Talon Dvr Remote Monitoring

Remote Multi-Screen 1.1 Chaser Soft 

Software to remote monitoring of several computers in network or Internet (up to 256 computers simultaneously).. Freeware download of Remote Multi-Screen 1.1, size 580.61 Kb.


Proto-X 1.0 NGtron ltd 

Proto-X is a H.264 DVR remote viewer.
- Live monitoring
- PTZ control
- Time search and play
- Relay control
. Freeware download of Proto-X 1.0, size 2.31 Mb.

SmartEyes HD 1.0.23 SAMMYUNG CO.,LTD. 

Remote monitoring app for DVR(Digital Video Recorder). Freeware download of SmartEyes HD 1.0.23, size 2.52 Mb.

SmartEyes_Pro 1.0.8 Rifatron Co., Ltd. 

Remote monitoring app for DVR(Digital Video Recorder)
SmartEyes update version!!. Freeware download of SmartEyes_Pro 1.0.8, size 6.92 Mb.

Vidis 1.3 Emdem 

Video surveillance system allowing the remote monitoring of an area using a PC and a webcam, digital camera or camcorder. Images are periodically uploaded to your own website and can be viewed in a web browser from any computer connected to the Internet. Optionally, when motion is detected, images are stored locally and on a remote server where you. Free download of Vidis 1.3, size 616.45 Kb.

Vidis Lite Emdem Technologies 

Video surveillance system allowing the remote monitoring of an area using a PC and a webcam, digital camera or camcorder. Images are periodically uploaded to your own website and can be viewed in a web browser from any computer connected to the Internet. Supports most webcams, digital cameras and camcorders connected to a video capture card or an. Freeware download of Vidis Lite, size 5.91 Mb.

Sentry24CMS 2 1 EMSTONE 

The CMS software offers users the most compelling remote monitoring solution available in the modern IP-Surveillance security market. It has capabilities to view, search data and control up to 4,096 cameras from any combination of up to 256 Linux DVR Software products worldwide via internet. The powerful video data handling proficiency allows Linux. Freeware download of Sentry24CMS 2 1, size 3.73 Mb.

Unisonosoft.com Mini Webcam Robot Auto 9 1 Unisonosoft.com Software Lab. 

Mini Webcam Robot Auto Email Special help you to send the video or snapshot email by the time you need
Remote monitoring the real time video from web browser
4 Cameras View.

It could view 4 webcams at the same time. And monitor 16 webcams at the same time. But you still could view more than four webcams by clicking the. Free download of Unisonosoft.com Mini Webcam Robot Auto 9 1, size 2.73 Mb.

Saturn Remote Log Viewing System 1.0 Saturnlog 

Log viewing system that enables the remote monitoring of many metalog servers through mysql server(s).

Saturn Remote Log Viewing System 1.0 License - GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL). Freeware download of Saturn Remote Log Viewing System 1.0, size 0 b.

Guard Assistant Alexey V.Voronin @ Dreamy 

Guard Assistant is a lightweight application that provides remote monitoring capabilities for anyone who has access to a live webcam or analog camera connected to a TV tuner card.

The program is able to capture screenshots at a predefined interval and save them in JPG format into a directory you choose.

. Free download of Guard Assistant, size 0 b.

Sirena 2.1 Marine Microbiology Group 

Sirena is intended to be a low cost, automated, remote monitoring tool. The application includes standard commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) components coupled with open technologies.

The program aims to acquire digital images and to generate statistical products that can be presented to the general public. It can also transfer the. Freeware download of Sirena 2.1, size 0 b.


Complex of programs FPS provide remote monitoring of GPS receivers and visualize data on a computer operator.
The program presented for the free use can track the position of only one GPS-receiver.

As GPS receivers can be used smartphone with GPS operating systems to Windows Mobile 5 or 6 and configured
Internet. Free download of FPS +LTu+ETS+LTu+LOCU+ETA+ET-+ET- GPS +ET-+ETz+ETZ+ETS+LOCU+ETz+LOeC+ETS+ETZ+ET¦+ET- 0.08.00, size 14.33 Mb.

NetEye Control Center 5 7 Video Domain Technologies 

Leading the way in video monitoring software solutions and equipment, the NetEye transmitters include the comprehensive Observer remote monitoring software application. The economical, easy to install and versatile NetEye family of transmitters are the winning choice of installers, monitoring stations and proprietors alike!. Free download of NetEye Control Center 5 7, size 0 b.

Upsmon 5.1.001 UpsTechnet 

UPSmon is a multiplatform client-server software that enables remote monitoring of the UPS with SNMP, HTTP, and UDP.
* Scheduled and event-triggered actions (remote and local messages, email, sms)
* HTTP communication with standard internet browsers
* SNMP communication with standard NMS
* Local and remote shutdown
*. Freeware download of Upsmon 5.1.001, size 9.66 Mb.

MC4J Console MC4J 

MC4J is a Swing application for remote monitoring and administration using Java Management Extensions (JMX). It also includes support for all major application servers and advanced features such as live attribute graphing and customizable dashboards.. Freeware download of MC4J Console, size 92.71 Mb.

HomeIO 2011.01.18 homeio.sourceforge.net 

Remote monitoring and controll system for home use. Main goal is to create multilayer software for collecting data (weather data, measured data), gain remote access via web page, and controll some aspects like heating and lighting. https://flattr.com. Freeware download of HomeIO 2011.01.18, size 133.34 Kb.

Open Bioprocess Monitor 1.0 biomonitor.sourceforge.net 

Open Bioprocess Monitor aims to be open source remote monitoring system for bioreactors. System (written in php) can display all available data in a web browser. Currently system has been built as a proof of concept for educational purposes.. Freeware download of Open Bioprocess Monitor 1.0, size 3.56 Mb.

OpenDMTP 1.3.2 opendmtp.org 

OpenDMTP is a protocol/framework that allows communications with small devices (mobile phones, PDA's, and other high-latency/low-bandwidth devices), especially geared towards the transmission of GPS, temperature, and other remote monitoring information.. Freeware download of OpenDMTP 1.3.2, size 308.35 Kb.

JPAnalyser 1.0 Jpanalyser 

JPAnalyser is a tool for remote monitoring/analysis of Java and Java EE applications. It uses the advanced bytecode manipulation technologies provided by Java 6 to insert code into an application at runtime to gather information.

JPAnalyser 1.0 License - GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL). Freeware download of JPAnalyser 1.0, size 0 b.

EHouseKeeper 3.06 Shenzhen Olycom Technology Co., Ltd. 

EHouseKeeper is a free app designed for eRobot which is a new generation of smart home product,It uses advanced P2P network transmission technology, remote monitoring, video calling has never been easier,it is the best way to engage with family and friends.. Freeware download of EHouseKeeper 3.06, size 29.78 Mb.