and Edit Syntax/State Diagrams Graphically with Drag and Drop.
Convert EBNF, ABNF, XBNF, and XML EBNF to Syntax Diagrams.
Generate Parser/compiler directly from Syntax/State/Flow Diagrams.
Convert Syntax Diagrams to EBNF.
Generates Intermediate Postfix Output for ease of integration .
Implements streaming LL. Freeware download of Syntax Diagram Editor & Parser Compiler 2.01.08, size 1.66 Mb.

Batch Files Renamer 1.0.3 AlgoLogic 

Batch File Renamer is a tool to rename files in a batch process, it is a very easy and simple tool to rename any type of file.You can add remove,insert and replace or text from your file's name,and you can replace file name extension to UPPERCASE,lowercase,littile case or sentence case.

Key Feature:

Powerful real-time. Free download of Batch Files Renamer 1.0.3, size 615.28 Kb.

Free VISCOM Photo - Batch Photo Editor 2.01 Viscom Software 

free photo collage and batch photo editor
Simply drag and drop your photos onto collage.
Adjust the collage size, size of the photos, unlimited add your photos onto collage.
Add frame to your photo, rotate your photo onto collage.
Built-in 32 background template and over 200 beautiful Photo Frames.
create round. Freeware download of Free VISCOM Photo - Batch Photo Editor 2.01, size 42.25 Mb.

Batch Video Converter for Mac XFreesoft 

Batch Video Converter for Mac is versatile batch video converter software for Mac users. Unlike other Mac Batch Video Converter, this Batch Video Converter for Mac allows you to add batch video files no matter what video formats they are by importing folder. And you can convert them to the format you need. Batch Video Converter for Mac can convert. Free download of Batch Video Converter for Mac, size 11.22 Mb.

Find & Replace It! For Windows 1.0.0 dProg - Philippe Docourt 

Find & Replace It! is a powerful search and replace utility. It allows performing very complex batch replacements inside text files of any size. It supports regular expression syntax and dozens of encodings. It has scripting capabilities which allow transforming on the fly the replacement text for every found string. It even handles batch. Free download of Find & Replace It! For Windows 1.0.0, size 18.21 Mb.

BinaryMark Batch Image Resizer 4 1 BinaryMark 

BinaryMark Batch Image Resizer is a batch image resizer. Quickly resize a bunch of images in a few clicks. Easily resize, crop, flip, mirror, rotate, and resample multiple images in just one batch.You can change the value of width and height by either specifying new value in pixels or as a percentage of the original width and height. One of the. Free download of BinaryMark Batch Image Resizer 4 1, size 1.93 Mb.

Design-Lib.Com - Batch PNG to JPG 1.0 Design-Lib.Com 

Batch PNG to JPG is a handy png to jpg converter. For you who need to do a batch image conversion from png picture to jpg image. It will flatten multilayer png and for multi frame png it will convert the first frame only. Simply add folders containing png files or manually select multiple png, set the output folder where you want the jpg images. Freeware download of Design-Lib.Com - Batch PNG to JPG 1.0, size 1.44 Mb.

ICC Batch Converter 1 2 ColorGrinder 

ICC Batch Converter is a more fully featured utility that allows you to make file format conversions on whole batches of TIFF and JPEG images - use it to prepare images for printing on high quality photographic output devices. ICC Batch Converter makes accurate color conversions using industry standard ICC color profiles.. Free download of ICC Batch Converter 1 2, size 3.73 Mb.

Image Batch Scaler 1.0 Giuseppe Gallucci 

It is described by the project team as follows: Image Batch Scaler is an easy to use application for batch-scaling images.
It's features are:
- Automatically scales your favourites images
- Proportions selection
- Preview option
- Three types of processing: high quality, balanced and fast.. Freeware download of Image Batch Scaler 1.0, size 18.23 Mb.

Automation Batch Tools 3.0 Microsys 

Automation Batch Tools is automation software program for batch processing of tasks on the computer.

Main features:
- Use the built-in conversion, batch and automation tools to save time.
- Speed up and automate repetitive computer tasks such as file handling.
- Visually add file and directory patterns you want to be. Free download of Automation Batch Tools 3.0, size 1.78 Mb.

eDocfile Inc Barcode Batch Separator 3 1 eDocfile Inc 

Barcode Batch Separator is a program that increases employee productivity at the copy machine when scanning numerous small files. The program allows the user to take full advantage of the copier's speed when scanning. Currently if a user is scanning a batch of files they need to scan one file at a time. With Barcode Batch Separator they can. Free download of eDocfile Inc Barcode Batch Separator 3 1, size 18.90 Mb.

ReMage - The batch image resizer 1.6 ReMage 

We strongly recommend you this popular ReMage - The batch image resizer! For details please visit producer's web site now: . ReMage Image Resizer does not require being installed or uninstalled. Just download ReMage Image Resize and run it. Navigate to the folder where you keep your images. Press 'START' and. Freeware download of ReMage - The batch image resizer 1.6, size 1.54 Kb.

EML to PDF Batch Converter 6.1 EML to PDF Batch Converter 

If you have batches of EML files and want to move them into PDF document format? Then give a try to the hot and best EML to PDF Batch Converter program that being designed to convert EML to PDF batch. Our EML file to PDF batch converter software easily handles all the unlimited .eml emails to pdf conversion process without damaging any email items,. Free download of EML to PDF Batch Converter 6.1, size 6.64 Mb.

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Missing CR after Batch Label Causes Repeat of Last Command

Describes a bug in versions 3.3, 4.0, and 5.0 of DOS that can cause a command to repeated if one or more lines of a batch file are not correctly terminated.

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Summary of, and instructions on, how to log events from a batch file in Windows NT 3.x and 4.0 using Logevent.exe.

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A short description of how to use cacls.exe in a batch file for all forms of Windows NT and Windows 2000.