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Text Analysis Tool 1.0 t-a-t.sourceforge.net 

Development \ Components and Libraries

TAT is a tool to aid in producing a list of Actors, Use Cases, Candidate Classes and Attributes from a plain text file of a statement of requirements by highlighting words and clicking on the appropriate button or menu item. Results saved as text or XML.. Freeware download of Text Analysis Tool 1.0, size 640.71 Kb.


txt2tags text converter 2.5 txt2tags.sourceforge.net 

Development \ Documentation

Txt2tags converts a text file with minimal markup to HTML, XHTML, SGML, LaTeX, Lout, UNIX Man Page, Wikipedia, Google Code Wiki, DokuWiki, MoinMoin, MagicPoint(mgp), PageMaker. Features: simple, fast, automatic TOC, macros, filters, include, GUI/CLI/. Freeware download of txt2tags text converter 2.5, size 549.17 Kb.

HXTT Character Set Converter 1.0 HXTT 

Utilities \ File & Disk Management

HXTT Character Set Converter is a free toolkit for text file. That freeware should work on any platform that supports Java.. Freeware download of HXTT Character Set Converter 1.0, size 26.62 Kb.

FMPP - FreeMarker-based PreProcessor 0.9.14 fmpp.sourceforge.net 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

Command-line/Ant-task/embeddable text file preprocessor. Macros, flow control, expressions. Recursive directory processing. Extendable in Java to display data from any data sources (as database). Can generate complete homepages (tree of HTML-s, image. Freeware download of FMPP - FreeMarker-based PreProcessor 0.9.14, size 4.65 Mb.

HindiDict 0.1 hindidict.sourceforge.net 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

HindiDict creates a Latex formatted Hindi dictionary from a text file. The entries will be sorted both by Hindi and by English.. Freeware download of HindiDict 0.1, size 105.17 Kb.

JAnyGen 0.1 janygen.sourceforge.net 

Development \ Code Management

Generate any kind of text file using XML, XSL and XPath with this Ant task. JAnyGen has been created for the purpose of generating Java class files under a project tree using XSL template files.. Freeware download of JAnyGen 0.1, size 50.65 Kb.

Java Data Processing Project 1.00 jdpp.sourceforge.net 

Education \ Science

Java Data Processing Project aims to manipulate text file containing scientific data such as time/intensity scan or spectrum. Jdpp provide large flexibility to read all possible time duration and date format. It is originally design to treat MS data.. Freeware download of Java Data Processing Project 1.00, size 4.07 Mb.

KAKE PAD 32 kpad.sourceforge.net 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

Graphical text/file editor written entirely in Perl with the Perl Tk module.The text/file editor provides some advanced features that make it good for writing and debugging Perl and other types of scripts easily.Supports plugins!!. Freeware download of KAKE PAD 32, size 3.67 Mb.

MKhoster Document Plagiarism Checker 1.0 plagiarismcheck.sourceforge.net 

Home & Personal \ E-books & Information Databases

MKhoster document plagiarism is an easy web application that enable you to check plagiarism in a text document, Just upload your text file and start check now.. Freeware download of MKhoster Document Plagiarism Checker 1.0, size 749.30 Kb.

MSDViewer b.1.1.2 msdviewer.sourceforge.net 

Education \ Science

MSDViewer (My Schematic Drawer and Viewer) is a schema editor using a simple text file as input. Requires tcl/tk (>8.4) and Iwidgets (>4). should work on every platform supported by tcl/tk. Output postscripts.. Freeware download of MSDViewer b.1.1.2, size 347.16 Kb.

Octavia music description language 0.25 octavia.sourceforge.net 

Multimedia \ Sound Tools

Octavia is a music description language that reads a text file and converts to midi. It also provides the full power of python interpreter.. Freeware download of Octavia music description language 0.25, size 276.76 Kb.

PHP thumbnail Photo Gallery 3.0 craftysyntax.com 

Multimedia \ Graphic Viewers

A graphical PHP coded thumbnail image gallery using either a simple text file database OR Mysql database. really easy to install. features include multiple image galleries, FTP import, alter the look and design, user tracking .... Freeware download of PHP thumbnail Photo Gallery 3.0, size 12.36 Kb.

Pydoku 1.0 pydoku.sourceforge.net 

Games \ Misc. Games

This is a single python script that makes a sudoku puzzle and gives you the choice of level and outputs it into a text file.. Freeware download of Pydoku 1.0, size 2.41 Mb.

pyxmdb 0.7 pyxmdb.sourceforge.net 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

pyxmdb is a database utility for exporting and importing data between a delimited text file and virtually any DBMS. Tested with Python 2.3-2.6, Linux and Windows, SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle and Ingres. User extendable for any Python DB-API driver.. Freeware download of pyxmdb 0.7, size 13.74 Kb.

xbug 1.0 xbug.sourceforge.net 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

xbug is a bug tracking system in a single file, aimed at projects where there's need for more flexibility than a text file, but where a full fledged system is overkill or cost prohibitive.. Freeware download of xbug 1.0, size 3.27 Kb.

Gutenberg to HTML 1.0 Gtxt2html 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

A UNIX command-line utility written in Perl that takes a raw Project Gutenberg text file and converts it to highly formatted HTML.Designed to make reading Gutenberg eBooks much easier and more enjoyable.

Gutenberg to HTML 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Gutenberg to HTML 1.0, size 12.26 Kb.

region oriented ascii processor 0.1.2 Roap 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

Roap scans a text file, extracts regions that matches specifiedpatterns from it, and processes them with specified executablessequentially. Each executable reads the region as the stdin,and whole their stdouts are written out as the stdout of Roap

region oriented ascii processor 0.1.2 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of region oriented ascii processor 0.1.2, size 16.64 Kb.

MUSASH 1.0 Musash 

Utilities \ Misc. Utils.

MUSASH provides a utility to digest text, file and a byte char. It also able to compare two files, compare file, text and char to a hash. It also allows user to search for a string that evaluates to a hash given. Supported algo: MD5, SHA1 and SHA2 family

MUSASH 1.0 License - GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL). Freeware download of MUSASH 1.0, size 347.93 Kb.

jfxtail 1.0 Jfxtail 

Web Development \ Log Analysers

The program shows the last 20 lines of a text file.
The display automatically updates, if the text file has been changed.
Being written in java it supports works on all platforms, for which javafx is available.
e.g.: Windows, MacOS, Linux,...

jfxtail 1.0 License - BSD License. Freeware download of jfxtail 1.0, size 36.70 Kb.

Advanced Sliding Text Software 4 7 Sirius Computer Consultants Limited 

Web Development \ Java & JavaScript

Very efficient Sliding Text News Scroller with a very easy set up process. This applet is designed to read a text file and display the contents within your web page in scrolling format. There are many advanced features which places this product above other news and text scrollers. Main Features Summary Multi-Language Support Adjustable Scroll Speed. Free download of Advanced Sliding Text Software 4 7, size 103.42 Kb.