The Ultimate Interactive Trigonometry Calculator

AYA Healthy Survivorship 1.1 Healthy Survivorship 

AYA Healthy Survivorship is designed for Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) cancer survivors (ages 15-39). The app will assess your health habits using an interactive assessment tool that includes a BMI calculator. The assessment gives you a score for lifestyle, physical activity, diet and nutrition and well-being. You can save your score and re-take. Freeware download of AYA Healthy Survivorship 1.1, size 3.04 Mb.


BACKPACKER Map Maker Pro 2.7.2 Trimble Navigation Limited 

BACKPACKER Map Maker Pro is the ultimate trip planning app your iPad. Plan backpacking and camping trips, and other outdoor adventures on detailed, interactive topo maps and aerial photos. Get instant access to more than 68,000 topographic maps in the US and Canada.

Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background. Free download of BACKPACKER Map Maker Pro 2.7.2, size 46.14 Mb.

Backseat Lawyer 1.2 Stratopy 

Th Backseat Lawyer app is provided as a resource tool for New York state residents. The app has multiple tools and functions for users:

* Free Legal Advice Submission form
* Interactive New York city red light camera locator
* BAC Calculator
* Drivers License Analyzer Interface
* DMV Points Calculator and Tracker

Chemio - A Student's Chemical Reference 1.2 AppBit Software, LLC 

Interactive periodic table, solubility table, molar mass calculator and the 3D widget for designing electron configuration of atom. The most necessary chemical references for students in the one neat app - it's Chemio!

Chemio is an interactive chemical reference. It provides a set of useful instruments, which allow you to perform. Free download of Chemio - A Student's Chemical Reference 1.2, size 11.85 Mb.

EucoCalc 1.1 RPM International, Inc. 

With Euclid Chemical's Product Calculator app, real time solutions are at your fingertips. This interactive tool provides instant estimates, for Time is Money.. Freeware download of EucoCalc 1.1, size 209.72 Kb.

Guide - Black & White 2 Pokemon edition 1.0.0 Mario Terek 

*** ULTIMATE GUIDES, CHEATS, VIDEOS, QUIZ for Pokemon Black and White 2 ***
Walkthroughs, tutorials, items, maps, video tips, strategies to beat your friends and more...
+ huge quizzes
+ stat calculator
+ video guides
+ chat and socialise with other app users
+ statistics / pokedex


Harrogate Hidden Histories 1.2 James Pearson 

The ultimate Adventure Trail through Local History.

Whether you're a visitor or a resident, you'll find plenty to keep you occupied.

From the "hidden histories" map guiding you to the very best historical sites in Harrogate, our Interactive features like the Discoveries Hunt and revived and historically famous,. Freeware download of Harrogate Hidden Histories 1.2, size 90.70 Mb.

Heaven & Hell 1.0.0 Texas PFCG Aplicativos Ltda 

Join The ULTIMATE Battle for human domination. PLAY FOR FREE in the most addicting & interactive trading Card Game!
Choose between Heaven or Hell to control angels and demons in an unbelievable fun and totally different card game.
My Awesome Features:
- Six awesome card monsters!
- Ten incredible and challenge levels!
-. Freeware download of Heaven & Hell 1.0.0, size 29.26 Mb.

Ibiza Villas for iPad 1.0 phoneibiza 

Here is your ultimate guide to renting a luxury villa in ibiza, you are able to view over 100 hundred hand picked villas, and you are able to search our whole data base and along with the interactive map you can find the perfect villa for your holiday in ibiza

Along with being able to find your perfect luxury villa we have listed the top. Freeware download of Ibiza Villas for iPad 1.0, size 9.23 Mb.

Pythonista 1.5 omz:software 

Pythonista brings the Zen of Python to your iPad or iPhone.

Create interactive experiments and prototypes using multi-touch, animations, and sound ? or just use the interactive prompt as a powerful calculator.

Pythonista is also a great tool for learning Python ? The interactive prompt helps you explore the language with code. Free download of Pythonista 1.5, size 131.07 Mb.

Racecourses 1.0 Quira Ltd 

Details of all 60 horse racing courses within the UK.

This app provides the user with:

- A choice of interactive maps
- Live route calculator and journey times
- Handy car and hotel location tracker
- Weather forecast for each racecourse
- News, results and ground conditions
- Calendar and social media. Free download of Racecourses 1.0, size 9.54 Mb.

DPLS Scientific Calculator Dot Point Learning Systems 

This is a highly functional and easy to use Scientific Calculator. It incorporates extensive science tools including a triangle calculator, vector calculator, shape calculator, kinematic calculator, half-life calculator, maths calculator, gas laws calculator, statistical calculator, molar mass calculator, pH calculator and one of the most extensive. Freeware download of DPLS Scientific Calculator, size 13.81 Mb.

Interactive Dali Screensaver 1.1 G&P Software 

Interactive Dali Screensaver is a new original toy. You can have fun with objects on Dali's painting, build your own pictures and save them. It's another, innovative way of looking at art. Screensaver based on world famous Dali canvas "Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee Around a Pomegranate One Second Before Awakening". It includes 33. Free download of Interactive Dali Screensaver 1.1, size 1.33 Mb.

Ace Currency Calculator 1.3.1 Currencyworld 

Ace Currency Calculator is a convenient and simple software application that uses the power of the Internet to help you get the currency rates for over 150 world’s currencies, both hard and soft, accepted in 219 countries and territories. The currency exchange rates are determined at the close of the trading sessions and are updated daily. Free download of Ace Currency Calculator 1.3.1, size 1.46 Mb.

Atomic WebPage Size Calculator 1.01 Information Packaging 

Atomic WebPage Size Calculator is a Webpage size and download speed calculator. Use it to ensure that visitors to your website are not waiting too long to download your pages. If they are, then they are most likely leaving before they read anything or buy anything from your site. Use it to calculate the size of your webpages and report on the. Free download of Atomic WebPage Size Calculator 1.01, size 966.66 Kb.

XmlShell - The Ultimate Lightweight XML Editor 1.5 

XmlShell, the ultimate lightweight XML editor, is a Windows-based XML editor. It's fast, powerful, flexible, and intuitive.Main features:1. True side-by-side XML tree structural view and table/editor/browser views: You can make changes in the XML tree view and immediately see your changes in the browser view, XSLT view, or plain text editor view.2.. Free download of XmlShell - The Ultimate Lightweight XML Editor 1.5, size 896.00 Kb.

pgISQL (Interactive SQL for PostgreSQL) 2.2.0 microOLAP Technologies LTD 

Interactive SQL for PostgreSQL is a powerfull database utility for building, executing and processing queries upon PostgreSQL databases. ISQL for PostgreSQL rich feature set and common user interface let you: Build SQL queries using SQL Editor with SQL syntax highlighting and SQL Query History features; Build SQL queries using Visual QueryBuilder;. Free download of pgISQL (Interactive SQL for PostgreSQL) 2.2.0, size 4.26 Mb.

Date Calculator 7.1 Leithauser Research 

Date Calculator performs a variety of calendar related functions useful in business. It will display a calendar for any month of any year. It will calculate the number of days between any two dates, optionally not counting certain days of the week, such as Saturday and Sunday. It can also be programmed to skip holidays. It can also calculate the. Free download of Date Calculator 7.1, size 504.83 Kb.

Rent Calculator Plus! 4 Rent Works Plus! 

Rent Calculator Plus is a fast and easy software tool for Property Managers and Leasing Consultants. Rent Calculator Plus easily calculates rent, deposit, lease end dates, end of the month closing ratio, vacancy rate, and leased occupancy rate. Rent Calculator Plus easily calculates rent, deposit, and lease end dates. Now lets you print forms such. Free download of Rent Calculator Plus! 4, size 2.07 Mb.

Real Estate Calculator Suite 4.3 Wheatworks Software, LLC 

If real estate and mortgage math stress you, Real Estate Calculator Suite is the help you need!In addition to 16 real estate calculators, Real Estate Calculator Suite includes sample text for closing credit accounts, a Documentation List to help you gather your paperwork, a Movers To Do List, a Home Inspection form to help you review potential. Free download of Real Estate Calculator Suite 4.3, size 1.87 Mb.