Theme Of Color

Colored Smoke Theme New ExpoThemes 

Pleasant, Beautiful and Cool, that's what Colored Smoke Theme has. Color your monitor with colorful neon style smoke which will sets a different dimension to your desktop.

This theme will customize your desktop screen by applying images of colored smoke. It looks amazingly beautiful with total black background and lighted and colorful. Free download of Colored Smoke Theme New, size 0 b.


Page Turning Book Theme for Color Modern 1.0 Page Turning Maker Ltd. 

This is a color modern style theme pack for page turning book designing, including three themes that released specifically for Page Turning for PDF and Page Turning Pro for PDF. With this theme pack, you can easily convert any PDF files to fashionable e-books, e-magazines. This theme package is released for free, you can feel free to download and. Freeware download of Page Turning Book Theme for Color Modern 1.0, size 3.43 Mb.

Color Scheme Manager 1.0 Shyam Pillai 

Color Scheme Manager is a PowerPoint extension designed to help you store color schemes within your presentations. It aims to extend the PowerPoint features in order to simplify the slideshow design process.

The add-in allows you to easily create a master database with the color schemes that you need to use for your project and assign. Free download of Color Scheme Manager 1.0, size 0 b.

SmadAV 2009 7.4 

In Rev. SmadAV 7 times this has been enhanced to be much faster and lighter in detecting and securing your computer from virus threats in Indonesia. New features added such as Smad-Turbo (Scanning 10x faster), Smad-Theme (Changing the color theme), Smad-Ray (Auto flash is very fast scan). This all makes SmadAV become one of the fastest antivirus. Free download of SmadAV 2009 7.4, size 429.92 Kb.

Autumn Color in Japan Theme New Microsoft 

Autumn Color in Japan Theme allows you to enjoy a wide variety of nature pictures representing Japan in the season of falling leaves.

Maple leaves on moss-covered stones, a veranda overlooking a venerable old garden, Mt. Fuji in an elegant composition with turning leaves in the foreground, and other characteristic scenes of Japan in the. Free download of Autumn Color in Japan Theme New, size 0 b.

Large and Small Theme New Microsoft 

Large and Small Theme enables you to add a touch of color and beauty to your computer by displaying amazing photographs taken by Ond+Oej Vl-Zek.

The artist managed to capture subtle elements of nature, such as dew glistening on the grass or frost clinging to a spider's web.

. Free download of Large and Small Theme New, size 0 b.

Garden Glimpses Theme New Microsoft 

Garden Glimpses Theme helps you get some splashes of color and beauty to your desktop by replacing the default wallpapers with some depicting flowers and insects.

The close-ups have been captured by photographer Rangan Das and they are bound to add a touch of cheerfulness to your PC.

. Free download of Garden Glimpses Theme New, size 0 b.

Feather Photos Theme New Microsoft 

Feather Photos Theme is meant to help you add a touch of color to your desktop, while also admiring nature's art creations when it comes to feathers.

Chris Maynard succeeded in capturing the amazing shades and shapes of numerous types of birds from all over the world, including pheasants, woodpeckers, parrots, swans and even penguins.

Limited Edition Artist Series Theme New Microsoft 

Swirling dragons, floral profusions, and cacophonies of color—this dazzling theme celebrates the innovative work of artists like Kenzo Minami, Sally Zou, Stina Persson, and more.

This theme borrowed its name from a Microsoft collection of wireless mice that feature unique designs.

. Free download of Limited Edition Artist Series Theme New, size 0 b.

Nightfall and Starlight Panoramic Theme New Microsoft 

Designed to extend seamlessly across dual monitors with identical resolution settings, this dramatic theme for your desktop also shifts your glass color to match each stunning, wide-angle image.

Explore distant galaxies, verdant meadows, steep mountains, and serene seas without ever leaving your chair.

Needless to say, if. Free download of Nightfall and Starlight Panoramic Theme New, size 0 b.

Flip Book Maker Themes for Dazzle Color 1.0 FlipBookMaker Ltd. 

In this theme, the dazzle color will offer you a visual enjoy. The yellow color means wisdom, creation and knowledge. It makes you associate a brighter day. In this summer, we hope the yellow themes can offer you a different mood after a busy day. Furthermore, the dazzle color looks so special and beautiful than other ordinary flower background. It. Freeware download of Flip Book Maker Themes for Dazzle Color 1.0, size 14.73 Mb.

TsunamiRoll theme for 3D page flip book 1.0 3D Pageflip Ltd. 

TsunamiRoll theme for 3D page flip templates is a package of simple templates which enable 3DPageFlip standard users to take advantage of them. There are four templates in the package with the same style but different color. That is cleverly stressed the TsunamiRoll topic and you can use the right color according to your page flip book. The. Freeware download of TsunamiRoll theme for 3D page flip book 1.0, size 2.55 Mb.

Ambient Color Firefox Theme 1.0 Brand Thunder 

Bring an ambient glow to your Firefox browser with this simple designer theme for Firefox SEARCH: Our primary revenue source is BING. We will reset your default search engine when installed so please give BING a try! PRIVACY: We respect your privacy. We do track some data - but it's only numbers. We follow the total number of active themes, clicks. Freeware download of Ambient Color Firefox Theme 1.0, size 690.18 Kb.

Aqua Dynamic Theme New Microsoft 

Churning seas, rushing rivers, and gracefully curling waves are just a few of the images you’ll get with this theme.

Water: powerful, serene, and dynamic, captured by our community of contributors in splendid color and form.

Since it is a dynamic theme, it automatically updates its wallpapers via an RSS feed.

Green World theme 1.0 Microsoft 

Green grass, green leaves, and water droplets hanging from the strands of a spider web against a field of ambient green: Download this free Windows 7 theme by photographer Piotr Furman and immerse yourself in the cool, calm color of life and health.. Free download of Green World theme 1.0, size 5.03 Mb.

RussXPSuite 5 Olivault Software 

XP look under WindowsT« 98 / Me / 2000 / XP with three different color schemes All controls support the Windows XP Luna theme with XPBlue, XPSilver, and XPOlive color schemes.Individually built controls allows minimizing the size of your application.Direct replacement for most standard Visual Basic controls.VB 5 and VB 6 compatible.Conditional. Free download of RussXPSuite 5, size 3.13 Mb.

World of Warcraft Desktop Stardock Corporation 

World of Warcraft Desktop theme has a very interesting image that will make your desktop look more alive, with the nice color scheme, including the start up menu and the desktop theme. It is a free application from Stardock Corporation and it has a very exciting look. Freeware download of World of Warcraft Desktop, size 32.33 Mb.

Color Swatch Add-in for PowerPoint 1 1 Shyam Pillai 

Color Swatch Add-in for PowerPoint allows you to quickly create custom color themes.

You can choose any of the twelve available theme combinations, where you can specify any of the twelve colors available. The best thing about this is that you will not need to edit the XML code in order to create or modify your color themes.

Color Express 1.0 Tembo 

A professional, powerful and intuitive color picker application that will help you work with color quickly and easily - in one word, choosing color with Tembo solution is really express! Tembo Color Express should exists in your toolbox, because there is no better software to assist you in designing.

Tembo Color Express enables you to. Freeware download of Color Express 1.0, size 2.04 Mb.

Art Theme for 3D PageFlip Book 1.0 3D Pageflip Ltd. 

The Art theme is pre-designed for the 3D page flip book. There are 4 templates in it with different color and content. You can download the themes to make a good use in your digital book. In this case, you can save your design time and bring a special look to your digital flipping books.
What's more, the pictures in the package are full of. Freeware download of Art Theme for 3D PageFlip Book 1.0, size 3.71 Mb.

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