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Nokia Research Center

Corporate R&D unit of Nokia, conducting research into areas of mobile and fixed communications, Internet technology, and audio-video signal processing.

Frequently Asked Questions from Newgroup comp.sys.hp.hpux

Contains the answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) seen in the Usenet newsgroups comp.sys.hp.hpux.


Among other products, Nokia's IP400 and IP650 hardware firewall modules are based on FreeBSD.

Nokia VPN

Learn about Nokia's Firewall/ VPN appliance, an integrated solution using Check Point technology and a purpose-built Nokia security platform.

HP Contact Information

Contact information for HP, including phone numbers, email addresses, office locations, and links to product support information. Organized by country.

Nokia Home Communications

Provides Nokia Mediamaster set-top boxes for digital television and digital video recording.

HP Printers

Offers a wide range of HP printers, accessories, and supplies.