Talking Cat Tom For Iphone

Cat Nap Pro 1.0 Louis Dufresne 

****Rated 8/10 by The iPhone App****

Fall asleep & wake up to a cuddly friend in Cat Nap Pro. This application features a fully functional Alarm Clock and Countdown timer, that wakes you to your own MP3's.

Use it to not only wake from. Free download of Cat Nap Pro 1.0, size 1.57 Mb.


A+ Visual Voice Compass 1.0 G.P. Imports, Inc. 

Main Feature:We blended the native compass with the camera view, you will be able to see all the compass location data on top of the camera view of your device.

Finally a Voice (Talking) compass for the iPhone. With this application you will be able to hear your iPhone guiding you.
Everytime you change heading, the iPhone will. Free download of A+ Visual Voice Compass 1.0, size 419.43 Kb.

Baba Yaga 1.2 BumpBump Books, LLC 

- No Ads.
- No in-app purchasing.
- Book with bumper-car game for kids and grownups.

The gruesome witch Baba Yaga tries to lure an innocent girl inside her enchanted hut on chicken legs...but is foiled by a talking cat and an enchanted comb. This Russian folk tale comes to life on mobile devices with magical realism.

HungryMaster 1.18 xionchannel 

The highly anticipated sequel to ElectroMaster has arrived!


"A truly original game built around an authentically fresh mechanic."

Delica and her talking cat Saten are hungry! Lucky for them they know how to turn the monsters that infest the nearby forest into fruit. Your. Freeware download of HungryMaster 1.18, size 7.34 Mb.

Cat Wallpapers for iPhone and iPad 1.0.0 Asad Ullah 

This application contains beautiful wallpapers of cats.
You can save to photos album or email to your friend. Even you can share it on facebook and twitter.
Enjoy!. Free download of Cat Wallpapers for iPhone and iPad 1.0.0, size 44.46 Mb.

ABC Memory Match for Kids 1.2 Muhammad Salman 

It might be fun talking to the tom cat or slicing up the fruits with fruit ninja or racing up to climb the hill or breaking up the space of blocks with the cute little angry birds. But what do you learn from all of this? Nothing! ABC Memory Match for Kids is not just a game; its all about learning kids alphabets, the time management and improving. Freeware download of ABC Memory Match for Kids 1.2, size 14.89 Mb.

2-2-1 Press with Tom Moore 1.0 TekReliance LLC 

For the first time, an NCAA Division 1 Head Coach - Mens Basketball is now on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch offering basketball teaching and instruction in a clinic setting!
Coach Tom Moore, the Head Coach of Mens Basketball at Quinnipiac University is recognized as on of the great young coaches in Division 1 basketball, and in this app he. Free download of 2-2-1 Press with Tom Moore 1.0, size 432.01 Mb.

9Poe - The Black Cat 2.10 Area51 Publishing 

9Poe: The Black Cat

Animated illustrations.
- Soundtrack and sound design.
- Animated effects.
Animated Introduction and credits.
Reading device customizable by the player.

The famous story of Edgar Allan Poe lives on iPhone and iPad in an animated, sophisticated and spectacular version. Get in the deep. Free download of 9Poe - The Black Cat 2.10, size 286.26 Mb.

Abyssinian Cat 1.6 LIME Developers 

Have fun and learn about your Abyssinian Cat with this amazing iPhone App. It has everything you want to know about your dog.

-Information about the Abyssinian
-Wonderful photo gallery
-Video gallery with many videos including funny videos
-A Puzzle game with 3 different levels and different images you have to complete in. Free download of Abyssinian Cat 1.6, size 3.67 Mb.

Baby's Talking 1.01 Vernon Media LLC 

Don't forget your child's first words. Start saving those new words today using Baby's Talking for iPhone!

Baby's Talking is a first words diary that allows you to conveniently record your child's new words and remember them in the years to come.


- Keep individual word diaries for all of your. Freeware download of Baby's Talking 1.01, size 3.57 Mb.

Cat Orchestra 1.0 James Hudson 

Tired of human beings talking to you? Want a pet, but have no time? Don't get only one cat - get a whole bunch of them!

There are seven cats sitting on a wall, each with its own personality. Touch a cat, and it makes a distinctive "miaow".

This app was developed to provide Hanna & Kerttu's fans with a tool to. Freeware download of Cat Orchestra 1.0, size 838.86 Kb.

Cat Meme App 1.1 Conscious Apps 

Create funny cat memes right from your iPhone or iPod touch!

? EXTENSIVE library of funny cat memes and royalty-free cat photos
? SHARE via Facebook, Twitter, Email, or save to Photo library
? CREATE your own meme using stock photos or photos of your cat!
? FREE daily random cat meme

The Cat Meme App can provide. Freeware download of Cat Meme App 1.1, size 10.59 Mb.

Cat Runner 1.0 Jonathan Hamon 

Cat Runner is a fast paced anticipated game, and now available for iPhone/iPod/iPad!

Quickly jump over and roll through obstacles, as fast and as far as you can. With only 3 lives try not to fall to your doom!

?- Very fast paced gameplay?
- Really challenging?
- Increasing difficulty from easy to bone. Freeware download of Cat Runner 1.0, size 4.30 Mb.

CAT Scale Locator 2.0 BoomerCo 

Now you can access CAT Scale locations from anywhere on your iPhone / iPad device! Easily Locate and Save locations based on your current GPS location or custom search!. Freeware download of CAT Scale Locator 2.0, size 9.86 Mb.

Cat Scan: Your Contacts as Cats and Dogs! 3.0 ReignDesign 

Address Book looking a bit bare? Don't have pictures for all your Contacts? Make them into CATS... or DOGS!

Using revolutionary technology, Cat Scan will:

1. Scan the contacts on your iPhone.
2. If a contact doesn't have a photo, it gives them an amazing CAT photo!

NEW: Turn all your friends into dogs too -. Freeware download of Cat Scan: Your Contacts as Cats and Dogs! 3.0, size 34.92 Mb.

Cat Selfie 1.1.1 Acceleroto 

In memory of our cat Tia, the calico cat on the icon, Cat Selfie is now on sale for free. We hope you have as much fun with your cat and Cat Selfie as we did with Tia.

Put your camera-equipped iPhone, iPod touch or iPad on the ground (carpet works best) and watch your cat take self portraits! Cat Selfie shows a bouncing "flaming. Freeware download of Cat Selfie 1.1.1, size 11.64 Mb.

Cat Selfshot Camera 1.1 AMANITA K.K. 

The first iPhone application of its kind!
A camera application especially designed for cats to take their own

This application allows your house cat to take its own self-portrait.

***How to Use***

Start. Free download of Cat Selfshot Camera 1.1, size 8.91 Mb.

Cat Shot 2.9 DAN-BALL 

This game is the 1st iPhone game for the Web Game Site "DAN-BALL"
It's an easy action shooting-game,in which comical kittens shoot down fish.

The player uses the cat's catapult to drag and release,lefting the ball fly.
Aim carefully at the target with a slingshot. You can't shoot until the black cat brings you a. Freeware download of Cat Shot 2.9, size 3.88 Mb.

Cat Soundz!* 1.2 nolan ratu 

Cat Sounds!* is a cool iphone application that plays Cat Sounds, play the sounds with your friends, family and your pets.. Freeware download of Cat Soundz!* 1.2, size 1.99 Mb.

Cat UP!! 1.1 disCrea 

Now with iPhone 4 HD Retina graphics!

Cat UP! is an addictive jumping game. You may go up across the sky jumping on fishes and spines. Be careful NOT to fall down or TOUCH water, cats doesn't like water, you know. Taking the balls of wool (bronze, silver and gold) earn extra points and a mega jump!
Tilt the device to left and right. Freeware download of Cat UP!! 1.1, size 10.38 Mb.