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Tom's Hardware - Unofficial RSS Reader Paolo_Tagliaferri 

A RSS Reader for reading news by Tom's Hardware website. This is not an official application. News are in Italian.

Un lettore RSS di notizie dal sito Tom's Hardware. Non e un'applicazione ufficiale.. Freeware download of Tom's Hardware - Unofficial RSS Reader, size 2.10 Mb.


Tom & Jerry Memories Kema Studio 

An unofficial memory game created by fan of Tom & Jerry, tease your brain to remember your all time favorite character using this memory game in your phone.. Freeware download of Tom & Jerry Memories, size 5.24 Mb.

Tom Sawyer, Detective (by Mark Twain) Folium Partners 

Expand your enjoyment of literature with TOM SAWYER, DETECTIVE by Mark Twain (unabridged), presented by Blackstone Audio. This audiobook app was created with the Folium enhancedAudio™ framework, and contains a multitude of features and content to help take you beyond the words, including 5-star professional narration, background extras, and. Free download of Tom Sawyer, Detective (by Mark Twain), size 185.60 Mb.

Tom Swift and His War Tank by iClassix iScroll Inc. 

Tom Swift, that prolific youthful inventor, is engaged in trying to help the Allies win WWI. After reading newspaper accounts of the British tanks, Tom takes a sheet of paper and sets out to design a better one from scratch. And fortunately, he can throw the whole family business behind his venture.He has two problems: First, his friends and. Free download of Tom Swift and His War Tank by iClassix, size 66.06 Mb.

Tom Swift and the Visitor From Planet X by iClassi iScroll Inc. 

Tom Swift Jr. and his associates at Swift Enterprises wait breathlessly for what may well be the most important scientific event in history-the arrival of the visitor from Planet X-a visitor in the form of energy. But there are factions at work determined to snatch the energy, which Tom has named Exman, from the young scientist-inventor's grasp.. Free download of Tom Swift and the Visitor From Planet X by iClassi, size 59.77 Mb.

Tom Swift in Captivity by iClassix iScroll Inc. 

Tom Swift is approached by Mr. Preston, the owner of a circus, and begins to tell the story of Jake Poddington, Mr. Preston's most skilled hunter. As it turns out, Jake went missing just after sending word to Preston that Jake was on the trail of a tribe of giants, somewhere in South Africa. That was the last Preston has heard of Jake Poddington.. Free download of Tom Swift in Captivity by iClassix, size 57.67 Mb.

Tom Swift in the Land of Wonders by iClassix iScroll Inc. 

Tom Swift is the young protagonist in a series of juvenile adventure novels which began in the early twentieth century and continue to the present. Tom Swift is a genius inventor whose breakthroughs in technology (especially transport technology) drive the plots of the novels, placing them in a genre sometimes called "invention fiction". Free download of Tom Swift in the Land of Wonders by iClassix, size 58.72 Mb.

Tom Wilkinson Board Kugelmeister 

If you're a fan of the famous actor Tom Wilkinson this app will be perfect for you. With this quick and simple app you're just a few clicks away from watching the latest images, videos and tweets about him.. Freeware download of Tom Wilkinson Board, size 1.05 Mb.

Uncle Tom's ReadBooks 

Read on your phone! Uncle Tom's Cabin,

The book opens with a Kentucky farmer named Arthur Shelby facing the loss of his farm because of debts. Even though he and his wife Emily believe that they have a benevolent relationship with their slaves, Shelby decides to raise the needed funds by selling two of them : Uncle Tom, a middle-aged man. Free download of Uncle Tom's, size 50.33 Mb.

Uncle Tom's Cabin Digi-Media-Apps 

Uncle Tom's Cabin; or, Life Among the Lowly is an anti-slavery novel by American author Harriet Beecher Stowe. The novel depicts the reality of slavery while also asserting that Christian love can overcome something as destructive as enslavement of fellow human beings.

This is a full-length, quality digitized book.

Uncle Tom's. Free download of Uncle Tom's Cabin, size 1.05 Mb.

Uncle Tom's Cabin by iClassix iScroll Inc. 

Among the most "banned" books in the United States, Uncle Tom's Cabin; or, Life Among the Lowly is a novel by American author Harriet Beecher Stowe which treats slavery as a central theme. Stowe was a Connecticut-born teacher at the Hartford Female Academy. Free download of Uncle Tom's Cabin by iClassix, size 259.00 Mb.

exoExplorer 0.9 planetarybiology 

exoExplorer is a free Windows application being developed by Tom Morris of and Fullerton College. Its goal is to help astronomers, astrobiologists and astronomy enthusiasts visualize exoplanet environments.

Visualizing hundreds of exoplanet environments with nothing more than a large table of data is laborious,. Freeware download of exoExplorer 0.9, size 87.93 Mb.

Lisa's Fleet Flight Arara Games 

Lisa and Tom are the type of people who can’t stay put, and this time they have decided that their new gig will take them flying around the whole world! Help them attend to the needs of iconic airport passengers and their luggage in this frenetic Time Management game! Fly to the most luxurious cities in the world as you help Lisa and Tom. Free download of Lisa's Fleet Flight, size 0 b.

Tornado The secret of the magic cave 1.0 QuickClick 

A tornado has separated Amy and Tom from their parents! Now it’s up to you to help Amy and Tom make it home safely! After finding an ancient magic cave, the children must solve perplexing puzzles and piece together the clues to make it back to their parents in this exciting Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game, Tornado: The secret of the. Free download of Tornado The secret of the magic cave 1.0, size 20.80 Mb.

Treasure Seekers - The Time Has Come Artogon Studio 

The time has come for Nelly and Tom to stop a potential catastrophe and save the world in Treasure Seekers: The Time has Come! With new powerful devices, such as the Ring of Time and the X-Glass, Nelly and Tom must go on their most exciting adventure yet! Is Totenkraft really as evil as they previously thought? Find out in this incredible Hidden. Free download of Treasure Seekers - The Time Has Come, size 20.89 Mb.

HAWX Theme For Windows 7 1.0 BitingSoft 

HAWX is Windows 7 theme based on Tom Clancy's hawx. Game proves jet pilot experience to player and this theme give another chance to bring that feeling live into Windows 7 Computer. Theme feature 9 fighter plane wallpapers from Tom Clancy's HAWX game.. Freeware download of HAWX Theme For Windows 7 1.0, size 4.95 Mb.

Cycle - CYbot Control LanguagE 32.002.rc1 

The CYbot Control LanguagE (or Cycle for short) is a Java-like language for programming Ultimate Real Robots' Cybot and TOM robots, with an open source compiler which produces files which can be loaded into Real Robots software for testing and downloadi. Freeware download of Cycle - CYbot Control LanguagE 32.002.rc1, size 72.02 Kb.

StreamMinder 0.6 

StreamMinder is a graphical front-end for Tom Stoeveken's MJPG-streamer. It aims to provide easy access to most of MJPG-streamer's functionality (the parts you'd actually use) from a simple Qt window.. Freeware download of StreamMinder 0.6, size 74.20 Kb.

TAP-plugins 0.7.1 

Tom's Audio Processing plugins is a selection of LADSPA plugins for audio engineering on the Linux platform. Intended for use in a professional DAW environment such as Ardour, it includes high quality reverberation, echo, eq, limiter & more.. Freeware download of TAP-plugins 0.7.1, size 72.75 Kb.

Tierra Web 1.0 Tierraweb 

A client side browser implementation of Tom Ray's Tierra Artificial Life simulator (

Tierra Web 1.0 License - MIT License. Freeware download of Tierra Web 1.0, size 0 b.