Telephone Directory Software In C

Telephone Directory 2008 2008 Telephone 

Telephone Directory 2008 is web based application designed in PHP with MySql support where you can add, edit, delete your contacts just by clicking a few clicks Requirements :- php, apache, mysql.

*** A whole new version is going launch by the end of this April.
NEW VERSION - Telephone Directory 2012

Telephone. Freeware download of Telephone Directory 2008 2008, size 17.15 Kb.


PHPdir 0.2 

A PHP/MySQL based telephone directory intended for use on a small to medium sized corporate intranet. The database is somewhat simplistic and only allows first and last name, title, department name and phone number/extension.. Freeware download of PHPdir 0.2, size 75.19 Kb.

IsoCreator 1.0 Iso-creator-cs 

IsoCreator (could also be called Folder-to-ISO or Directory-to-ISO) C#.NET 2.0 application which creates ISO 9660 Joliet CD images from a given folder or volume. Can also create ISO with virtual files, given a tree representing a directory structure.

IsoCreator 1.0 License - Academic Free License (AFL); Public Domain. Freeware download of IsoCreator 1.0, size 24.48 Kb.

Minims .Net 1.0 Minimsnet 

Light weight UPNP Content Directory in managed C# for use with PS3. Stream Video Music and Photo to your PlayStation 3.

Minims .Net 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Minims .Net 1.0, size 0 b.

Personal Telephone Directory 1.0 Ptd 

A simple Phone Directory with add new,update,search and delete methods.

Personal Telephone Directory 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Personal Telephone Directory 1.0, size 0 b.

Dropout 0.91.1 Plus3 

Dropout is a portable application that makes it easy to search your USB, Dropbox or any other directory. Written in C# it uses the Lucene full text search library and IFilter's to search the content of your files. Simply place the executable in the directory you want to search and it does the rest.

Have you ever want to find files on. Free download of Dropout 0.91.1, size 1.47 Mb.

Asterisk AD integration \ VQ monitoring 1.0 

The project is a preconfigured VoIP PBX VM Image based on Asterisk. But provides more advance features, such as LDAP integration, VQ monitoring via RTCP XR reports, LDAP user login, integrated billing system and telephone directory PDF generator.. Freeware download of Asterisk AD integration \ VQ monitoring 1.0, size 1183.20 Mb.

Reverse cell phone number directory 1.0 Reverse cell phone number directory 

Reverse cell phone number directory
The Mobile Phone Directory may be the one of the most extensive directory all-around where you are able to search by cell phone number as opposed to by name. Now whenever you get a call in your cellular phone and you don't recognize the cell mobile phone number calling you, you can use the Reverse Cellular. Freeware download of Reverse cell phone number directory 1.0, size 1.37 Mb.

Argali White & Yellow Darwin Holdings, Inc. 

Argali saves you time – it searches multiple telephone directories so you don't have to. The found listings are combined, formatted in a uniform way and displayed as if they came from one integrated metadirectory. Many additional searches are also provided – see the list below.. Free download of Argali White & Yellow, size 3.90 Mb.

wx.NET for Windows 0.9.2 wx.NET Contributors 

wx.NET is a C# wrapper for wxWidgets (, providing a portable GUI toolkit for .NET programs. Supported on Windows using MS.NET or Mono.

Building on Windows Using Visual Studio.NET

<b>Introduction :</b>

- This document provides. Free download of wx.NET for Windows 0.9.2, size 28.80 Mb.

Geo Data German Admin (English) 10.02 C. Killet Software Ing.-GbR 

Geodata of the Federal Republic Germany with municipalities, postal codes, telefone preselections. Suitable for branch searches, periphery searches and distance computations. Georeferences as Gauss Krueger, UTM and geographic coordinates. ORTREF: 12.500 geocoded cities and municipalities. ORTGEM: Allocation of 12.500 cities and municipalities to. Free download of Geo Data German Admin (English) 10.02, size 310.27 Kb.

NTP Leap Trace 1.0 David Taylor 

Small program to check whether your NTP is detecting a leap-second flag, and if so, from where. My thanks to Dave Hart for suggesting the commands required to extract the leap-second data. The program needs write-access to the directory where it is copied, to write a temporary file, so for Windows Vista I suggest installing in a fresh directory. Freeware download of NTP Leap Trace 1.0, size 513.80 Kb.

DOS Utilities BACKUP9.EXE 2.1 Gammadyne Corporation 

Gammadyne Corporation offers the following DOS command line programs which you may download and use freely.


* These programs run on all versions of Windows since 95.
* You may distribute these programs as long as they are not modified or sold. If you would like to package them with a commercial program, please. Freeware download of DOS Utilities BACKUP9.EXE 2.1, size 262.14 Kb.

Notes Pilot 1.71 Two Pilots 

With Notes Pilot, you can collect text and images from web pages with ease. Just drag'n'drop selected text and images on the program icon and Notes Pilot will save it. You can collect text from Outlook, MS Word and other programs too! . Free download of Notes Pilot 1.71, size 2.41 Mb.

iReferent Light 3.02 Sitex Ltd. 

Easy-to-use Contact Manager for small business and home users that organizes your personal call center to work in "hot" mode (while speaking) and keeps track of unlimited number of your contacts with this customizable data warehouse. It has the unique database structure: you can add into the database any (!) number of the description. Free download of iReferent Light 3.02, size 1.57 Mb.

DiamondCS IRClean 2 Diamond Computer Systems 

IRClean is a 100% free, standalone, compact, and easy-to-use yet very powerful anti-worm system designed to specifically combat worms that target or use IRC chat networks to propagate. It has been released into the public domain for free to help stem the growing tide of IRC-propagating worms.IRClean is very easy to use. When run, it will prompt you. Freeware download of DiamondCS IRClean 2, size 30.72 Kb.

Science Toolbar Icons 2011.1 Aha-soft 

Develop slick and professional scientific or engineering software or Web sites faster and easier with a comprehensive collection of scientific icons. Science Toolbar Icons depict common objects and symbols used in various fields of science and engineering, including Retort, Test Probe, Molecule, Structure, various mathematical symbols, Chemical and. Free download of Science Toolbar Icons 2011.1, size 4.14 Mb.

Fishing Guides - Charters & Parties Database 1.0 Oddity Software LLC 

Fishing Guides and charters database covering the United States. Also some listings for Hunting & Fishing Preserves as well where applicable.Whether youlre a weekend fishing enthusiast or a championship deep-sea fisher, you will find it helpful to have a centralized database of all things related to fishing. An up-to-date, well-organized. Free download of Fishing Guides - Charters & Parties Database 1.0, size 1.64 Mb.

RuVdrill.xls Russian Vocabulary Drill (requires Excel 97 or later) 1.00.00 

RuVdrill.xls (Russian Vocabulary Drill, version 1.00.00, 25 March 2001)=======================================================================This program requires Microsoft Excel 97 or later. The program is provided as a ZIP file (RUVDRL10.ZIP) that should be uncompressed into a directory such as C:\RUSSIAN on your hard drive. Use the file. Free download of RuVdrill.xls Russian Vocabulary Drill (requires Excel 97 or later) 1.00.00, size 0 b.

Perfect Science Icons 2011.2 Aha-soft 

Create slick and professional scientific and engineering applications or Web sites faster and easier with a comprehensive collection of scientific icons. Perfect Science Icons include images of objects and symbols commonly used in various areas of science and engineering, such as Retort, Test Probe, Molecule, Structure, numerous mathematical. Free download of Perfect Science Icons 2011.2, size 5.33 Mb.