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BAC Alcohol Calculator Free 1.1 Simopt, s.r.o. 

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Interactive BAC calculator. See when you can drive again. The Free version.


* Cool graphics
* Intuitive (drag & drop) user interface
* Interactive graph with results
* Customizable beverages

Over 50 predefined beverages with cool icons:

* Beers
* Stouts
*. Freeware download of BAC Alcohol Calculator Free 1.1, size 37.01 Mb.


HexZombie-Programmer's Calculator 1.1 Van Chandler 

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The ultimate Programmer's Calculator. Simultaneous display of hex and decimal values. Separate keypads for hex and decimal data entry. Always displays both operators, the operand and the result in both number bases. iPad supports up to 64 bit operations, iPhone supports 32 bit.. Freeware download of HexZombie-Programmer's Calculator 1.1, size 629.14 Kb.

Pro Personal Trainer - An Interactive Health & Fitness Workout For All Levels 1.0 Iconic Apps 

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The ultimate interactive Health & Fitness training video app. Professional Fitness coach Gary Croft, will teach you all you will ever need to know to help yourself. Mixed health & fitness techniques help become a healthier person.

This app teaches state of the art Fitness techniques for both the beginner and the seasoned. Freeware download of Pro Personal Trainer - An Interactive Health & Fitness Workout For All Levels 1.0, size 261.10 Mb.

Bangkok Metro Map Transport - Sky train and Boat 1.0 APP MAKERS LTD 

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- Bangkok Transport is the ULTIMATE interactive map of all the Bangkok Transport.

- Chao Phraya Express, MRT Systems, BTS Skytrain an the Airport Link all in one app.

- You can find the Stations near to you by GPS, and when you are on the train or boat, you can see the offline map of all the stop stations.

- You can. Free download of Bangkok Metro Map Transport - Sky train and Boat 1.0, size 1.89 Mb.

Evergreen Home Loan 2.8.3 Matt Hansen 

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Introducing the Evergreen Home Loans interactive mortgage calculator, the perfect tool for Home Buyers, Homeowners and Realtors, alike.

Take the mystery out of home shopping. This handy mortgage calculator is available to you on the fly, whether youre in the car touring homes or shopping online in the comfort of your home.

Hypermunes Pregnancy Wheel 1.0 iMed Studios 

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The Hypermunes Pregnancy Wheel App is an interactive pregnancy calculator and resource designed to be a quick, easy-to-use reference for on-the-go healthcare providers. Based on user input, the Wheel provides numerous calculations: expected delivery date, key trimester milestone dates, and a running tally of expected fetal statistics such as age,. Freeware download of Hypermunes Pregnancy Wheel 1.0, size 1.26 Mb.

Home Remedies By Patti 1.0 voi nguyen 

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Home Remedies offers tools and tips for a variety of things around your apartment or home like food and liquor cooking substitutions, cooking measures, numerous stain removal treatments like dried blood or wine and grape juice, traveling tips, remedies for dogs and cats, take crayon or magic marker off wall and clothes, get rid of. Free download of Home Remedies By Patti 1.0, size 314.57 Kb.

Human Anatomy Lite 1.1 voi nguyen 

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All features of this application are described below. This application allows the user to search the topic list. Within each topic, the user may view pictures and text description simultaneously. The user can adjust the display window in real time to customize the view to show more or less of the text description. The user can size the font on the. Free download of Human Anatomy Lite 1.1, size 85.67 Mb.

BAC-Ultimate Blood Alcohol Calculator 1.0 Digital Labz LLC 

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This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true blood alcohol calculator functionality.Keep in mind that the results generated are estimates, the calculation should not be used to determine whether a person is able to drive. Do not rely completely on Calculated BAC level.

BAC is an. Freeware download of BAC-Ultimate Blood Alcohol Calculator 1.0, size 1.36 Mb.

Evidence-Based Physical Diagnosis 1.1 Usatine Media LLC 

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Evidence-Based Physical Diagnosis helps you choose the diagnostic approaches that have been proven most effective! Dr. Steven McGee puts the most current evidence at your fingertips, equipping you to easily select the best test for diagnosing a given condition and understand the diagnostic significance and accuracy of your findings. A remarkably. Free download of Evidence-Based Physical Diagnosis 1.1, size 113.25 Mb.

QuickmailAU 1.0 Quickpack Holdings 

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Quickmail are proud to announce the first edition of the Quickmail iPhone App.

The Quickmail iPhone Application is a convenient handheld bank of services and information. Complete with contact links, features include a handy Australian Postcode finder and an interactive Savings Calculator for QuickConnect - our most innovative mailing. Freeware download of QuickmailAU 1.0, size 1.68 Mb.

RacquetTune - String Tension 5.3 Sten Kaiser 

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Listen to your racquet and perfect your game!

RacquetTune ensures that your racquet is ideally suited to your style of play. Simple and straightforward to use, the app uses the sound generated by tapping the strings to calculate the tension with high accuracy. In addition, the interactive swingweight calculator aids in customizing your. Free download of RacquetTune - String Tension 5.3, size 4.40 Mb.

Zoo Guide 1.0 ZooGuide, LLC 

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Zoo Guide brings the animal kingdom to your fingertips.

Interesting audio clips deliver unique facts about the animals you encounter, while enjoying the zoo at your own pace. However, Zoo Guide is not limited to the zoo experience. It can be used anywhere, any time. Children love to scroll through their favorite animals or learn about. Free download of Zoo Guide 1.0, size 41.21 Mb.

7 in 1 : Percentage Calculator 2.5 Digifun Studios 

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7 in 1 : Percentage Calculator is a quick and easy way to solve
percentage related problems.


Calculations are now more quick, easy and accurate. 7 in 1 : Percentage Calculator is very useful to business professionals and students. It reduces the number. Free download of 7 in 1 : Percentage Calculator 2.5, size 9.75 Mb.

7 in 1 : Percentage Calculator HD 2.0 Digifun Studios 

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7 in 1 : Percentage Calculator HD is a quick and easy way to solve percentage related problems.


Calculations are now more quick, easy and accurate. 7 in 1 : Percentage Calculator HD is very useful to business. Free download of 7 in 1 : Percentage Calculator HD 2.0, size 6.92 Mb.

Barbados Interactive Guide 1.0 Daniel White 

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Barbados Interactive - The ultimate Island guide for planning your next vacation in Barbados. This App includes the latest information for the best dining spots and Island Attractions in Barbados.

Enhance your vacation with the Barbados Interactive App, the unique interactive island travel guide. Barbados Interactive is updated daily. Freeware download of Barbados Interactive Guide 1.0, size 314.57 Kb.

HiCalc Award Winning Calculator & Unit Converter 3.0 

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800+ formulas in Formula Toolkit ?

Award Winning Calculator Since 2007

HiCalc Pro is an ultimate calculator and will make all your calculations become simpler than ever with 15 calculators: Basic, Scientific, Currency Converter, Unit Converter, Formula Toolkit, Biorhythm, Periodic table, Finance, Date - Time, Constants,. Free download of HiCalc Award Winning Calculator & Unit Converter 3.0, size 19.50 Mb.

HiCalc Business Calculator 2.0 

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HiCalc Finance Edition includes 6 modules including Finance, Currency converter, Business Calculator, Tip calculator, Arithmetic and Trigonometry. All your business calculations will now be so simple!

- Supports Standard, String and RPN mode
- Fraction Mode support
- Precision to 31 digits
- Currency. Free download of HiCalc Business Calculator 2.0, size 2.52 Mb.

MyFinanceLab Financial Calculator 2.0.0 Pearson Education, Inc. 

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Included with your MyFinanceLab subscription, the MyFinanceLab Financial Calculator app gives you access to a fully functional financial calculator along with interactive tutorials. The financial calculator allows you to solve Time Value of Money, Cash Flow, and Amortization problems, while the interactive tutorials walk you through how to solve. Freeware download of MyFinanceLab Financial Calculator 2.0.0, size 252.71 Mb.


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Be the ultimate One Direction know-it-all and get your very own 1D Degree! Pose with the band in the interactive photo booth feature and download original wallpapers, ringtones, and alarms. Get exclusive voicemails, text and video messages from the band and watch exclusive behind-the-scenes videos. Answer 1D trivia to earn your 1D Degree and unlock. Freeware download of 1D Degree 2.1, size 45.09 Mb.

350 Fifth 1.3.1 Joseph Parente 

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350 Fifth Avenue is an app for tenants and prospective tenants of 350 Fifth Avenue. The app includes an interactive map of adjacent points of interest around the building and an efficiency calculator that enables potential tenants to calculate how much space they will use at 350 Fifth Avenue, the most efficient Class A high-rise in Pittsburgh.. Freeware download of 350 Fifth 1.3.1, size 29.67 Mb.

55 Princess Street 1.0.1 WT InfoTech 

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Imagine yourself at 55 Princess Street with this free, interactive app, it makes the vision a reality.

The 55 Princess Street app is the ultimate information source when you are looking for office space in Manchester. This free app allows you to easily find out about and explore 55 Princess Street through Augmented Reality, meaning you. Freeware download of 55 Princess Street 1.0.1, size 84.62 Mb.

7 in 1 : Percentage Calculators Free 2.0 Digifun Studios 

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7 in 1 : Percentage Calculator is a quick and easy way to solve
percentage related problems.


Calculations are now more quick, easy and accurate. 7 in 1 : Percentage Calculator is very useful to business professionals and students. It reduces the number. Freeware download of 7 in 1 : Percentage Calculators Free 2.0, size 9.44 Mb.

AA Big Book and More 3.2.1 Rob Laltrello 

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Your ultimate recovery resource.

The text of "Alcoholics Anonymous" otherwise known as the "Big Book".

Also includes daily meditations from

Includes a Sobriety Calculator to track your recovery.. Freeware download of AA Big Book and More 3.2.1, size 1.15 Mb.

AbacusPro 2.1 Mike McKittrick 

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AbacusPro is the ultimate retro calculator for the iPad! ? This is the best selection of abacuses available in one iPad app. AbacusPro is a great addition to your collection of educational, utility or novelty apps. Visit my website to see a video presentation.

Four different abacuses are included-
* the modern Japanese soroban

AYA Healthy Survivorship 1.1 Healthy Survivorship 

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AYA Healthy Survivorship is designed for Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) cancer survivors (ages 15-39). The app will assess your health habits using an interactive assessment tool that includes a BMI calculator. The assessment gives you a score for lifestyle, physical activity, diet and nutrition and well-being. You can save your score and re-take. Freeware download of AYA Healthy Survivorship 1.1, size 3.04 Mb.

BACKPACKER Map Maker Pro 2.7.2 Trimble Navigation Limited 

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BACKPACKER Map Maker Pro is the ultimate trip planning app your iPad. Plan backpacking and camping trips, and other outdoor adventures on detailed, interactive topo maps and aerial photos. Get instant access to more than 68,000 topographic maps in the US and Canada.

Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background. Free download of BACKPACKER Map Maker Pro 2.7.2, size 46.14 Mb.

Backseat Lawyer 1.2 Stratopy 

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Th Backseat Lawyer app is provided as a resource tool for New York state residents. The app has multiple tools and functions for users:

* Free Legal Advice Submission form
* Interactive New York city red light camera locator
* BAC Calculator
* Drivers License Analyzer Interface
* DMV Points Calculator and Tracker

Chemio - A Student's Chemical Reference 1.2 AppBit Software, LLC 

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Interactive periodic table, solubility table, molar mass calculator and the 3D widget for designing electron configuration of atom. The most necessary chemical references for students in the one neat app - it's Chemio!

Chemio is an interactive chemical reference. It provides a set of useful instruments, which allow you to perform. Free download of Chemio - A Student's Chemical Reference 1.2, size 11.85 Mb.

EucoCalc 1.1 RPM International, Inc. 

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With Euclid Chemical's Product Calculator app, real time solutions are at your fingertips. This interactive tool provides instant estimates, for Time is Money.. Freeware download of EucoCalc 1.1, size 209.72 Kb.