Tool Macros

AllKeys Macro 2.21 SeventhDigit Corporation 

AllKeys Macro is a macro program plus work / break timer and mouse replacement tool. Macros allow the user to automate repetitive tasks into simple shortcut keys. For example, you can type your address or check your webmail with two-stroke shortcut keys. For users looking for a flexible but robust macro solution that allows you to record and. Free download of AllKeys Macro 2.21, size 3.80 Mb.


Desktop Macros 2.03 xStarter Solutions, Inc. 

Desktop Macros is a precision engineered tool to relieve you from monotonous recurringoperations. Every day we perform chains of repetitive clicks and keystrokes when logging on to websites, receiving emails, filling in various forms, etc. Rather than turning into machinesourselves, let's allow machines to do what they are made for. Leave. Free download of Desktop Macros 2.03, size 1.19 Mb.

GroundControl 3.20 Acrasoft 

Automate repetitive tasks in Windows easily with your own custom macros using the powerful GroundControl scripting tool. Hundreds of commands are available for controlling your computer, monitoring your network, and accessing the Internet. An intuitive user interface leads you quickly through writing batch files, and a rich command set lets you get. Free download of GroundControl 3.20, size 1.23 Mb.

MS Access object import/export tool 1.0 Msaccessobjecti 

A command-line tool that automates exporting objects (forms, modules, queries, reports, macros) into text files using the SaveAsText function, and exports tables using the TransferText function.

MS Access object import/export tool 1.0 License - Public Domain. Freeware download of MS Access object import/export tool 1.0, size 0 b.

iMacros Code Creator 0.0.16 Hannes 

The iMacros Code Creator is a simple tool to convert iMacros macros into a scripting language's code fragment that contains the very same macro e.g. in a string variable, cf. screenshot below. The other way round (script -> macro), conversion is supported, too, which makes the software very useful for developers that want to script the iMacros. Freeware download of iMacros Code Creator 0.0.16, size 10.16 Mb.

MARS Automation For MS Access 7.0.20190612.0 ChristianSteven Software 

MARS (Microsoft Access Reports Scheduler) is a dynamic, flexible, function-rich and intuitive automation tool for automating, scheduling, exporting, distributing and delivering your Microsoft Access reports, queries & macros.

Easy To Use

Simply set up a 'schedule' stating how often you would like each report or query. Free download of MARS Automation For MS Access 7.0.20190612.0, size 920.48 Mb.

LeadGrabber Pro eGrabber 

LeadGrabber Pro is a B2B List building tool with powerful web-extract macros and email appending technology. LeadGrabber Pro can extract contacts from the Internet Search portals and websites like Google, Yahoo!, Bing and other search engines, social networks & professional network search results, business online directories, membership and. Free download of LeadGrabber Pro, size 54.00 Mb.

Autoconf Macro Archive 2007.0205 

The Autoconf Macro Archive provides documented and tested macros that are useful to many software writers using the autoconf tool, but too specific to be included into autoconf itself. [DISCONTINUED]. Freeware download of Autoconf Macro Archive 2007.0205, size 357.70 Kb.

Source Shifter 0.1 

Source Shifter (srcs) is a command line tool to "expand macros", it finds some user defined expressions in multiple source files end expand it to defined text. FREE (GPL), easy to use and expand, object-oriented, Python based app.. Freeware download of Source Shifter 0.1, size 51.20 Kb.

FFXI Calculator 1.0  

FFXI Calculator is a multipurpose tool that assists a Final Fantasy XI player in determining many hidden statistics about their character, editing their game macros, viewing crafting information, and in optimizing the graphical appearance of the game.

FFXI Calculator 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of FFXI Calculator 1.0, size 0 b.

sigterms 1.0 Sigterms 

The SigTerms software tool is a set of Microsoft Excel macros for use in linking functional gene class associations to an input list of genes.

sigterms 1.0 License - Public Domain. Freeware download of sigterms 1.0, size 0 b.

C-to-any language Macro Converter 1.0 C2xmc 

c2xmc, the C-to-any language Macro Converter, is a tool that helps to keep documentation in sync with optional program features selected at compile time via C preprocessor macros.

C-to-any language Macro Converter 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of C-to-any language Macro Converter 1.0, size 0 b.

Files Compare Tool 2.7 S&G Team 

Files Compare is a visual tool for files and directories comparison. It helps you to compare and merge different versions of the same textual file. A color-coded side-by-side comparison makes it easy to understand differences between two files at a glance, powerful editing engine helps you to merge found changes and edit text directly. Files. Free download of Files Compare Tool 2.7, size 4.56 Mb.

MetaProducts Web Studio 4.4 SR1 MetaProducts Corporation 

This is a universal project-oriented tool for developing and supporting Web sites. It includes a powerful text editor that provides flexible development tools for working with HTML, XHTML, JavaScript, CSS, Perl and other Web technologies. It provides customizable syntax highlighting and the ability to browse or execute a document without leaving. Free download of MetaProducts Web Studio 4.4 SR1, size 4.03 Mb.

RHiTech Code Testing Tool 1.51b RHiTech 

This tool is a convenient wrapper for your testing code and test cases. It's allows doing code testing (software testing) in the next modes: single-threaded, multithread and stress-mode (the peak overloads emulating). Support the next development enviroments: MS VC++, Borland C++ Builder and Borland Delphi. Installation with an examples sources. Free download of RHiTech Code Testing Tool 1.51b, size 2.74 Mb.

The Query Tool 2005 6.0.1 Tyson Software Ltd. 

The Query Tool is a powerful data mining application. It allows you to perform data analysis on any SQL database. It has been developed predominately for the non technical user. No knowledge of SQL is required, most actions are data driven. NEW features : Query Builder, quickly and simply build powerful queries to interrogate your data; Summary;. Free download of The Query Tool 2005 6.0.1, size 2.74 Mb.

Emsa EZ Encryption Tool 1.0.46 EMSA SYSTEMS LTD 

EMSA EZ Encryption Tool is a simple encryption program for Windows. This program uses the Blowfish algorithm to encrypt files or text chunks. This algorithm is a strong encryption algorithm using a private key, therefore keeping your data safe from prying eyes.In order to encrypt files, the user must click on the 'Encrypt File' button which will. Freeware download of Emsa EZ Encryption Tool 1.0.46, size 587.78 Kb.

APA Referencing Macros 2 Southern Ocean Software 

APA Referencing Macros are Microsoft Word macros that will automate the referencing of papers written to conform to the Style as set out in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, Fifth Edition (2001). They come with a document already formatted with the Title, Author, Institution, Header, Running Head, Headings,. Free download of APA Referencing Macros 2, size 913.41 Kb.

PDF Text Replace Tool 1.0 Ivan Komlev 

PDF Text Replace Tool, Replace, Delete text in your PDF files. Select thousands files and modify them by one click. Choose page or pages, and even corner to look for the text to be replaced. No Adobe Illustrator or Reader needed. How to change text entries in the PDF file? Run PDF Text Replace Tool. Select files, you can also add file into the work. Free download of PDF Text Replace Tool 1.0, size 396.75 Kb.

LinkAssistant SEO Tool 3.4.1 SEO Software 

LinkAssistant SEO Tool is a powerhouse search engine optimization product for webmasters and SEOs who need to get their sites to Top 10 in all the major search engines.Here's what the product can do for you:- Finds thousands of relevant, high-quality link partners for you in a variety of ways.
- Discovers online link submission forms in 5. Free download of LinkAssistant SEO Tool 3.4.1, size 40.82 Mb.