The Game O

iSoccer 1.0 Isoccer-game 

iSoccer a game o two halvesA Sensible Soccer clone made for linux

iSoccer 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL); MIT License. Freeware download of iSoccer 1.0, size 0 b.


Conway's Game o' Life Simulator 1.0.2 Gameolife 

A very simple and basic simulator of the Conway's Game of Life. It's in JAVA. It might be a good start for students wanting to reproduce this game with the original game rules.

Right click to start or pause the simulation. Left click to add or kill cells.

Conway's Game o' Life Simulator 1.0.2 License -. Freeware download of Conway's Game o' Life Simulator 1.0.2, size 25.58 Kb.

Cat iTonic - Free Cat Games 1.1 Cat Game Apps LLC 

Want to have some fun with your cat? Variety and challenge are the key. This app includes:

o Cat videos goldfish and songbirds are included.
o Favorite sounds birds, purring and a fish tank filter are included.
o Choose the video and then choose the sound to create your own cat game.
o In-App purchase to add squirrel. Freeware download of Cat iTonic - Free Cat Games 1.1, size 38.90 Mb.

Tank-O-Box 1.2 Exclusive Games 

Tank-o-Box is a new action-packed remake of a classic arcade battle tank game. Your mission is to destroy all enemy panzers and defend your headquarters. Several types of terrain; four seasons; day, night and twilight; ultra-heavy tanks, rocket launchers and pillboxes. Modern 3D graphics and sound guarantee the ultimate battle-tanking experience.. Free download of Tank-O-Box 1.2, size 4.35 Mb.

Click O Pack 1.0 

Click-O-Pack is an arcade game designed for Windows. It comes with great graphics, effects and modes. The pack combines together four very popular games of click-and-pop type: Click Art, Cupidometry, Hawaiian Drops and Pop-a-Pearl. Four times more unforgettable fun!. Free download of Click O Pack 1.0, size 36.00 Mb.

Tank-o-Box Macintosh Edition 1.2 Exclusive Games 

Tank-o-box is a new action-packed remake of a classic arcade battle tank game. Modern 3D graphics, 3D sound and fancy game engine guarantee the ultimate battle-tanking experience.

The game action takes place on the battlefield, where your tank and your enemies appear. Your mission is to destroy all enemy tanks and defend your. Free download of Tank-o-Box Macintosh Edition 1.2, size 7.66 Mb.

SpongeBob Ship O Ghouls 1.0 

SpongeBob Ship O Ghouls is an arcade game for free. SpongeBob is trapped in the Flying Dutchman haunted wreck, and now, horror of horrors, the ship is rising to the surface! If it sees the light of day, our soggy hero will dry out, a truly frightening prospect! Help Sponge Bob to escape from the sunken galleon before to reach the surface. Press the. Freeware download of SpongeBob Ship O Ghouls 1.0, size 1.81 Mb.

Krab o Matic 3000 1.0 

Krab o Matic 3000 is a arcade game for free. this is a hamburger game. Help Spongbob make the correct amount of krabby paties before time runes out.Make shure that each machine part dosent run out ingredients and stop sneaky plankton from stealing the precious krabby patties. Good luck!. Freeware download of Krab o Matic 3000 1.0, size 2.87 Mb.

Cybertron 1 Thomas Plesko 

Cybertron is a futuristic game, in which you zoom through huge cyber cities skiding off buildings and ricocheting off I/O towers for big bonus! Shooting at digital binary streams, and blowing away I/O towers may be fun, but you'll need to go FAST to get to the finish line line before your time runs out! Going over speed pads is the only way to go,. Free download of Cybertron 1, size 14.94 Mb.

Football-o-saurus 1.1 Sean OConnors Windows Games 

Football-o-saurus is a fast paced game of 5-a-side dinosaur football. You control your dinosaur by simply pointing where you want him to move to, and pass the ball by clicking on where you want to aim. The computer controlled dinosaurs are all very intelligent and will run into space when their team has the ball, and mark their opponents when they. Free download of Football-o-saurus 1.1, size 1.14 Mb.

Stand O' Food 2 32.0 Oberon Media 

If you ever thought that working at McDonald’s would be a good idea, try yourself by playing this fun game! Stand O Food 2 – the new version of the classic Stand O Food - is a very amusing game, now, totally redesigned. Once again, you will be the cook in charge of making the burgers for the customers. As the customers walk in. Free download of Stand O' Food 2 32.0, size 20.94 Mb.

Sean O'Connor's Windows Games UFOs Sean O'Connor's Windows Games 

Sean O'Connor's Windows Games UFOs 1.2 is a game for Windows. Up to four people on a network or over the internet can play Sean O’Connor’s Windows Games UFOs. The user has to guide their UFO to try to snatch as many crystals as they can before the opponents get them. There are also "Meanies" out there who. Free download of Sean O'Connor's Windows Games UFOs, size 58.44 Mb.

Five O'clock Farkle Five O'clock Software 

Five O'clock Farkle 3 is a fast-paced, addictive, easy to learn dice game (for 1 to 8 human and/or customizable computer players) similar to the popular dice games 'Ten Thousand' and 'Press Your Luck.' Version 3 adds a larger, clearer user interface, new dice sets, new background scenes, a High Rollers (high scores) list,. Free download of Five O'clock Farkle, size 0 b.

O-G Sokoban 1.0 Gamehouse Inc. 

Solve mind-boggling puzzles in O-G Sokoban, an addictive brain teaser based on the classic Japanese game.

Moving the red cubes into their designated area sounds easy enough until you realize that you can only get them there by pushing forward. With strange board layouts and obstacles in your way, can you figure out the perfect pattern. Free download of O-G Sokoban 1.0, size 1.39 Mb.

Collapse-O-Mania 1.0 Uxus Software 

Collapse-O-Mania - new old addictive arcade colorful game for all ages. The purpose of the game is to remove as many bricks from the board as possible to prevent these bricks from filling the entire game screen. Click at the group of three or more bricks of the same color and they will disappear. When bricks fill the entire game screen the game is. Freeware download of Collapse-O-Mania 1.0, size 1.18 Mb.

Net-o-Grama 0.3 

Net-o-Grama is a networked anagram game, which can be played by up to 4 players, but playing alone is also supported. Currently the server and a terminal (ncurses) based client for Linux is ready, but a graphical client (sdl) is coming soon.. Freeware download of Net-o-Grama 0.3, size 208.11 Kb.

MORAS: Rail'o'matic 1.0 Rail-o-matic 

Modular Railway Simulator: Rail'o'matic -- (1) flexible solution of railway's scheme; (2) realistic physical model of train move; (3) extended logistic core; (1) + (2) + (3) = good base for game

MORAS: Rail'o'matic 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of MORAS: Rail'o'matic 1.0, size 0 b.

Piss-O-Rama 1.0 Por 

This is a PHP4/5 port of the classic shareware BBS WWIV game PISS-O-RAMA. I have uploaded the original C source in the documentation area, and am developing it into: 1) A single PHP page containing all functionality 2) A html file output of high scores

Piss-O-Rama 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Piss-O-Rama 1.0, size 0 b.

Sueca - O Jogo 1.0 Sueca-ojogo 

"Sueca - O Jogo" it's a game of cards well known in Portugal and Brazil

Sueca - O Jogo 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Sueca - O Jogo 1.0, size 0 b.

Friendly Tic-Tac-Toe Python Game 1.0 Tttpy 

english: A Tic-Tac-Toe game in python with the idea of put the computer teatching his oponent how to win or don't lose the game with nice comments while he playsportugues: Um jogo do galo em python com a ideia de por o computador a ensinar o jogador. Freeware download of Friendly Tic-Tac-Toe Python Game 1.0, size 0 b.

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