The Wealth Of Salah

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3D Salah Guide 1.3 PakData 

3D animated guide for Islamic prayer method. Guide is according to Imam Abu Hanifa's teachings.

3D boy character will let you learn how to perform Salah correctly. Character can be rotated 360 degrees. Also includes pinch and zoom.

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Hisabul Salah 1 hisabul Salah 

The #1 Muslim managing Lost Prayers (Hisabul Salah) on Apple!

Hisabul Salah has exciting features that help Muslims every day. This App will keep track of the missed prayers also has the option of adding the time table for each prayer and includes an accurate Quibla Finder (online and offline) to help Muslims to perform their prayers. Freeware download of Hisabul Salah 1, size 3.88 Mb.

Holy Quran Recitation by Sheikh Salah Al-Budair 1.2 SyaFarZah Enterprise 

Holy Quran Recitation by Sheikh Salah Al-Budair.


Listen to 114 Surahs (Chapters) in Holy Quran recitation by Sheikh Salah Al-Budair.

The recitation is in Arab Language.

The meaning of each Surah (Chapter) is in English, Turkish, Spanish,. Free download of Holy Quran Recitation by Sheikh Salah Al-Budair 1.2, size 259.00 Mb.

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