Text Tool Software

Free Text Tool 2.0 Microsoft 

Free Text Tool is a simple replacement to help you read your documents and excel spreadsheets. Free Text Tool encompasses a full-featured document viewer, integrated with all of the advanced features. It also allows you to view excel spreadsheets.

Aiming to meet the needs of general and professional users, Free Text Tool allows you to. Freeware download of Free Text Tool 2.0, size 4.46 Mb.


Simple Auto-Correction Text Tool 1.1 qkarakter.sourceforge.net 

Simple Auto-Correction Text Tool. Convert to upper/lower case. Remove unnecessary spaces. Solve iso utf problems. Convert to English alphabet. Auto Format. Replace/ Change Words. Turkish and English support.. Freeware download of Simple Auto-Correction Text Tool 1.1, size 60.89 Kb.

Grin Tool 1.0 GRIN 

Grin is a text tool to assist in finding word pairs with literal connections, in a directory of text files. The pairing to be based on proximity and or grammar. End result being an informative display showing the connected file(s).

Grin Tool 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Grin Tool 1.0, size 0 b.

ArtRage Studio Pro Demo 3. 5. 2004 Ambient Design 

ArtRage studio adds loads of new tools to your toolkit, including: A Watercolor brush, an auto smoothing Inking Pen for fine line work, Flood Fill, a Selection tool, a Text Tool that allows live editing of text on layers, the special effect Gloop Pen, and more.

You can store presets for each tool let you get back to your previous. Free download of ArtRage Studio Pro Demo 3. 5. 2004, size 47.34 Mb.

Icon Easel 98 2.0.0004 Paul Traver, Traver News Service 

IconEasel 98 is a complete Windows icon and cursor editor, including animated cursors, and it also sports all the standard drawing tools you'd expect in an editor, plus dithering tools, gamma adjustment, RGB adjustment, Gradient Fill, Text Tool, complete Rotation, and much more. With support for icons ranging in size from 16x16 to 48x48 and. Freeware download of Icon Easel 98 2.0.0004, size 2.36 Mb.

Easy Writer Lite 2.1.3 Infovole 

Easy Writer Lite - the power of simplicity ...
This user-friendly and simple text editor is the ultimative productivity text tool for your iPad.

"The best iPad text environment Ive discovered yet", says Charles Moore on appletell.com
"The de facto intelligent text processor for the iPad" - top rating at. Freeware download of Easy Writer Lite 2.1.3, size 15.83 Mb.

Export Database to text for SQL Server 1 6 OmBelt Solutions 

With this program you can export selected tables to the set of text files. This export text tool supports all modern Microsoft SQL Server versions including Express editions. The program can support predefined data sources (DSN) as well as direct connections by server name, and also support project files to share or reuse export database settings.. Free download of Export Database to text for SQL Server 1 6, size 61.01 Mb.

Yasisoft Image Editor Yasisoft 

Working with Yasisoft Image Editor is very simple. All tools and effects are easy to understand and to use.

Features and Capabilities:

Draw basic shapes (such as Lines, Curves, ellipses, rectangles, stars, polygons and spirals) as well as the ability to transform and manipulate these basic shapes by rotation, stretching. Free download of Yasisoft Image Editor, size 28.07 Mb.

qkarakter-yeni 1.1 Ertugrul Bolat 

Simple Auto-Correction Text Tool. Convert to upper/lower case. Remove unnecessary spaces. Solve iso utf problems. Convert to English alphabet. Auto Format. Replace/ Change Words. Turkish and English support. Freeware download of qkarakter-yeni 1.1, size 4.72 Mb.

EZ-Forms-Contractor 5.50.ec.22 the EZ-Forms Company (EZX Corporation) 

.EZ-Forms-Contractor is the Filler, Printer, Viewer for Contractor and Construction Professional Related forms..The included Filler/Typer allows you to load up a form then fill it out by simply selecting the text tool, clicking to the location intended and typing.. You will be able to modify text attributes like font, size and color with the. Free download of EZ-Forms-Contractor 5.50.ec.22, size 16.94 Mb.

Hindi Unicode Converter 6.0.0 WinTech Soft 

This is a remarkable software tool developed to help in converting Shusha and kruti font to Unicode. Tool can convert font in various devnagari scripts like Hindi, Marathi, Nepali, and Sanskrit with similar ease. Tool not only converts Shusha to mangal or kruti to mangal but also converts kruti to Shusha or Shusha to kruti. Need for such tools. Free download of Hindi Unicode Converter 6.0.0, size 1.41 Mb.

GTRM CryptoGateway Software Inc 

The Global Text Resource Manager can be used to translate text fragments stored in a variety of formats used in online or offline. It also contains a smart client user interface for a next generation service of CryptoGateway used to do collaborative cross language translations. It is a general purpose translation system designed to have the. Free download of GTRM, size 3.89 Mb.

Clean Text for Windows 3.4.1 Apimac 

Apimac Clean Text eliminates all text formatting, preparing it for pasting and other useful functions, such as removing empty lines, removing multiple spaces, removing tab characters etc. Main Features: Fixes Paragraphs. Removes returns within a paragraph and removes multiple empty lines between paragraphs. Replaces multiple spaces with a single. Free download of Clean Text for Windows 3.4.1, size 5.24 Mb.

Desktop Publisher Pro 2.2.8 Cristallight Software 

Would you like to make high-quality publications such as brochure, newsletters or book template? Desktop Publisher Pro application is the ideal choice for business, education or home professionals. Using classic DTP interface with user friendly tools, you'll enjoy to work with our publishing software.
Desktop Publisher Pro is a high quality,. Free download of Desktop Publisher Pro 2.2.8, size 14.33 Mb.

Just Color Picker 5.5 Anny 

A free colour picker and colour-editing tool for web designers, photographers, graphic designers and digital artists. Features HTML, RGB, HEX, HSB/HSV, HSL, HWB, CMY, CMYK and Delphi colour code formats; averaged colour sampling for handling colour noise; 3x, 9x and 15x magnifier and keyboard control of the mouse cursor movements for greater. Free download of Just Color Picker 5.5, size 3.06 Mb.

LinktivityPresenter 1.0 Inter-Tel, Inc. 

LinktivityPresenter is an excellent tool that you can utilize for interactive presentations. It allows you to draw, highlight and type directly on your computer screen, it doesn't matter what window program is opened. LinktivityPresenter works like a pane of glass and you can paint whatever you want. At any time you can switch between the. Freeware download of LinktivityPresenter 1.0, size 0 b.

Gradientex 1 3 SilverAge Software, Inc. 

Gradientex will help easily Decorate your Web Pages with Gradient Text, Fade in and fade out effects. You can specify font attributes both with start & finish colors either from standard or web safe palette. You can chose between using <font> or <span> tags in output. Built-in preview allows to see the resulting effects on any. Freeware download of Gradientex 1 3, size 0 b.

AMA Text Tool 1.0 amatexttool.sourceforge.net 

The main purpose of AMATOOL is to create an application for semiautomatic mark of text, using XML tags. The texts is typical can be archaeological reports or midleagetextscripts.It is a semiautomtaic editor.. Freeware download of AMA Text Tool 1.0, size 3.32 Mb.

cineSync for Mac OS X 1. 3. 2003 cineSync 

cineSync is a remote review and approval tool that allows people to review visual media, live with anyone, anywhere in the world. cineSync is a remote review and approval tool based on Apple QuickTime technology. By synchronising the timeline and playback of movies, you can quickly and efficiently view your work at the same time with anyone. Free download of cineSync for Mac OS X 1. 3. 2003, size 5.03 Mb.

Postal Service and Banking Barcode Fonts Postal service and banking barcode fonts 

Barcode creator software is able to develop vibrant postal labels, bank stickers with the help of trendy image designing stuffs. Postal service and banking barcode fonts create barcode images in versatile forms like label, sticker, rolls, sheets, tags, ribbons, coupons and much more. Barcode label maker utility impressively develops multicolored. Free download of Postal Service and Banking Barcode Fonts, size 5.18 Mb.