To Remove Virus Executive Files Become Shortcut Mobile Software

Enkryptionite HD 2.1 Intelligent Data Protector Limited 

Mobile \ Utilities

To prevent fraudulent access to your files, we provide you with Enkryptionite HD solution.
Enkryptionite HD uses AES-256 bits standards.

Once encrypted, your files become unreadable; they can be brought back to a readable state by decrypting them.

Enkryptionite HD is a simple and reliable encryption software that. Free download of Enkryptionite HD 2.1, size 37.64 Mb.


Virut War NgocChi 

Mobile \ Games

The Virus War is a turn based strategy game, you goal is to dominate as much game fields as possible.
In order to proceed to win you must dominate more fields then the other players.
In the virus world,You need to attack all other virus and infect them. As time pass the virus grow and become more powerful. Sometimes your enemies are more. Freeware download of Virut War, size 5.24 Mb.

How to Become Like Christ by Marcus Dods 1.0 AppWarrior 

Mobile \ Lifestyle

Discover How to Become Like Christ!

Marcus Dods shows in simple steps how one can see God in every facet of life. He reveals in plain language how to remove the veil off our faith to see God and thus do the right thing to be like him.

Read How to become like Christ and more interestingly, how any average person can put on the. Free download of How to Become Like Christ by Marcus Dods 1.0, size 314.57 Kb.

Celebrity Style Match Mania: Keep Shopping - Free Game Edition 1.3 Daria Antipina 

Mobile \ Games

- Fun and Free Download!
- Match Cool Celebrity Items!
- Become a VIP!
- Challenge your Friends!

Easy and fun gameplay for everyone to enjoy.

Match 2 or more blocks to remove them from the stage. Earn bonus points if you clear most of the blocks from the stage. Earn as many points as possible to beat your. Freeware download of Celebrity Style Match Mania: Keep Shopping - Free Game Edition 1.3, size 41.00 Mb.

Celebrity Style Match Mania - Pro Game Edition 1.2 Daria Antipina 

Mobile \ Games

- Match Cool Celebrity Items!
- Become a VIP!
- Challenge your Friends!

Easy and fun gameplay for everyone to enjoy.

Match 2 or more blocks to remove them from the stage. Earn bonus points if you clear most of the blocks from the stage. Earn as many points as possible to beat your friends on the global. Free download of Celebrity Style Match Mania - Pro Game Edition 1.2, size 41.84 Mb.

Equify - A Math Puzzle Game 1.1.1 Halc Bilgi Islem A.S. 

Mobile \ Games

Equify let's you have fun while enhancing your math skills and exercising your brain.

Remove the right boxes to make the equation correct.

You will see that over time you become faster and your stats will improve.. Freeware download of Equify - A Math Puzzle Game 1.1.1, size 7.34 Mb.

Holiday Pet Tooth Doctor - the Adventure of Tiny Flying Pig with Flappy Tools for FREE 1.2 Decision Leap, LLC. 

Mobile \ Games

Holiday Pet Tooth Doctor is here! Some attractive pets really need dental work. Test your dental skills on cute pets! Help these attractive pets with tooth decay! Select your pet patient and become a pet dentist.

Learn to remove cavities, make professional deep cleaning, clean tartar, canines, decay, molars, etc. Make your pet's teeth. Freeware download of Holiday Pet Tooth Doctor - the Adventure of Tiny Flying Pig with Flappy Tools for FREE 1.2, size 19.82 Mb.

Puppy Dentist 3.0 GameiMax 

Mobile \ Games

Get ready to experience the amazing work of dentist.
Destroy bacteria with lasers, pluck teeth, remove tar, and so much more.

Choose from an exciting collection of characters.
Choose from different kind of tools to treat your patients better.

Become the best doctor in town and perform different treatments on your. Freeware download of Puppy Dentist 3.0, size 9.44 Mb.

Quadrontax Free 1.1 Lars Rosenquist 

Mobile \ Games

The core is under attack!

The enemy has infected our orbitron reactor with an aggressive nanobot virus! The virus has caused our valuable orbitrons to become unstable. It will not be long before the reactor will blow and the universe as we know it will come to an end! Our scientists have developed a counter virus that should be able to. Freeware download of Quadrontax Free 1.1, size 16.99 Mb.

Smart Coach 1.3 Thin Book Publishing 

Mobile \ Business

Want to increase your people skills, or become a better leader? Smart Coach will guide you, providing the eight tools and key elements you need to succeed. Theres 25 years of executive coaching experience inside this one little app, ready for you to access and use at a moments notice. Click ...More to learn why you should download this App. Free download of Smart Coach 1.3, size 1.89 Mb.

Touch Guitar HD 1.5 RockCat Studio Limited 

Mobile \ Music

Touch Guitar HD turns your ipad into a virtual guitar. Just jam along with a built-in drum machine. What are you waiting for? Just play it and become a Rock Star!

-Note indicator.
-Realistic and high quality sound files.
-Easy playing interface with note label.
-Various guitar sounds e.g. Distortion. Freeware download of Touch Guitar HD 1.5, size 10.17 Mb.

Touch Gems HD 1.4 Idea-Factory 

Mobile \ Entertainment

#### HD VERSION FOR iPad #####

The Touch Gems is a jewel style game. Master the time and collect the gems to become a true Sultan.

You must remove the gems by touching and slide your finger over them. To do this, touch and slide your finger over 3 or more gems to make them disappear and collect. Free download of Touch Gems HD 1.4, size 69.84 Mb.

Dark City Zombie AbsoLogix Technologies Limited 

Mobile \ Games

In 2014, a dangerous virus is spreading all over the world. A large number of people are infected with this virus and become zombies. You are one of the survivors. As an Ex-Marine you are involved in the war against the zombies. Smash hordes of bloodthirsty zombies. Explore the city and uncover the provoking truth in this intense FPS action. Free download of Dark City Zombie, size 36.70 Mb.

How_to_Beat_Your_Trojan_Virus ajay.b 

Mobile \ Education

This app " How to Beat Your Trojan Virus " explains to find and remove the Trojan virus from Your Personal Computer.. Freeware download of How_to_Beat_Your_Trojan_Virus, size 1.05 Mb.

Line 98 Best GameHotFree 

Mobile \ Games

Line 98 Best super hot!

Lines 98 is a wonderful game. It is easy to play , but to become a master is a challenge.
The goal is simple : Keep the screen as clean as possible !
The player can move one ball per turn to remove balls by forming lines (horizontal, vertical or diagonal) of at least five balls of the same color.

Live Chat World AmreenAsh 

Mobile \ Social Networking

This App is designed for Live Chat World Lovers

[] Your old ID's are safe singup again with same user ID and Pass
[] Credits
[] Be Active and Become Admin
[] you can add/remove friends
[] personal messaging. Freeware download of Live Chat World, size 2.10 Mb.

Reason 6: Dr. OctoRex: Sonic Surgery 

Mobile \ Music

Imagine 8 Rex files simultaneously slicing and dicing, mixing and mashing to make the most amazing rhythmic masterpieces. Combine Dr. OctoRex and the expertise of Reason Master, Mo Volans, and the unimaginable has become reality.

Look out! There's a doctor in the house and this mad surgeon has 8 scalpels! His name is Dr. Octo Rex and. Free download of Reason 6: Dr. OctoRex: Sonic Surgery, size 381.68 Mb.

Risen Dead Midnite Red Ltd 

Mobile \ Games

The year is 2040 and the world has endured a virus outbreak plague apocalypse, in turn leading it to become overrun by the walking dead or as we like to call them - Zombies! There is no escape but a endless battle awaits. As one of the lone survivor's of the American army, it's up to you to battle legions of the walking dead in a never ending fight. Free download of Risen Dead, size 42.99 Mb.

Text Tools Free vcnt3rd 

Mobile \ Productivity

Text Tools provides a collection of plain text manipulation tools.

New Features:

- Share Text to Social Networks
- Save Text Locally
- Manage Saved Files


- Replace/Remove Text
- Replace Text using Regular Expressions
- Trim Text
- Remove Leading and Trailing. Freeware download of Text Tools Free, size 1.05 Mb.

The Photo Guard Exchange LVI 

Mobile \ Photo & Video

The Photo Guard

The Photo Guard is the best way to keep your private photos safe on windowsphone. The Photo Guard provides a password protected login to access your photos. Once saved to The Photo Guard remove the files from the main pictures library and others will not be able to access them. From within Photo Guard your. Free download of The Photo Guard, size 5.24 Mb.