Talking Tam Come Back

Come Back 64 1.0 

Come Back 64 is a software emulator for the Commodore 64 Computer running on various platforms.. Freeware download of Come Back 64 1.0, size 211.08 Kb.


Help Turtle Come Back Home 1.0 

B?n hay giup nh?ng chu rua nh? b? l?c du?ng v? nh? , cac chu rua s? c?m on b?n r?t nhi?u. Chuc may m?n.
You can help small turtles come back home. They will thank much to you. Good luck for you. Free download of Help Turtle Come Back Home 1.0, size 5.98 Mb.

Sphinx Screensaver 1 Pixel Paradox 

Come back to a time when the Sphinx was young. See the Great Pyramid of Cheops clad in gleaming white limestone and capped in gold. Experience the mystery and magic of the desert night and the glory of the daylight vista. Listen to the evocative theme music as you sit on a sand dune above the Sphinx. Watch as 24 hours pass on the Giza Plateau in. Free download of Sphinx Screensaver 1, size 4.67 Mb.

BabyDrive 1.0 Meridian'93 

Is there any person who at least once in his lifetime wouldn't want to come back to childhood? You get such a small piece of your childish anxieties playing this simple and colorful game. Help this cute and always smiling baby to have a good time and join him in his fun.. Free download of BabyDrive 1.0, size 10.73 Mb.

Raising Dead 1.7 Gelios Software 

The dead have come back and you've got to defeat them. Moving through cities or catacombs, you seek a variety of weapons, ammo, keys and other things and try to rescue the world from the dead. The game has a small violence and easy controls by a mouse or keyboard. It uses nice Hi-color graphics with the screen resolution up to 1024x768. The Auto. Free download of Raising Dead 1.7, size 3.91 Mb.

What To Do 1 4 Handcrafted Bytes 

Did you ever go someplace, come back, and realize there were other things you could have gotten done while you were there? Wouldn't it be great to avoid all those extra trips? With What To Do you can record your To Do's and some knowledge about where you do things. What To Do uses that knowledge to organize your task list. It's then. Freeware download of What To Do 1 4, size 3.27 Mb.

No More Cookies Pronto Internet Solutions Corporation 

Every time we visit any web page, your browser will generate a file called "cookie", these files have a specific reason, every time you come back to that web site the deploy will not take long anymore it will be easily and rapidly, why?, because the file "cookie" it’s available. Now, people or companies without. Freeware download of No More Cookies, size 0 b.

Val`Gor - Dark Lord of Magic 1.0 Big Fish Games, Inc. 

A secret group of dark magicians have come back to life. Their evil leader, Lord Val`Gor, has started making changes to the world. These changes are documented with pictures, and you must search each one to find the differences. Be cautious, some pictures are cursed to delay your search... expect the unexpected.

* A variety of. Free download of Val`Gor - Dark Lord of Magic 1.0, size 20.09 Mb.

Margrave Manor Remastered 1.0 Demand Media, Inc 

Come back to this classic hidden object adventure! Margrave Manor Remastered takes you once again to the spooky old mansion. As Edwina Margrave, try once more to find your grandfather who went missing under mysterious circumstances 10 years ago. Your only clue to his whereabouts is a strange door with a puzzle for a lock.

You must search. Freeware download of Margrave Manor Remastered 1.0, size 112.31 Mb.

100 Payline Wheel Slots - Slot Machine Game with Progressive Bonus Jackpot 1.0 Best Slots Bingo Poker Casino Games 

You're an instant millionaire when you start with $1 million dollars in this fun and addictive 100 Payline slot machine game.

Keep spinning and increase your chances on winning the progressive million dollar jackpot.

Come back daily and win a daily bonus to add to your winnings. The more you come back, the more you win!

4 Pics Puzzle for Tango 1.0.1 Second Gear Games 

Look at 4 pictures and guess what word they represent. This sounds easy, but some puzzles can be tricky! If you like quiz and word games, you'll enjoy this fantastic brain teaser.

You can skip words and come back to them later.
The pictures are revealed one by one. Guess the word with less pics and earn extra. Freeware download of 4 Pics Puzzle for Tango 1.0.1, size 38.17 Mb.

90 Minutes - How you doing? 1.1 5Knot 

90 Minutes is a simple way to tell your friends how you feel with just one word: in or out.
Happy or sad, busy or free, up or down? A snapshot of your mood which expires after 90 minutes, then you will come back to an undefined status.

How your friends are doing?
Whenever you think of someone just shake your phone to. Freeware download of 90 Minutes - How you doing? 1.1, size 4.51 Mb.

AutoBizUSA 1.0 Multichoice Group,Inc 

Please utilize our free Iphone app to learn :
How to improve traffic to your website.
How to make SEO work for your business.
How to generate more quality leads.
How to keep customers come back to your website.
How convert website visitors and direct them to your CRM tool.
Please enjoy our iPhone app.. Freeware download of AutoBizUSA 1.0, size 629.14 Kb.

Axe Lunar Racer 1.0.1 Unilever Australia Limited 

Pilot your Axe Space Academy lunar vehicle through nine zones as you boldly go where no man has gone before. Collect Hero coins on each mission to make upgrades and purchase new vehicles in your quest to leave Earth a man and come back a hero.

Game Features:
- Boost gives you extra propulsion to navigate tricky lunar terrain.
-. Freeware download of Axe Lunar Racer 1.0.1, size 30.20 Mb.

Back2Home 1.03 Ali golmohammadi 

This App is designed to show your location on the map, take you home from any location, allow you to Park your car and direct you to your parking place. You only need to "Set Home" once, then you are set for any location you go to come back to your home with detail Map direction. Also you may use "Park Here" to park your car and. Free download of Back2Home 1.03, size 629.14 Kb.

BakPakCloud 2.04 Pakedge Device & Software Inc. 

The BakPakCloud is an all-in-one management solution. It allows dealers and integrators to view, manage and maintain their networks from anywhere in the world.
- Receive Email/SMS alerts when devices go offline and come back online.
- Monitor pakedge and non pakedge equipment.
- Automatic discovery of pakedge equipment on your. Freeware download of BakPakCloud 2.04, size 70.78 Mb.

Chicken Revolution2 : Zombie 103 BLUE GNC 

Zombies come back!

[Chicken Revolution: Zombies] is a defense game to keep the base camp from zombie chickens, joining humanity and chickens.

The long war of humanity and chickens connected by Chicken Revolution ends with the advent of the zombie chickens. Zombie chickens that appeared suddenly attack and infect all living. Freeware download of Chicken Revolution2 : Zombie 103, size 39.85 Mb.

Chops Ahoy-Kung Fu 1.1.1 CiRE software 

The legendary chopping game has come back with a new hero!

Chops Ahoy has been a hit and is now an enjoyable, little time killer in your hand. The maker not only decided to bring you more effects for a greater experience, but added a new surprise: Bruce Lee is now working with the far-sighted old man. Lets see how the story ends!
. Freeware download of Chops Ahoy-Kung Fu 1.1.1, size 108.00 Mb.

Echochops 1.3.0 Masayuki Akamatsu 

The extreme delay machine that you've never heard before.

In short: This is a Karaoke echo machine. Words spoken in the iPhone's microphone will come back a few seconds later. It's like the echo effect you can hear at a mountain. You can get various kinds of effects by changing the delay time and the feedback rate.

To make. Free download of Echochops 1.3.0, size 314.57 Kb.

Escape the room 2 lite 1.0.0 SK planet 

Hello! We are happy to announce this news to all the iPhone and iPod touch users.
We have come back with Escape the Room! In this series, we have enhanced quality of the game as well as the authority you are given in a vast space!
We expect users to thrill as they find out secrets of each room and succeed break-outs!
Do not miss. Freeware download of Escape the room 2 lite 1.0.0, size 87.56 Mb.